How to make money in Little Alchemy
How to make money in Little Alchemy

How To Make Money In Little Alchemy | 24 Easy Steps

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How To Make Money In Little Alchemy

One of the best and most addictive games that have surfaced in online gaming is Little Alchemy. It’s a simple game that involves making things out of other things but tests your reasoning and logical skills.

The universe of online games has expanded infinitely and with new games coming up every day we would like to help our readers who play little alchemy to know how to make money in Little Alchemy.

Despite the simplicity of the game, gamers often get stuck due to the lengthy procedure of making money in little alchemy and feel their life is distraught as they become so addictive playing it that not being able to make money makes them feel useless.

But one doesn’t need to feel any kind of frustration anymore as we are here with the 24 best steps on how to make money in little alchemy and all you got to do is keep reading this article till the end and get access to knowledge of how to make money in little alchemy.

So what are you waiting for let’s delve into the world of little alchemy and get your mind filled with the knowledge of making money in little alchemy.

About Little Alchemy And How is the Game Played

How To Make Money In Little Alchemy

I know you must be eager to learn about how to make money in little Alchemy, but I would request to be patient as we first wish to introduce the game to readers who might not have played it before.

Little Alchemy is one of the simplest games which involves the player simply combining different elements to create a new one.

The beginning of the game is simple you are provided with 4 basic elements water, earth, fire, and air which are displayed over the right side of the gaming screen.

One can drag the elements and combine them to experiment and see the resultant element which forms as you go on, making new elements the toolbar on the right side will have more elements to combine and form newer elements.

Interesting isn’t it many a time people simply lose track of what they are making and keep making the same element so we recommend keeping a track of the element you are getting from each experiment or you have another hack to know the correct combination,

Just keep scrolling down and while we move to the 24 steps on how to make money on little alchemy you will get to know some interesting combinations of elements.

Where Can I Play Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is primarily a mobile game and one can play it on their smartphones by downloading it from Google Appstore or apple Appstore and then installing it for playing it.

However, if you want to enjoy the game on your desktop or laptop we recommend installing platforms like Blue stacks which can be used to run mobile apps on computers.

So now we move to the step-by-step guide describing all the steps one is required to follow to get answers to how to make money in little alchemy.

How to make money in Little Alchemy: 24 Steps to Creating Money

Finally, we have arrived at the section of the article you were eagerly waiting for. Yes, we are now about to disclose the 24 steps of how to create money in Little Alchemist. Stay tuned and keep reading exclusive content is up and loading only for our privileged readers

  • Step 1: The first step involves mixing 2 basic elements like earth and fire which creates Lava.
  • Step 2: Next using the Lava created in step 1, mix Lava and air and you will get Stone as the resultant element
  • Step 3: Once you created stone it can be used to mix and create a number of elements but on the way to making money one needs to mix fire and stone to create metal
  • Step 4: Next combine Fire and water to create steam
  • Step 5: Combine Air and steam to make a cloud
  • Step 6: Next one needs to create a sky by mixing air and cloud.
  • Step 7: Once we create the sky we can next combine fire and sky to make the sun
  • Step 8: You might be thinking we created metal in step 3 but we have not used it to create any other new element, well don’t worry greater the wait better will be the element created. So now we combine metal and the sun to create Gold.
  • Step 9: Next we would combine Air and water to create rain as an element
  • Step 10: Earth and rain can now be combined to make plant
  • Step 11: Now mix water and earth to create mud
  • Step 12: combine plant and mud to create the next element which is a swamp
  • Step 13: Air and fire can now be combined to create energy
  • Step 14: If you ever wished to be God this is the game to fulfill your fantasies as this step involves Creating life by combining swamp and energy to make life.
  • Step 15: Next Earth and life can be combined to create Humans as an element
  • Step 16: Now combine air and stone to make sand
  • Step 17: Combine fire and sand to create glass
  • Step 18: Make time by combining glass and sand. I wish we could do so in real life but sadly it is only possible in a fictitious game to create time by combining glass and sand a replica of the sand time clock
  • Step 19: Human and metal can now be combined to make a tool
  • Step 20: Plant and time can be combined to create a Tree
  • Step 21: Tool plus Tree would give you wood
  • Step 22: Mix the same element air and air to create pressure, interesting isn’t it what if we mix 2 same elements for some other elements, you can try that but for now, we are close to making money on the little Alchemy
  • Step 23: Create paper by mixing wood and pressure and now the final step
  • Step 24: It’s been a long wait starting from step 1 so are you ready to know the magic recipe of making money on the little alchemist, just mix paper and gold, and bingo you have successfully learned the art of making money on the little alchemist.

It has been a long journey on your quest to unlock answers to how to make money in little alchemy. 24 steps which are logically built on each creation of money but doing so on your own is a herculean task and hopefully, we just did fine making the step-by-step guide for our readers to make money on the little alchemist.

Basic Gameplay: How to Play Little Alchemy

If you are confused about how to play the game and its controls or carry out basic actions we have you covered in this article.

The gameplay of Little Alchemy involves the below actions

  1. Picking the element you want to combine: The game screen shows all the available elements which you can choose for combining
  2. Taking the element for combining: For this, you need to drag the element from right side toolbar displaying the elements
  3. Combining 2 elements: To combine two elements you simply need to drag one element over another on the main screen
  4. Looking for Hints: So what happens when you get trapped at a stage in the game simply click on ask for hints and get your questions answered to overcome the situation

So these are the basic actions one needs while playing little alchemy and we believe it would help conquer the game.

Little Alchemy 2

There’s a newer version out there to play Little Alchemy 2 which is way better than just Little Alchemy. it has nice graphics as well.


What is the coolest thing to make in little alchemy?

Money and Gold.

How To Make Money In Little Alchemy?

just mix paper and gold, and bingo you have successfully learned the art of making money. To learn how to make paper and gold follow these Steps

Final Words…

So are you eager to try the 24 steps to make money on Little Alchemy? I believe you must be excited to start the game and start playing little alchemy and showcase your knowledge of making money on Little Alchemy.

We would now look to wrap up out content of this article.

Through this write up we aimed to help our readers find the pathway on their quest of how to make money on little alchemy, to make their gameplay easy we created a step-by-step guide to make money.

Hopefully, all the 24 steps were crystal clear and easy to understand so go ahead play little alchemy and test it out.

We would also encourage you to keep experimenting to find a shorter route to making money on little alchemy which involves lesser steps.

Do let us know about it if you are successful in creating money in less than 24 steps in little alchemy.

We would now like to bid farewell but at the same time invite you to new articles which will be published soon to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Keep visiting our page and do share it with your near one.

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