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20 best ways to make money online as a teenager In 2022

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Teenagers who are looking for jobs today are so privileged as opportunities to make money online have increased.

Teenagers previously gets only low qualified jobs as waiters or news-paper delivery that didn’t lead to a career or skill improvement and yet required a lot of effort and the pay so low.

They did not teach anything except for the fact that making money is hard, and getting rich is even harder, which is not entirely true. Below are some of these jobs which will help you to make money online as a teenager

easy online jobs for teenagers

1. Customer care

Customer service jobs allow you to choose your scheduled time at your comfort.

Some companies employ customers service representatives to handle incoming calls from home.

Although the age ranges from 18 years some companies still employ teens from 15 years of age to work from home while executing this task at a scheduled time.

Answering Phone Calls, Working from home, make money online as a teenager

2 . Blogging 

Blogging can be very easy to do at the beginning, and if you do it right you can end up making a whole lot of money before your twenties.

The age requirement of a blogger is 13 years of age and older.

Knowing that content is key in blogging, start creating catchy and interesting content and be sure to add pictures and images that catch the eye.

people get interested in what their eyes catch the moment they look at your blog.

writing a blog posts on a laptop, make money online as a teenager

3. Proofreading 

look into the job of proofreading, vocabulary and grammar is your strong side and this has no particular age requirement.

Therefore a career of a proofreader is a great job for a teenager.

Believe me, most of the school-age kids have far better grammar skills than adults as adults have forgotten most grammar rules. 

reading, Girl Reading Book

4. Crafts

Teenagers are obviously very talented and creative in artwork projects, and this has an age requirement of 18 years, a younger teenager can involve parents as legal guardians to operate in this regard.

5. Pie slicing 

This is allowed for teenagers of 13 years and above to partake in this, it is a channel that pays for reviewing music, listens, and get paid for enjoying themselves.

6. Survey panels and online focus groups

You can make money from sharing ideas and opinions and a whole lot more, get paid for participating in surveys, and be part of the survey channel.

7. Tutor

Most foreigners search for people with proficiency in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Mandarin, and many more to help them in conversational language skills and pronunciation.

As a native speaker, you have the best opportunity for this type of work to help them with English language lessons and this doesn’t have to be academic language lessons.

It can be privately arranged. Seize such opportunities to render this service online and get paid for it.

Working on projects

8. Writing

Companies also employ teens that have great writing skills and pay them for each work they do.

You can be a freelance writer if you have great writing skills and feel that you can do it professionally, or to help others write articles.

Teen Writing On Book | Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

You can post for magazines, write commentaries and blogs for people, and get paid. This by no means interferes with your studies or busy time because you can do it in a scheduled time of your choice.


People are hired by humanatic companies to make reports on recorded calls, these calls are recorded to improve effective customer service.

I am certain you are familiar with ‘’this call is being recorded for securing reasons?’’, this is the job of a humanatic to review these calls so that adequate corrections can be made to improve services.

As a teenager, this opportunity is available at the comfort of your home and space.

So these 9 ways make money online as a teenager

11 Ways To Make Money With Stocks & Cryptocurrency As A Teenager In 2021

Cryptocurrency and stocks are also another to make money online as a teenager.

Cryptocurrency is not physical money but digital, and it can be used in place of monies like dollar, euro, pounds, and many more, even though it is not being carried around like physical money, it serves the same purposes and can be used to buy and sell.

Crypto has also made it easier to perform electronic transactions anywhere at any time, as it is not controlled nor owned by any government or individual.

It has also been designed in a way that one can use it interchangeably because of the value it possesses.

People who have no knowledge of crypto have in the past frowned at the sudden trend because they do not understand the dynamics surrounding it.

It can’t be said to be the best and only way to save, but if you study the techniques, structure, and format you will find it to be one of the wisest ways of saving because it accords you the opportunity to save and also make a profit from doing that.

The system is designed to pay you for mining, investing, and all works are done in the system when you participate in the blockchain.

The most important activity in crypto is trade, and you don’t need to own any crypto to be able to invest or trade unlike some other businesses like diamonds and Gold.

You can lend coins to investors or you can stake coins in the system with the coin you already possess.

The basic tricks for making money with cryptocurrency are outlined below, These tricks expose you to the dos and don’ts in the crypto market.

1. Investing

Investing is the process of mastering price movements, buying and selling coins through a structured system, they are extremely unpredictable in the short term but have massive long-term value for growth.

cryptocurrency coin

You can purchase and hold coins for some time and be strategic about it. This strategy requires you to identify more stable assets that will be around for a long period of time.

Bitcoin as well as Ethereum are considered a safe investment and show a long-term price increase but you are advised to invest small profits.

Based on the value deposited, the system allows you to make sense of the statistics.

Learn How To Earn Passive Income From Cryptocurrency

2. Trading

Investors must never be afraid to take risks because you cannot gain if you don’t take risks as trading is a lose or gain business the more the risk, the more profit you can make.

The prices of assets increase and decrease adequately over the short term because the crypto market flickers.

To be able to make accurate decisions about the price increase and decrease, and the ability to analyze market charts makes you a successful trader.

You can make profits regardless of the condition of the crypto market by taking a long or short position.

Whether you expect the price of an asset to increase or decrease when trading, It is maintained that the most genuine way to earn in this space is by day trading and this is confirmed by many cryptocurrency investors.

trading software
Trading software Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

Trading is not only about holding an asset until the value increases; but most significantly, you want to have the right analytical and technical skills because day trading is a tough job.

It is required that you predict trade charts based on the performance of the outlined assets; which makes it the foremost involving and rewarding way of earning from cryptos.

To start day trading on any exchange today; sign up, buy assets, analyze, and you’re set to go. Do not be scared to fail, it is only failure to continue that makes you a failed trader.

Note: if you’re going to be a day trader, consider mastering the techniques of analyzing stocks using the fundamental methods; this method is used to evaluate all traded assets.

3. Staking

Staking is when you lock in money to a network in order to validate transactions and you get rewarded for it just like the profit a bank pays you for a credit balance, therefore you are lending coins to the network for a return in interest.

crypto coins

This method of earning money from cryptocurrencies offers multiple earning opportunities.

You can earn when the price appreciates when you are paid dividends, and also when you lend coins to investors.

Coins are held in wallets in Staking, holding these coins allows you to earn extra coins for securing that particular crypto network.

Many platforms facilitate crypto lending and this process allows users to decode the signs released by the trends on many other cryptocurrencies and apply it adequately.

4. Crypto Mining

you are rewarded with new coins when you mine and you need analytical and technical skills to do that, this requires expertise and significant upfront investment as the value of cryptocurrency is generated from mining.

Crypto Mining, crypto miners

First of all, mining in this regard has a lot of variables, that is why exchanging crypto can be an easier way to make a profit.

However, when done strategically and accurately, it is possible to end up with more crypto coins from mining than from simply holding.

Part of the most effective variables for miners is the price of the coin itself.

If like most people, you are spending money on your mining hardware, and your electricity in dollars, then you will need to earn enough crypto coin from mining to cover your generated costs; and make back your initial investment that has gone into owning the machine itself.

ASIC miners

crypto price obviously impacts all miners. However, there are also factors that can affect such impacts too: as a powerful investor, you should be able to take advantage of information to stay active in mining because information and news travel faster in the market which creates great trading opportunities that have impacts in the price of cryptocurrencies.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops and free tokens are distributed or released to generate awareness. An exchanger might do an airdrop to initiate a large user base for a project.

Being part of an airdrop can earn you a free coin that you can then use to buy things, gift things, invest, mine, or trade.

You get a free coin because you were in the right place at the proper time or because you got the information first hand.

Because the crypto market is increasing by the day at the moment, there is great growth potential.

Choose the most efficient strategy that best suits your needs so you can benefit and make money with cryptocurrency.

Everyone engages in the cryptocurrency field to make money, at the end of the day not everyone end up making so much money.

That is the reason why some people give up along the way, with the rising cases of cryptocurrency scams, there are people who end up falling into some sort of traps.

6. Dividends

Do you know that there are coins that pay out dividends? you have to be able to differentiate between the values and properties of these coins.

Just like the conventional stocks, not all of these coins, are suitable for your portfolio; analyzing and picking out what seems to work with your investment aim or goal.

Most ideas outlined here are things you may never know, But now you do and it gives you an edge.

You don’t necessarily have to stake some of these coins in a wallet for you to be paid a dividend as a holder and that is the best thing about these coins.

7. partake in Crypto online tasks

you can do tasks for people and companies and get payments for it.

These tasks can vary; it could be watching videos, taking surveys, app testing, adverts viewing, and more.

These microtasks are available to get in sites such as Bitcoins Rewards.

8. Get paid by Cryptocurrency Companies

You are expected to identify the needs of cryptocurrency companies and then make them see how your skills can solve their problem.

The good thing about working for crypto platforms is that you will work remotely, as this allows you to work freely from the comfort of your home and your space, flexibility is the keyword here.

Working From Home

some crypto firms offer very competitive packages, and if you are opportune to work with any of the legit firms try not to miss out on such chances.

This is a standard way of earning from the world. In the crypto business, you can be a  marketer, web designer, among other things. 

9. Crypto Arbitrage

Non-regulation has resulted in variations in terms of assets valuation, pricing of products, and so on.

Most exchangers decide for themselves the costs their assets are listed at, and this has brought about the difference within the volatility and liquidity of assets, make findings on the value of these coins, and strategize based on their differences.

This is just about what describes crypto arbitrage. Sign up on different platforms so you can compare their different price to enable you to make better decisions on which variations you can maximize.

10. Create Cryptocurrency Content

 In launching a new product or service over the last decade is most effective with content as this has become the most productive way of communicating messages to your existing and prospective customers.

Content marketing is one thing the crypto world relies on due to the fact that most projects are virtual projects, with this the audience cannot be reached using conventional marketing strategy.

As this is where the opportunity lies; you can create video content, infographics, or written content for many cryptocurrency brands.

11. Bonus

The world has evolved to new strategies and you must adhere to the trends to include cryptocurrency as one of your payment methods.

Results show that most cryptos have increased in market value within a day by a very high percentage increase, it is difficult to find many investments that make it to 100% in years.

You need to recognize the best channel for processing crypto payments to stand a chance of earning huge from accepting cryptocurrency payments as a merchant.

pay with bitcoin,  Make Payment Using Bitcoin
| Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Payments can be made easily with cryptocurrency on very low charges unlike banks, where you are charged highly depending on the amount to be transferred from one account to the other.

You don’t have limits on transactions unlike banks, you can make transactions at any time and there is no limit on withdrawals.

It’s allowed to purchase without limits, you can use it freely without paying or request for documentation unlike opening an account with a bank where you have to provide certain documents before an account can be created for you.

Sometimes wire transfers may take longer periods in the bank, unlike cryptocurrency which is faster for money to be moved from one account to the other within minutes or seconds.

It is believed that in 20year’s time, crypto coins will be a national currency where it can be used by a significant amount of people who believe in crypto as a mode of transaction for sellers and buyers to trade commodities.

Therefore causing the price to fluctuate as it always has.

Normalize using crypto coins to process payments as this is the future. 

Bitcoin Accepted, pay with bitcoin.

These ways should guide you to success as an investor, mistakes are inevitable no matter how knowledgeable you think you may be in trading.

Resulting to you losing money. Your focus should be to win more by putting in more work to master the techniques involved regardless of how good you may be. 

7 helpful tips to manage and balance teen life/Time.

Here are some helpful tips To help you effectively balance teen life/work. these not directly related to Make Money Online As A Teenager, but it will help you to grow in the future.

1. Self-Control

Self-control stands you out from every other person, fear and greed can cloud your mind as a teenager.

It can cause you into making certain decisions that may not be right for you, therefore your emotions must always be in check to make the right decisions and deliver a good job at all times.

2. Age

It is important to know that Age requirements differ and can change. Whenever you wish to seek a new job, check for age requirements to save you and the hiring company’s time.

3. Save / invest

Don’t go about purchasing gadgets, clothes, and many unimportant items with all your hard-earned money. Invest money in yourself and not in the things that are not necessary.

4. Tell all 

make sure to let your parents in on what you do, so that when you start making money or start to afford things.

There won’t be too many questions from them, try to let them know about your side hustle. I know you want to be independent, but telling them will prepare their mind.

5. Keep track of your earnings

you can make out time to keep track of your earnings, this will help you have better management of your money.

6. Set schedule

Set up a fixed amount of hours every day or weekly for a job. Channel the remaining moments of your precious time on self-development and studies to become a smart and educated person. 

7. Get a bank account or a reliable payment channel 

Think about how you’ll get the money when it’s time to receive a payment, a lot of platforms with automated payments are programmed to request for your bank or PayPal account in advance.

Create a PayPal account because it is an easy and reliable way to receive money compared to sharing all the bank account information.


Currently, in the world, everything has changed. Just like an adult can get jobs, there are also so many online jobs that teens can take up that pays equal as that of adults.

Don’t forget that your goal as a teenager is to be successful in all you do by improving your skills.

As a teenager there are so many opportunities online that you can venture into as the world has seriously evolved with technology, there is no excuse for being poor…..