Make money flipping Instagram accounts

Make money flipping Instagram accounts | Realistic Ways

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Make money flipping Instagram accounts

 Instagram has gained a lot of popularity these days and emerged as one of the top social media platforms. Most people use it as a medium of entertainment.

But, there are other advantages of Instagram too. Do you know that you can make money through Instagram? Yes, many are doing so by becoming Instagram influencers.

However, other sides are also there like you can make money flipping Instagram accounts.

Shocked to hear that? We will discuss the procedure to make money by flipping Instagram accounts in this article.

Instagram is often referred to as the real estate of the Internet. You can buy Instagram accounts and sell them just like a house or a property. 

Even, though the rules are almost the same. You need to buy Instagram accounts at a cheap price, add some extra value to them, and sell them at a higher price to get profits.

Plenty of Instagram brokers who are engaged in flipping those accounts are earning a lot today. 

You are maybe hearing it for the first time because Instagram itself doesn’t allow this trading of accounts.

Still, that never stopped Instagram brokers to commit such trades and earn massive profits.

Let’s now start our journey!

Which type of accounts can be flipped?

Make money flipping Instagram accounts

Now, you have got a basic overview of the flipping of Instagram accounts. However, any type of Instagram account cannot be flipped.

Personal account pages can never be flipped because of two major reasons:

  • The buyer of that account will be the next account owner and hence those contents can’t be created anymore.
  • The target audience of that account is following a person and not any sort of idea.

However, there are a lot of examples who make a lot of money with their personal accounts only.

For instance, Kylie Jenner makes plenty of money just through sponsored posts on her Instagram account.

But, if you buy it, the contents can’t be replicated. So, the best accounts that can be flipped are themed accounts.

Just pick a niche as per your choice and search for those to find suitable accounts. Some examples of themed Instagram accounts are a place for pin enthusiasts, travel pages, interior design pages, animal lover pages, etc.

You can research to find some smaller accounts like a fashion page, buy it at $50, increase engagement by working on it for a few days, and then sell that at $300. 

From where can I buy Instagram accounts?

You are always open to google out anything and this is not an exception as well. But, in this case, you may face some problems because bad businesses can be the reason.

So, the best strategy is to find out good Instagram accounts as per your chosen niche, buy them at a cheaper rate, and then sell them at a higher price.

This is often similar to buying a house where you can buy a house at a cheaper rate, add some extra value to it, and then sell it at a higher price.

Please don’t choose an exchange to sell for a variety of reasons:

  • The page’s value might have been already maximized by another trader.
  • Not a much profitable niche.
  • Other sellers can be a scam.

This industry is not legalized as Instagram doesn’t allow flipping of accounts, so you can fall into a scam easily which may cause a loss of money.

You can buy and sell accounts from which the money passes through PayPal. However, there are other ways as well like cryptos, Venmo, and Revolut.

You can face a lot of issues by analyzing in the wrong way where you may end up trying for an overpriced deal. This will cause you to lose the money and end up making a loss. 

Many sellers also use PayPal Friends & Family since the service has no additional fees and also no return policy.

PayPal Goods & Services is another way to make transactions for Instagram account flipping. 

Identification of themed Instagram accounts

You might already be aware of this, but still, let me spend some time identifying the themed Instagram accounts or pages.

You must look for pages that post similar kinds of content every day. Frankly speaking, you can just take a look in the caption section for identifying whether the page is a themed one or not.

The original content creators are tagged for special credits on the theme pages. 

Usually, the syntax of the caption for themed page contents is as follows:

  • Caption,
  • Following the themed page’s call to action,
  • Page tag from where the content has been copied. This tag also has the content creator’s name or any sort of identification as credit.

As an example, we have designed a sample post below:

“A rainy day in Europe”

Follow @euronaturelover

Picture by @patrickjohnson

To know whether a niche is good for you or not is by looking into the advertisements posted.

The admin of these themed Instagram accounts tries to include adverts for making profits from them. So, if you find ads on the pages, then that is a good niche for you to buy them.

How to buy Instagram Pages?

For making profits by flipping Instagram accounts, you must know the right time to buy them.

After choosing themed Instagram accounts, you need to check the number of followers there.

The best point to buy Instagram accounts is when the follower count is in the range of 20k to 60k.

No one can predict when an Instagram page can become a lot popular. For instance, it can gain 5 lakh followers from 30k in just a few weeks.

So, after buying such a page, you must work hard to make the page more popular so as to attract more followers. Just search for such pages as per your niche and approach them in the inbox. 

You must be professional in your approach and ask a simple question regarding the price they are selling on that page.

Now, there can be cases where the owners will reply that they are not willing to sell it and then you can ask them to contact you if they ever think of selling it in the future.

If the owner responds positively, then try to negotiate downwards so that you can buy at a cheaper rate and maximize your profits to some extent.

Make money flipping Instagram accounts

Make money flipping Instagram accounts

Of course, the basic concept is already clear. You just need to buy an Instagram account, let it grow, and then sell it at a higher price to get some profit.

There are also some websites where you can sell Instagram accounts like and

It’s better to avoid buying from these websites because the people who sell their accounts do so after realizing that they are useless.

However, if you just buy and sell the Instagram accounts without adding any value to them, then you may or may not make a small profit.

So, always use your skills and add more value to the account that you have bought before selling it.

For instance, if you have bought an Instagram account that has 50k followers, you should work on it to make 2 lac followers before selling. This will help you to earn a huge profit.

If you buy an Instagram account for just $300 and work perfectly so that the page gets a very high engagement, then the same page can be sold at 25k$. 

This is the overall concept of flipping Instagram accounts. You may have already understood the fact that this is almost similar to real estate investments.

Just like any property or house flipping, you need to buy Instagram accounts at a lesser price, add more value to them and sell them at a higher price. 

You can even use Instagram accounts as a commercial asset which implies you can start advertising your products through Instagram.

This will help your product to reach out globally rather than just locally.

It is also nearly similar to real estate investments because you can buy a house and give it on rent to have a regular income.

However, the biggest difference between buying houses and Instagram accounts is the amount of investment that you need to make.

Houses need a large sum of money whereas Instagram accounts are much cheaper with the same returns.

Final Thoughts…

We hope that you found this article quite interesting and helpful. Here, we have discussed another way to make money that very few people know.

It’s very much possible to make money flipping Instagram accounts and the process is also very simple and straightforward. 

So, start picking up a nice of your preference and analyze the various Instagram accounts available that have the potential to grow.

Thanks and start making money online!

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