Best Monitors for Trading
Best Monitors for Trading

12 Best Monitor for Trading Stocks, Crypto & Day Trading

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Best Monitor for Trading stocks, Crypto & Day Trading

One of the top ideas to earn money online is trading stocks, and crypto and practicing day trading, it is lucrative to hear about people making good profit through trading but it is not easy.

The first requirement is the knowledge and techniques required for trading and the second is a proper setup to ensure you are able to execute your strategies well.

So one of the basic components of a trading setup one can’t do away with is a monitor. A good monitor is essential to properly analyze trading data, charts, and minute details which make one a successful trader.

You don’t need to search for monitors anymore as we have already prepared a list of the 12 best monitor for trading stocks, crypto and day trading,

Stay tuned with us as we further move into the list of 12 best monitor for trading stocks, crypto, and day trading.

List of Best Monitor for Trading: All in One

best Monitor For Trading

If you are a person looking for all in one best monitor which can facilitate smooth trading of stock and cryptocurrency then we have found some of the absolute best models for your use.

Asus VA229HR

Best monitor for trading, Asus VA229HR

The best monitor to enhance your trading skills and one-stop solution for your needs is the Asus VA229HR.

The main reason for picking this monitor is the high-quality display monitor which is effective in protecting your eyes with ultra-low blue light and a flicker-free screen that causes no stress to your sensitive eyes.

Its screen size of 21.5″ with a full HD monitor and 178-degree viewing angle would make your trading experience a mesmerizing one,

It allows the flexibility to connect with HDMI as well as a VESA mount and a 3-year long warranty period to guard against any aberrations to your monitor.

INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor 43.8″ WFHD

Best monitor for trading, INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor 43.8 WFHD

Next on our list is another magnificent monitor screen from the iconic brand INNCON the model INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor 43.8″ WFHD is an absolute beast in the list of the best monitor for all-in-one trading.

With a screen size of 43.8 inches, it is a perfect one for loading up multiple charts to magnify your trading experience, it also takes special care of your eyes being calibrated with special technology including Color Calibration & TUV Authentication & Blue Light Reduction which doesn’t allow to hurt the eyes.

It has the flexibility of being connected through USB Type C, DP, and HDMI Ports.

SAMSUNG CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide QHD

Best monitor for trading, SAMSUNG CJ890 Series 49-Inch Ultrawide QHD

The brand name of Samsung has its own perks and though it is relatively better in quality, the high price of this monitor is the reason we have kept it at no. 3 on our list.

It has a huge screen size of 49” with FHD 1080p Ultra-Wide + resolution and an aspect ratio of 32:9.

Its specialty is a 1800R ultra-curved screen which provides the viewer a never felt before viewing experience which makes the life of trader many a times easier.

It has 2 USB-C ports and allows multiple connectivities at the same time; the monitor also has a 3-year warranty to guarantee against any kind of issues with an additional option of purchasing an extended warranty.

It provides a worthy experience but might not be affordable for many, however, if you are an expert trader it’s a worthy investment to make.

List of Best Monitor for Day Trading

Now we move to the set of Best Monitor for Trading, best suited for day trading activities and here we go with the list.


Best monitor for trading, SAMSUNG 34-Inch SJ55W WQHD

The SAMSUNG 34-inch SJ55W WQHD is our number 1 pick for day trading purposes. As the name suggests this monitor is 34” with QHD Ultra-Wide 1440p resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio.

With a viewing angle of 178 degrees, it provides its customer with the best trading experience, furthermore, its split screen feature allows efficient multitasking ability, which is a must for a day trader,

It is also equipped with the AMD FREESYNC which enables synchronization and increases the refresh rate of your graphics card and widescreen monitor to reduce image disruptions and provide you with the best viewing experience.

It also allows multiple connectivities with HDMI ports and display ports.

LG 29UM59-A 29-Inch Ultrawide FHD

Best monitor for trading, LG 29UM59-A 29-Inch UltraWide FHD

The LG 29UM59-A 29-Inch Ultrawide FHD is the second on our list and is another great choice if one has to pick a monitor for day trading.

A 29″ screen with a resolution of FHD 1080p Ultra-Wide provides the perfect combination for making a mesmerizing viewing screen.

It’s equipped with the latest technologies which allow protection to the eyes and has a 1-year warranty.


Best monitor for trading, ASUS VP28UQG 28 4K UHD

Last but not least the ASUS model VP28UQG makes our number 3 in the list with a screen size of 29” and a resolution of 4K UHD 2160p.

It’s equipped with the latest technology providing eye protection as of any ASUS brand monitor it boasts of the SUS Eye Care technology which considerably reduces blue light the primary cause of eye pain due to constant monitor exposure and eliminates flickering of the screen to reduce eyestrain and ailments of your eyes.

List of Best Monitor for Stock Trading

Now we move to the list of the best monitors to serve the purpose of stock trading.

Dell S3222HN 32-inch FHD

Best monitor for trading, Dell S3222HN 32-inch FHD

If you are looking to find absolute beauty in terms of buying a monitor for stock trading then there is non better than the Dell S3222HN 32-inch FHD,

Its screen size of 31.5” coupled with a resolution of FHD 1080p and aspect ratio of 16:9 makes this gorgeous monitor the top-of-the-list pick of the best monitor for trading with a focus on stock trading.

The special VA technology enables a 3000:1 contrast ratio and the AMD FreeSync technology helps achieve a 75Hz refresh rate.

Philips 322E1C 32″ Super-Curved Frameless Monitor

Best monitor for trading, Philips 322E1C 32 Curved FHD

One of the best picks from the iconic brand of Philips the 322E1C 32″ Super-Curved Frameless Monitor model is one of the best available by Philips and makes second in our list of best monitors for trading.

The screen size of 32″ and a resolution of FHD 1080p allow one of the most complete viewing experiences required for making trades in the stock market.

Sceptre 24″ Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor

Best monitor for trading, Sceptre 24 Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p Monitor

Despite belonging to a lesser-known brand this model of a monitor is for getting the best features of the best monitor for trading at a cheap price of $103.

It has a screen size of 24″ and a resolution of FHD 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Its ultra slim design and lightweight make the desire to buy this even stronger.

List of Best Monitor for Crypto Trading

Finally, we have arrived at the least set of best monitors for trading as we now reveal the list of the best monitor for trading with a special focus on crypto trading.

Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ Frameless Monitor

Best monitor for trading, Philips 246E9QDSB 24 Frameless Monitor

Crypto trading is not an easy job and requires precision in finding the perfect time for trading based on technical analysis and graphs hence one would need one of the best monitor screens and this search ends at the Philips 246E9QDSB 24″ Frameless Monitor, its 24” screen size along with FHD 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio make it our best pick for crypto trading.

Additionally, its equipped with the AMD FreeSync technology, low blue mode, and a Flicker-Free technology which makes it best for usage without harming your precious eyes.

It can be purchased by paying a mere $139 and we guarantee its worth is more than the price you are buying it for.

Samsung CF390 Series 27-inch FHD

Best monitor for trading, Samsung CF390 Series 27 inch FHD

Another model from Samsung makes our list of best monitors for trading with a special focus on using it for crypto trading.

Priced at $189 this exuberant model has a 27″ screen size, an FHD 1080p resolution, and a 16:9 aspect ratio to go with it.

The ultra-curved screen design enhances the viewing experience and late technology enables protection for the eye.

LG 29WN600-W 29″ 21:9 Ultrawide WFHD

Best monitor for trading, LG 29WN600-W 29 21.9 UltraWide

The last model of monitor that one can buy for crypto trading is the LG 29WN600-W 29″ 21:9 Ultrawide WFHD model.

The monitor provides a great viewing experience to the users with a 29″ screen size, an FHD 1080p Ultra-Wide resolution, and a 21:9 aspect ratio.   

Its amazing feature makes it a great choice for any crypto trader.

We have finally completed our list of 12 Best monitors for trading.


How many Hz is recommended for your trading monitor?

The refresh rate that is a minimum for the trading monitors is 60 Hz as it allows fewer flickers and stable images but a higher Hz monitor gives a better experience.

Should I take multiple monitors or a monitor with a split screen?

It’s better to have multiple monitors if you are trading using many charts loaded however having a split screen should do fin for 2 to 3 charts.

What makes a good trading setup?

The setup is the basic condition that needs to be present in order to even consider a trade. For example, if you’re a trend-following trader, then a trend needs to be present. Your trading plan should define what a tradable trend is (for your strategy). This will help you avoid trading when a trend isn’t there.

Best Monitor for Trading: Final Words

We have finally come to an end to the discussion about the 12 top-rated best monitors for trading which would be a great help in crypto, stock, and day trading.

We hope that this article would certainly give a big boost in your ability to choose the correct set of monitors for your trading purposes, If you are an experienced trader or a professional trader then we recommend buying multiple monitors to make your trading life easier to handle.

We would now like to bid goodbye to our readers and hope that as we keep publishing new articles we will meet soon, do write back to us with any thoughts you have regarding our articles, as we always welcome to your thoughts,

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