how to make money playing airsoft

How to make money playing airsoft? | [8 Realistic Ways]

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How to make money playing airsoft

We often think about how to make some extra money through side jobs.

In today’s world, there are multiple avenues of generating wealth through side jobs like providing tuition, babysitting jobs, etc.

But does it ever cross your mind to earn money for playing your favorite sports or any particular game? Well, we have found a sport which you can play and also make money.

Since there are multiple options it adds to the confusion of selecting how to make money through side jobs and hence to make your life easier we have prepared a detailed guide on how to make money playing airsoft.

Airsoft is a physical team game that involves eliminating other team members using toy guns and one of the best ways to make online is one in which you are following your hobby, enjoying doing it, and earning money.

Many people enjoy playing physical combat sports and they do provide a good source of income for you.

So to help you in the journey of making some money through side jobs while following your hobby you just need to keep reading and you will get all the knowledge about how to make money playing airsoft.

What is Airsoft?


We address this question for beginners wondering what airsoft is and how can I make playing airsoft.

The game was started playing in the 1970s in Japan and since then has gathered immense popularity as a physical combat shooting game using various kinds of toy guns.

Airsoft is a physical combat shooter game, and the gameplay involves shooting your enemies using toy guns which can be purchased or rented in two categories

  • a) Mechanical Guns: It involves a coil spring-loaded piston air pump that can be either manually cocked or automatically cycled that runs on battery power.
  • b) Pneumatic Guns: These are guns that function with the help of valve-controlled release of prefilled bottled gas such as compressed propane mixed with silicone oil (also known as “Green Gas”) or CO2 canisters (e.g. GBB guns).

The guns resemble real-life guns but are non-lethal.

8 Ways On How to make money playing airsoft

That’s all about the game, now let’s know more about how to make money playing airsoft?

1. Offering Gun Repair Service for Other Players

If you are already an airsoft player you would have come across the issue of your gun the most key element of the game not functioning properly.

Well for the newbies let me explain in detail as it’s a shooting game you would need to select your gun and is the most essential part of the game but as time progresses it may get broken or needs repair.

Hence learning how to repair or fix airsoft guns may be a good way to begin your earning from airsoft as buying a new gun is expensive and hence you will be in high demand to fix guns.

Airsoft guns are manufactured differently from real guns as they have different electrical parts attached and function in a non-lethal manner hence fixing them requires specialized training.

Once you have decided you want to earn some money by fixing airsoft guns, you can start by taking a comprehensive guide like Practical Gas Airsoft Pistols Upgrade and Maintenance.

Next don’t just look to get customers from your local airsoft field but try to get more customers by putting up advertisements online or past ad stickers near another airsoft field.

Another important tip would be to lower your price for repairing guns as this service is charged at an expensive rate through official stores.

Hence if you select lower price points for your service it could lead to higher demand for your repair service.

2. Modify guns

If you are an airsoft player many a time you might have wished your gun’s recoil could have been better or its accuracy and speed to be higher.

Well, such wishes can come true if you are able to find a person who can modify the gun suitable for your needs.

Once you learn to repair guns you will understand the dynamics of airsoft guns and it unlocks the path for you to earn money by modifying the gun’s features to make some more money by playing airsoft.

One important thing to keep in mind while modifying the gun is abiding by the law and keeping the gun non-lethal in nature.

In some countries like the USA, it must be taken care of that airsoft or toy guns must always be fitted with a 0.24-inch (6.10 mm) orange tip to distinguish them from real firearms.

Another tip for airsoft gun modifiers would be to keep a catalog of modifications ready for helping customers when they approach you, it would be easier for them to choose and also make the process smooth.

The gun modification or upgrade service is also available at airsoft stores and online shops, but they are usually very expensive hence if you could maintain a local center for gun modification at a cheaper rate you can earn a good amount of money while playing airsoft.

3. Resale airsoft guns and equipment

Like many other physical sportspeople often say goodbye to airsoft and often wish to sell their airsoft assets at some point.

At the same time, new people looking to join these sports and look for buying guns and equipment at cheaper rates.

It allows another way to earn money from airsoft as you can be a dealer of secondhand airsoft guns and equipment.

Additionally, if you also repair and modify guns you can buy old guns and equipment repair or modify them and sell them at a highly profitable price.

4. Professional Sponsorships

Many companies look to find ways to advertise their brands and products through sports teams and by playing airsoft you can get free gear from companies.

However getting good sponsorships requires you to be well known in the airsoft battlefield, so you need to play often, or you can even try recording your matches and putting them up on your social media like youtube channel or TikTok.

This helps in recognition and helps you bag a sponsorship with free gear and monetary benefits.

5. Win Championships

It’s the most difficult way to make money playing airsoft since despite its popularity it’s a niche sport and there are not many airsoft tournaments or championships with hefty prize money.

However, if you hone your skills playing airsoft and start playing it professionally and participate in sponsored tournaments and win them it’s a good source of income.

6. YouTube channel and Blogging

youtube channelstudioyoutubeblogging

Maintaining a youtube channel and blogging are two of the most generic and universal tips to make money online.

Airsoft players and fans love to watch match videos, tutorials about various aspects of sports, or tips to maintain their guns and equipment.

Hence to make money online while playing airsoft one can start recording match videos and put them up on their youtube channel or create a website and maintain matchday blogs.

One can also create product reviews of the guns and equipment of airsoft.

However earning money online also requires educating yourself on what content can make your YouTube channel or blog popular, how to do search engine optimization for your content, etc.

7. Running an airsoft store

One can also consider setting up an airsoft store which would involve all types of services required in airsoft gameplay.

You can provide services like fixing guns, selling new guns, resale used guns, and selling airsoft equipment to airsoft players.

However it is not easy to run a full-fledged business and before starting an airsoft store one must do a market survey, and make growth strategies, marketing strategies, and financial strategies to make his/her business profitable.

8. Working in an airsoft store

If you don’t want to take much risk opening an airsoft store or you are not financially strong you always have the option to work as an assistant or store manager in an airsoft store and make a decent amount of earning.

Some of the jobs you get to do in an airsoft store involve managing cash counter, fixing, and cleaning guns, sales manager, and marketing the shop through offline and online mediums.

These jobs require no training and you can use the experience of playing airsoft to full use in fixing or repairing guns or selling them to prospective customers.

Final Words…

Bingo!!!!! You have completed the first step towards earning money by playing airsoft.

In this article, we have tried to give the readers some basic understanding of the gameplay involving airsoft, key equipment, and types of guns used and then moved to the ways of making money playing airsoft.

Hopefully, you enjoyed going through this article and it would clarify some of the most effective ways to earn money while playing your favorite combat sports.

It is not easy to make money by doing side jobs and hence we prepared this comprehensive guide for you to learn about some keyways and tips for making money playing airsoft.

Keep reading and keep playing airsoft to make money !!!!

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