How to invest in stocks under 18
How to invest in stocks under 18

How to invest in stocks under 18 || 5 Legal Ways

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How to invest in stocks under 18

The period of teenage below 18 is a very important and life-changing period for any individual as a child tries to embrace adulthood going through adolescence and the desire to be treated creeps in.

But as a kid grows up and enters in his or her teenage one is considered an adult or at least gets legal recognition as a grown-up person above 18. But how can a teen prepare for adulthood?

One of the key responsibilities one needs to own is his or her financial independence and as you grow up your expenses too start to rise or rather surge, how should an 18-year-old take care of his or her growing financial needs at an age which one doesn’t necessarily have a job.

Well, you don’t need to worry as we have a way out for under 18 people to save their money bit by bit and also grow them at better rates of interest than a bank deposit or simply keeping it in your cupboard.

Many wonder how to invest in stocks under 18, they ponder over their age of being below 18 feelings it might not be even allowed.

To answer such questions and help growing teenagers below the age of 18 we have created this exclusive article where we discuss how to invest in stocks under 18,

And provide an answer to the question of the legality of under 18 people’s investment in the stock market, and some of the best apps to do so.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this insightful article and we recommend please keep reading it till the end to gain some meaningful insights to understand how to approach stock market investment below the age of 18.

You know what to do next to keep scrolling down and keep reading…

can you buy stocks if you are under 18?

How to invest in stocks under 18

The First question in the mind of those below 18 years old person is whether it is even legal to invest in the stocks market,

To your profound joy and happiness, it is legal to invest or trade in the stock market if you’re below 18 years of age but there is a condition to it.

One can open a brokerage account or register to a platform required for investing in the stock market with a guardian preferably one of the parents to oversee the investments.

It is called a custodial account or a joint brokerage account which is managed by the below 18-year-old but under the guidance of an adult.

The legal age for opening a brokerage account and starting investing without any requirement of a guardian’s presence is 18 years and above and the law is the same across all the states of the United State of America.

This law is enacted and implemented since investment in the stock market is serious work that can have an impact on your invested money and hence the requirement of a guardian to oversee their ward’s investment activities and take responsibility for it.

We recommend our readers to always follow the law and make their investments in a responsible manner.

Should I be investing in The stock market as an under 18

Another big misconception in the minds of many parents who don’t allow their kids to invest in stock markets or many under 18s staying away from the stock market.

Is that they consider it as a form of a gamble and waste precious time and money.

Well we do agree to invest in stock markets is risky but it is not gambling for certain if you apply techniques, research, and your mind to investing.

One can always learn key lessons from stock market investment and here we are to discuss a few key insights one can gain from investing in the stock market over time and hence break the misconception around it.

1. Patience and perseverance

You must always remember the saying Rome was not built in one day and this is the key to unlocking the meaning of stock market investment.

By staying invested in stocks of strong and good companies one earns returns on his or her patience and perseverance.

Now we all know how strong these 2 values patience and perseverance are and how they are key to unlocking success in the future as we grow up

2. Saving Money

You might not earn a big amount from investing in the stock market as a beginner, but the habit will be helpful in building a mentality to cut down on extra expenses and save money for the future.

It’s an important skill to learn in the future as job losses, inflation, and serious illness are real problems one needs to deal with in the future, and having money in the banks definitely helps.

3. Research and Analysis

Investment in stocks is based on finding the fundamental value of a company doe through research and collecting information and then analyzing the probability of growth in a company.

Investing in stocks is a good way to engage young minds below 18 years of age in learning more about research and analysis.

We have discussed the 3 fundamental advantages of investing in the stock market which a below 18-year-old could learn by trading and investing in the stock market.

There could be a mistake and yes there could be a loss, but we guarantee the learning will be helpful in shaping the future of young minds in the best possible way.

how to get into stocks under 18 | the Best Ways

We hope that reading through the above content would have helped you decide in favor of the stock market and hence now let’s address the important question of how to invest in stocks under 18 years of age in the United States of America.

Well all you got do is read the step-by-step guide below and easily start investing in the stocks market

  • Step 1: Figure out your expenses and income sources based on your part-time job or pocket money and daily routine to estimate the amount you can invest in the stock month every month. If you already have some savings in bank deposits and cash you need to decide the amount to invest in from your previous savings
  • Step 2: Convince your parent and open a custodial account or joint brokerage account. There are many good apps and platforms for you to explore and use for stock trading and investment safely.
  • Step 3: Register and create a brokerage account providing all details and fulfilling all formalities
  • Step 4: Once your brokerage account is created you can start your journey of the stock market investment.
  • Step 5: Start learning about various companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. understand their business model, and how they generate profits. Learn about macroeconomic factors and how they Affect stock prices.
  • Step 6: based on your research and analysis start investing and always try to have a diverse portfolio of stocks and keep a track of how they grow.

This completes the step-by-step guide on how to invest in stocks under 18.

stock trading apps for under 18

Some of the leading brokerage platforms which allow those under 18 to open an brokerage account and invest in the stock market are:

  • Robinhood
  • Greenlight
  • Ally Invest
  • Elite trade
  • Fidelity

Some of the best stocks for investment For Under 18

If you are looking for some guidance to create your first portfolio of stocks, we gave you covered as we bring the list of some of the best stocks for teens or under 18 for making an investment for beginners

  • Apple (AAPL)
  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • Amazon (AMZN)
  • Alphabet (GOOGL & GOOG)
  • Meta (META)
  • Tesla (TLSA)
  • Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A)

These are some of the best blue-chip stocks one can consider for a first-time investment. However, we do recommend that our readers must look to carry out their own research and analysis before making investment decisions as we have given you a guide to how to invest in stocks under 18.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Top 5 Best Stocks For Teens.


What are the 7 golden rules about investment?

There are 7 golden rules which can be followed to achieve better returns from your investment in the stock market and they are:
Understand the object of your investment, stay invested for the long term, look at the valuation, find real returns, quantify and analyze trends, and diversify your portfolio.


Finally, we have completed this article on the best stocks for teens. We aimed at educating the future of the United States of America, and the teenagers of the nation to know more about investing in the stock market.

Hopefully reading this article should motivate the teenage population of the country to make investing in the stock market seriously and help them know how to invest in stocks under 18.

We recommend that one should learn more about the stock market, research the selected stocks and understand financial terminologies to get a deeper insight into the various aspects of investment.

You now have access to the best stock for teens listed in this article so what is stopping you go ahead and creating a profitable portfolio of stocks.

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