About Us

If you want to learn about us and want to know our real story behind real Moneyolgy then you’re in the right place.

Our story

How We Sarted

real Moneyology was initially started with a YouTube channel teaching investing, stocks, cryptos, and how to make money online. but then later the owner wanted to reach out to more audiences and provide this knowledge to not only video viewers but also to readers and that’s when realMoneyoly.com was created in May/2021

Who We Are

We’re a team of groups working from different parts of the world some as fixes employees and some as a freelancer. providing you financial education to make you Financial independent. real Moneyology is originally based out in New York City, USA.

Why We?

There are tons of websites and blog articles on the internet but they all talk the same thing. That’s what makes us unique, we want to provide you the unique information on how to make money online from anywhere that nobody is talking about. Whether you’re a housewife, student, low income, or high school dropout it doesn’t matter. making money online has become easier than ever

About The Owner

s s prajapat, ssprajapat

S S Prajapat

Founder of Digital Prajapat LLC

Owns & run realMoneyology.com and YouTube Channel

Who Am I?

My name is Suresh Prajapat I am 28 years old raised in India and currently living in New York.

When I was a little kid I was passionate about computers, learning new things on the computer was like a mission for me. as I grew up I starts picking up interests in cameras,  Filmmaking, Photography & Webdesign. And I also learned all of those.

But I was missing out on one thing and everybody struggles for that as well, can you guess what’s that? 

Answer: A basic Financial independence.

After growing up in a small state called Goa in India moved to New York and learned many different things about how I can make money online easily from anywhere in the world with just a simple connection to the internet.

Since I am already passionate about computers, filmmaking & Webdesign, I combine all those and created real Moneyology (YouTube) & later created websites as well and started to teach investing & making money online.

Now my main point here for all of you is if I can do it then why not you?


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