How Vogue make money

How Vogue make money | 8 Ways Revealed

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How vogue make money?

Are you also a fashion enthusiast or lifestyle content reader? Reading this blog does indicate your interest in knowing more about how vogue makes money

This links you to be either a fashion and lifestyle content reader who wants to know more about the topic or a person with a genuine interest in knowing more about how vogue make money.

In either case, you are in the right place to get more details about the question you want answers to.

We promise to deliver you our exclusive research about the revenue streams of Vogue and how it made big earning loads of money each year.

So here we go with our answers to how vogue make money just keep scrolling and keep reading!!!

What is Vogue?

Know More About Vogue

Although it’s already known to fashion enthusiasts and lifestyle readers, for the uninitiated we would like to introduce what is vogue.

Vogue is a USA-based online magazine that is released on a monthly basis and covers content about fashion, lifestyle, culture, etc.

It was founded in the year 1892 and has been growing stronger for the last 129 years.

Some of the interesting facts which astonish everyone is:

  • Longevity of the magazine, it has been published every month nonstop for the last 129 years
  • Currently, it receives more than 95 million visitors per month
  • The publisher of Vogue Conde Nast has more than 118.7 million subscribers or social media followers

To be honest it is not about the content which makes vogue what it has today and hence as we address the question of how vogue make money we need to deep dive into its prudent marketing strategies which have led to the growth and popularity of this magazine.

The Beginning: Vogue’s Journey to the top

Initially, when it started being published in 1892 it was the offline paper version and came into the market as a high society reading material with content covering high society etiquette, local social life, and reviews of leading novels, books, and plays or movies.

In 1909 it was brought by Condé Montrose Nast, who transformed the content of vogue towards women’s fashion. Lifestyle beauty and etiquette.

One of the distinguishing features of Vogue for which it became famous was the high-quality content and sparkling photographs it had in the magazine. 

Then in 1995 it shifted to the online version and was initially just like any other website trying to make money online by leveraging the power of the internet.

What changed things drastically was the appointment of Anna Wintour as the editor of Vogue in 1988 who further modified the content of the magazine to focus on a woman’s body rather than just the face of a woman and started using pictures of Hollywood actresses initiating a trend.

Her stylish and exciting ideas led Vogue to the success it achieved today.

Where has vogue reached today: A Success story

Over the last 129 years, Vogue has performed beyond expectations to pass the test of time and competition from other magazines and content creators.

It has been able to create a huge fan base who read its content worldwide.

In 2019 as per vogue magazine it was able to get more than 95 million visitors per month, more than 118 million social media followers and was rated ranked number 1 fashion publisher on YouTube and Instagram.

We will now deep dive into the key strategies of Vogue and understand in a more detailed way how vogue make money.

How Vogue make money: Key Growth Strategy

To understand how vogue make money we first need to understand what were the key strategies that vogue implemented to become one of the bestselling online magazines with a huge fan following.

Some of the key strategies which worked wonders for the Vogue are:

Introduction of online Vogue Magazine: In the 1990s internet was not as prevalent as today but it had begun to set its footprint as people have begun to consume online content with extreme pleasure and interest.

To capitalize on this craze and ease of using the internet as a source of information, then editor Conde Nast decided to release a monthly edition of vogue online.

His decision was perfect as by 1994 more than 2 million readers were constantly using the internet and with the craze expected to grow up exponentially in near future, the online version of Vogue magazine led to its increase in popularity.

Modification in Content: Not only did vogue go online it also employed a key digital strategy of creating a better connection with the readers by changing the magazine content.

As it now focused on women’s fashion, and lifestyle and started the trend of publishing interesting videos, infographics, and quality pictures.

Affiliate Marketing: One of the best ways to earn money online is to practice affiliate marketing. With a huge fan base who used to read Vogue magazine, they easily added multiple affiliate links to selling different types of fashion products and earned a high amount of revenue each month.

Diversifying the Portfolio: As years passed and vogue became more and more successful it has not been limited to publishing online magazines but has rather been able to come out with new ways to generate revenue.

Teen Vogue: It’s a magazine that focuses on teenage fashion and related content. It used a number of new techniques to attract views and readers by engaging teenagers in competitions like writing an essay about their dream.

The main objective of coming up with this magazine was to eliminate competition and diversify its reach.

Vogue Café: In a surprising yet interesting move the owners of vogue magazine decided to open a café known as Vogue café in July 2003.

The idea was about helping advertise the Vogue as a franchise and also earn additional revenue for cafes as it then went about opening a series of Vogue cafés in Bangkok, Portugal, and Dubai 

It also partnered with leading hotels and restaurant chains to get better branding guidelines.

Launching the Vogue Fashion Fund: In another surprising move, Vogue launched the Vogue fashion fund in collaboration with the CFDA to ensure emerging fashion designers and stylists show their talent and get the required financial aid to achieve their dreams.

Till 2015 this fund has been able to grant a net amount of $4.3 million to about 30 fashion designers and companies.

Vogue Video Channel: Another new addition to its revenue-generating arsenal was the vogue video channel which included content not limited to fashion and lifestyle.

The channel had a number of content including music videos, interviews, tips and tricks, how-tos, and many more.

Vogue started as a magazine but did not limit its abilities to the same and opening a video channel was key to realizing the benefits of platform independence while publishing video content.


What is unique about vogue

Vogue has a number of unique properties one of the main things which is unique about vogue is its longevity of it which is 129 years and its ability to explore multiple business domains post starting as a magazine-based company.

How many types of vogue are there

Currently, there are 26 international editions of vogue

Final Words

So what do you think was the key strategy or key difference-making decision which led to the success of vogue?

What could have been the revolutionary idea or decision which led to success over the last 129 years?

Well to sum up how vogue make money, the answer is it’s a culmination of following revenue-generating business it indulges in

  • Online magazine
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising through the online magazine
  • Café Business
  • Video  or OTT content creation
  • Mobile Application

But is the reason for Vogue’s success and the amount of revenue it generates all because of the multiple business dimensions it has been adding?

One of the first things we analyzed is that the reason for its huge success can’t be contributed to the content but rather to selecting the optimal digital and marketing strategy at the right moment.

An opportunistic mindset and grabbing the opportunities by the scruff of its neck was one of the biggest advantages that Vogue’s management and editor team had and led to the fantastic result produced by vogue over the last 129 years.

We hope that we’re able to provide a satisfactory answer to the question of how vouge make money and as a reader had a great time reading this article.

The insights which could be gained from reading about how vouge makes money is a key aspect for any person looking to make a name for himself/herself in the world of content creation and digital marketing.

The topic of how vouge make money and has been a successful franchise proves the saying that Rome was not built in a day and is a great example to learn how persistence, hard work, and smart thinking culminated in making Vogue a success story.

 That’s all for now… As we bid goodbye to our readers…

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