How to make money on tumblr

How to Make Money on Tumblr [9 Realistic Ways FREE]

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To make money on Tumblr is not as tough as you might think. You just have to be creative. In fact, there is a wide range of methods that you can use to reach your goal.

You can begin by creating a blog and producing unique and engaging content that will draw in readers and gain followers.

Once you’ve built up a following, you can begin to monetize your blog in order to earn money.

Tumblr offers a variety of opportunities for earning money. Some of them will be discussed in detail later in this blog post.

By following these suggestions, you can begin earning income from your Tumblr right away.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking site founded in February 2007 by Marco Arment and David Karp.

The site allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

Users can follow other users’ blogs, as well as share posts to Tumblr’s social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Though it was initially created as a tool for bloggers to share snippets of their lives with others.

Tumblr has become known for its large and creative online community of artists, musicians, designers, comedians, and other Internet personalities.

In 2013, the company was acquired by Yahoo for $1.2 billion.

How to create a blog on Tumblr?

Creating your Tumblr blog is easy, but you will need to make sure that you register the name correctly.

You don’t want someone else snatching up that name before you can get it.

This is important because once you start making money on your blog, people might come looking for the person behind it and your name tags have a lot to do with your success. So make sure you get it right.

To create your blog, you will need to go to the signup page. You can choose between creating a simple account or an account with your email address.

The latter is advisable if you plan on making money on it later. Once you have chosen your blog name, go ahead and create your account.

How do I make money on Tumblr?

make money, Make Money on Tumblr

Now that you have your blog ready to post content, let us look at the ways in which you can generate revenue from it.

There are a number of ways to monetize a Tumblr blog, but most of them revolve around placing ads on your blog and then earning money whenever someone clicks on them.

Here are the different ways in which you can monetize your Tumblr blog:

1: Monetize through ad revenue

The first and easiest way to make money on Tumblr is by monetizing through advertising.

If you have a large following, lots of visitors, and entertaining content, you can apply for Google Adsense which will allow you to post small text or image ads on your blog.

If you don’t have a large following, you can still monetize through other smaller advertisers that would be willing to work with you.

Keep in mind that the more visitors and followers you have mean larger revenue from ad companies such as Google Adsense.

2: Sell merchandise

Another way to monetize your Tumblr blog is by selling merchandise such as mugs or t-shirts.

You can do this by creating a store on your blog where you will post images of the products and then link to an external site for anyone who wants to buy them.

This process is relatively straightforward and there are a number of sites such as Cafepress or Etsy that make this process easier.

You can sell both original and fan merchandise.

Here are some tips to sell merchandise;

  • Use images to showcase your products instead of text. People are more willing to click on an image they like as opposed to a sentence.
  • Include prices and buy now buttons so that people can purchase from you easily.
  • Have a physical address listed, and if possible, include contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses for easy communication.

3: Sell affiliate products

selling, Make Money on Tumblr

Another way to make money from your Tumblr blog is by selling other people’s products and getting a commission for the referral.

This can be done by using websites such as Amazon Associates or Rakuten Marketing.

These sites allow you to create links and post them on your blog and whenever someone clicks and purchases the product, you get a commission.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can also get commissions by referring others to sign up under you so that they can sell the products on their own blogs.

This means more traffic and more money for you.

With this method, you can also cross-promote your own products as well. This is a great way to make money and increase revenue.

4: Sell ad space on your blog

Another great way to generate revenue from your Tumblr blog is by selling ads directly on your blog.

This works best if you have a large number of followers and visitors who will be interested in the products or services presented on your blog.

The best way to do this is by creating a separate website that will feature advertisements of other companies and you will get a percentage of the revenue generated from their product sales.

This works well in a number of ways, but remember not to overdo it with ads as people might come looking for entertainment and get annoyed by too many ads.

5: Sell a service

Selling a service is another way to make money on Tumblr. If you have a lot of followers or visitors, then you can start promoting your services such as design, consulting, writing, etc.

You just need to create an account where people will be able to contact you about what they are looking for.

It’s critical to make your skills and accessibility known to others if you want to be taken seriously.

This will not only help you earn more money, but it will also benefit those who are in need of your skills.

Plus, you can always charge for consulting or anything that you are willing to do in your free time.

The more specialized your service is, the more money you will make.

6: Consultation

teaching, Make Money on Tumblr

Consultation is another way to make money on Tumblr. If you are good at something, then people will be willing to pay for your services.

You can consult individuals or businesses and charge them whatever your fee is.

Plus, you can always help other people who might not be able to pay much by simply giving advice on how to improve their blogs.

This will not only help others but also bring traffic to your blog as more people look for advice from those considered experts in their respective fields.

7: Sell an eBook or a digital product

Another great way of making money on Tumblr is by writing and selling eBooks or any other digital products such as video tutorials, audio courses, or anything that you can share online.

This works great for those who already have a following and simply need to put together their content into an eBook.

You just need to create a first eBook or any other digital product that you can use as an example of your content and sell it online via platforms such as Amazon Kindle etc.

It is also important to include affiliate links so that you can start earning commissions even before someone buys your product/service.

8: Sell Tumblr themes

Selling Tumblr themes is one of the easiest ways to make money on Tumblr.

Of course, you must have a blog with interesting content in order for your followers to be interested in buying your theme.

Simply create a theme that will match your blog’s look and feel and you can start selling it through websites such as Themeforest.

You can also consider creating free themes and sharing them with others so that you can get more people to use your theme.

The more users you have, the better chance of making money you will have since most Tumblr users purchase their own themes.

9: Reviews

Writing reviews is another great way of making money on Tumblr. You can start promoting products that you like and review them based on their features.

This includes books, movies, TV shows, etc.

But, it will work best if you review digital products such as eBooks or courses. Since these tend to be more profitable than physical products.

This will not only help you make money but also provide valuable information to your followers about the product and what it can do.


Tumblr is a great platform for making money. You can create your own blog and start to monetize it by posting interesting content that will attract followers.

Then you can start using different approaches to earn money from your blog.

Tumblr is the fastest-growing go-to method to write a blog. If you want to start your own blog, think about Tumblr.

However, once you have created your blog or chosen an already established Tumblr blog, how do you generate more traffic and users?


What is Tumblr being used for?

Tumblr is a social networking website where users can post multimedia, such as photos and videos. It’s primarily used for sharing personal blogs, or tumbling, but it also has other features like blogging. It’s the place where you go when you want to express yourself through creativity with pictures and words.

Is Tumblr dead in 2022?

No. Tumblr is not dead in 2022. It will continue to be a popular platform for sharing creative content and connecting with others. However, its popularity may decline over time as newer, more innovative platforms emerge.

What are the alternatives to Tumblr?

There are a number of alternatives to Tumblr, including WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Pinterest, and Medium. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose one that will best fit your needs.