8 Ways to Make Money in Black Desert [BDO Money Making Guide 2023]

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Make Money in Black Desert

The currency used in Black Desert Online for buying and selling is silver.

Silver is the means of payment and is one of the most important assets in the game.

Although it’s plentiful, the value of this currency is a tad too low, so players always want to make sure that they’re bringing in tons of silver every day.

The players do this because silver mostly determines how well you can perform in the endgame of Black Desert Online which is usually the gear upgrade round.

The need for money does not only revolve around tools but most of the other stuff as well.

Apart from upgrading your boss’s gear, the money is required for general upgrades, proceeding through quests, obtaining resources, and conducting various life skills.

You may need all the silver you have collected to upgrade your house and buy beer for your workers.

In short, if you want to enhance your gaming experience, you must find ways to get silver.

Ways To Make Money in Black Desert (BDO)

Whether you’re a pro looking to upgrade your gear or a complete novice to Black Desert Online, we are here to take you through some best and easiest ways to make a lot of money in BDO. follow the steps below on how to make money in BDO

1. Processing

Many people ask, “Is processing really a decent way to earn silver in Black Desert online?” 

It surely has the potential to be one of the most profitable AFK activities in Black Desert Online.

If you already have the raw material or resources in hand and have enough knowledge of the market.

The things you will produce as the result of processing will obviously be sold at the marketplace, processing will indeed be a very simple but highly profitable life skill to learn.

If you are a beginner in processing, you can start with melting ore, cutting lumber, or grinding potatoes to make flour.

You can sell potato flour in the market and can save it for later use in your cooking recipes. All of these methods are profitable, especially when you are just getting started.

All processed materials generally have more value, as they are turned into high-tier products by using various resources.

But keep in mind: this is not always necessarily sold well in the marketplace.

Minimum and maximum prices as well as the basic knowledge of demand and supply are necessary for processing.

it is likely to increase your product’s demand in the marketplace.

2. Fishing

fishing in BDO

If you want to make money in Black Desert while completing some other tasks as well, you are thinking about AFK income.

To get this type of income, you just need to put the character to some task and you don’t have to be on the screen.

Fishing is one of the best options for an AFK income. All you need is a good fishing site and a basic fishing rod.

There are many fishing rods available, but a basic one can do the job for you. Then give the rod to a character and put it up to auto fishing.

Just have a glance after some time to see if the character got something. Whether it catches a fish or some sort of an ancient relic, sell it in the marketplace.

Besides fishing, selling the products you found during fishing also makes money.

3. Workers

Hiring workers for your task can bring you money in the game. It directly doesn’t bring a lot.

but it can be considered an investment because it saves you from manual effort.

Once you create a worker’s empire, you can make them do all the hard work for you. For instance, they can manage the banking for you.

They can also help you out with cooking and processing. If you are engaged in activities like horse training and fishing.

you can lift off your burden by letting the worker take care of it. In short, it brings more silver with fewer efforts.

4. Cooking

Cooking is another way to make money in the Black Desert. Some people advise using it as a supplementary money-making method, but it can actually bring a lot when done correctly.

Take some ingredients, cook a meal, and sell it at the marketplace. Another method is creating crates, it makes money too.

You don’t need special utensils or ingredients to prepare food. You can buy basic ingredients from a vendor. But it’s a fact too that more unique dishes make more money.

Try to minimize your cooking time as much as possible. There are different ways to do it. Even buying ingredients from a vendor contributes to it.

Different items reduce time differently as some reduce it by 0.3 seconds while some reduce half a second, so invest wisely.

5. Trading

Trading is a tool in Black Desert Online that lets players earn money by selling trade goods.

These goods might have come from a variety of regions, but they are always sold at Trade Managers. All you do after buying your goods is to visit the trade manager.

He will purchase something from you that is in high demand on their lists. Then he will pay you a significant amount of silver in return.

When buying trade goods, some trade managers have commodities that require you to have at least a particular level of trading skill before you can buy goods from them.

In this case, you can make some items by yourself, gather or loot goods from a mob or resource, or you can even go fishing and sell the items you find during fishing. Alternative goods earn substantial earnings in many cases.

Well! Trading is a life skill that takes a great deal of planning and strong proficiency, of course, to earn large profits.

But if you have made your investments, you’ll never ever be impoverished in Black Desert Online anymore.

6. Farming

Black Desert farming, Make Money in Black Desert

Another fantastic life skill to Make Money in BDO is farming which may earn you roughly 10 million silver per harvest at minimum.

If you harvest three to four times each day, it may be 30 to 40 million per day. And it is not that difficult as every harvest takes only a few minutes to be completed.

It thus makes a consistent amount of money for everybody in a very easy way. Farming when combined with imperial cooking can raise your earnings to around 60 to 70 million in one day.

You’ll need workers for killing pests and pruning but doing these manually can save your workers and help you level up.

The optimal site for your farms is determined by the crops you intend to raise. To check the water supply, click on the groundwater information.

If your farm site does not have adequate water, you can choose another site or can also water the plants manually.

Maintaining your crops and making sure they are hydrated help them develop quickly and thus harvest time is greatly affected and so does the money.

Usually, the crop grows in about four hours and fifteen minutes, which means you can undertake it three to four times each day if you have enough time so that you can increase your income as you want.

7. Alchemy

Alchemy in Black Desert Online is a proven skill that brings in consistent money in different ways.

You can brew and sell potions in addition to crafting and selling vials. You transform low-value items into higher-value ones and create items that others require.

For example, You can craft Alchemy stones, particularly the unique and rare ones. If they have an aggressive increase in stats, these can be very profitable.

Alchemy is by far the most profitable skill to make money in BDO. It is possible to reach the rates of approximately 30 Million per hour by Alchemy.

It actually pays to be selective about the products you create; if you create something that is typically rare, you may earn more because of the market which is oversaturated.

The greater is the value of the product, the lesser the competition in the market. In this case, you’ll be able to take advantage of the highest bid.

The fact that this skill requires pearls, a brain, and the initial investment is precisely why it is so rewarding.

8. Horse Training

Horse training is an amazing way to make money that brings fun at the same time. To get started with it, you need a rope to catch the horse and find a place on the map where you can easily get one.

When the timing is right, throw the rope at him. When a horse is caught, it usually rears. Train the horse. After training, you can use the horse in trading.

For instance, if you are taking some goods to the marketplace, just load a cart with the goods and harness the horse to it.

Now, the horse will be on its way to the market and making money for you. The more distance it covers the more it will bring money.


What is the fastest way to make money the black desert?

The fastest way to make money in BDOa is by investing in the trade node network. Trade nodes are locations in the game world where players can gather materials and trade them with other players for goods and money. The more active a node is, the more lucrative it becomes for players.

How can I earn passive money in BDO?

There are a few ways to earn passive money in BDO. You can either invest in stocks, rent property or establish a business. However, the most common way to earn passive income is through investing in stocks.

Is Black Desert going free?

Yes, the game is free to download and play in some countries. However, there are certain features that are only available to players who purchase a premium subscription.

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