Dirty Hands Clean Money
Dirty Hands Clean Money

Dirty Hands Clean Money (T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie)

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Dirty hands clean money

We would like to first of all welcome all our readers to another exciting and informational article that focused on dirty hands and clean money (T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie).

Have you ever thought about opening a cloth-based brand or company well if you have then you are at the perfect website to learn more in detail about as we provide you the perfect guide as we explain in further detail about the company Troll Co. and the focus of our discussion is one of its brands known as dirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie)?

To all those who have never heard about dirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie) it is a clothing-based brand of a company known as Troll Co. and we would be discussing everything about this wonderful company its strategies and its products in detail.

So are you ready to read about it all then let’s begin!!!

Company Overview: Troll Co.

Dirty Hands Clean Money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie)

The company known as Troll Co. is an apparel-based company founded by Jason Tremblay and his friends, which started as a hat making firm known as “Make Trolls Great Again” and since its inception has been able to charm its way through the hearts of the masses by supporting blue-collar workers.

In a world that accepts and recognized white collar jobs as a premium section of society, Troll Co.

Has promoted blue collar jobs as it stands by to represent blue collar workers across the globe in order to define and lend them a sense of recognition and purpose to take pride in their work and never get bogged down by anything.

The company’s co-founder Jim Tremblay focused on the company’s stance towards blue-collar jobs as one of the primary reasons for the fast growth they have been able to achieve.

Troll Co. Clothing is a Canadian company based in Alberta; however, its manufacturing base is USA from the state of California also USA accounts for 83% of the company’s revenue sources.

The majority of the sale happens online however the company is now focussing on going through to physical stores as well.

Significance of the Brand name: Dirty Hands Clean Money

Many of you might be wondering what the brand is named Dirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie) what it signifies and why did the company management go on to introduce a brand name as unique as it sounds.

The name of the company to has an interesting story as it signifies the founding roots of the Canadian oil fields where the founding members and friends Jason and Justin used to work as workers and often at end of the day looked at each other and used to say we look like trolls referring to the rough image they got after a day’s hard work.

So let’s tell you all about the real story behind how the brand Dirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie) came up.

Jim Tremblay and his friends the founders of Troll Co. were themselves blue-collared workers who were not respected and deprived of basic human treatment by the rest of society.

Hence as the company started and gradually started growing they decided to introduce a new brand of clothing known as Dirty Hands Clean MoneyDirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie) which signifies the company’s belief in their working ethics which refers to earning money the right way although their hands may get dirty as they work in hard working conditions.

How Troll CO. Brings A Change in The Society

There have been companies that have vouched for bringing a change in society through raising concerns about social problems, charity work, and practicing sustainable business but the way Troll CO. has been trying to bring a change to society is both unique and effective.

From the beginning, Troll Co. has been about giving back money and help to society rather than just making money.

In the last year and a half Troll Co. has successfully donated thousands of dollars to the cause of veterans.

Next on the list of the generosity of Troll Co. is the Fisher House Foundation which has received a net donation of over $72000 for its famous Hero Miles Program.

The huge amount of donations from Troll Co. is used to provide air tickets for wounded, injured, and ill service members and their families, whether domestically or abroad. This initiative is to help all the nation’s army men who don’t often have enough money to buy air tickets and here is where troll Co.’s donation comes in handy

It has also donated a huge sum of  $14,000 to veteran-focused organizations in Canada, which helps the military men and women of Canada in case of any financial duress.

Product review : Dirty hands Clean Money

Dirty Hands Clean Money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie)

The company Troll Co. is not all about standing up for social causes and charity, as it manufactures and sells the finest quality apparel.

The products manufactured under the brand Dirty Hands Clean Money are:

Apparel: For both Men and Women

Workwear: This includes High-Vis, FR apparel, and Gloves

Gear: Neck Gaiters, Flags, Gift cards, Stickers, Key Chains, Koozies, Air Fresheners, etc.

Beard and Skincare

Some of the most sought-after apparel under the Dirty hands Clean Money Brand include

dirty hands clean money tshirt

One of the finest qualities, comfortable and great for every day wearing a T-shirt is available for both men and women and comes in white color with the brand name printed in black.

dirty hands clean money hat

dirty hands clean money hoodie

Another excellent product manufactured by Troll Co. It’s a great-to-wear hoodie T-shirt which is available for both men and women and is essentially available in red color.

dirty hands clean money sticker


Who came up with dirty hands clean money?

The tagline Dirty hands clean money was introduced by the apparel-based company Troll Co. which takes great pride in supporting the cause for blue collared workers through the brand-name or tagline Dirty Hand Clean Money.

Is Dirty Hands Clean Money trademarked?

Yes Dirty Hands Clean Money was trademarked and registered

Who owns the Troll Company?

The Troll company was founded by 2 friends Justin Lazerte and Jason Tremblay, and the company is currently owned by them.

Final Words…

We have finally come to an end to our article where we discussed in length the brand Dirty hands clean moneyDirty hands clean money(T-shirt, Hat, Sticker, Hoodie) of the Troll Co.

We would now welcome all our readers to the conclusion of this article as we look to wrap up the content of today’s informative article.

We hope that all the readers are in perfect health and would have enjoyed reading about one of the iconic clothing companies of the modern generation and how it has been able to compete with multiple established textile companies by simply establishing an honest work culture that focuses on helping others.

One of the best things about Troll Co. is its ability to continue as a firm based on following a certain principle rather than deviating to money-earning opportunities.

The main aim of writing this article is to help our readers understand the business of Troll co. and how they achieved high growth in a short time.

We would now bid farewell to all our readers and hopefully, you must be sharing our article with your loved ones as we are dependent on you guys to read so that we can keep bringing new and interesting articles for you to read.

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