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How to make money selling photos of yourself? – 5 Tips

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selling photos of yourself

If you are thinking about selling your photos but you are scared that what if it’s a hoax or a crime, we have formulated this article to understand it’s not a crime for you to make money selling photos online for some extra cash.

You can easily earn money by sending your portraits, selfies, landscapes, and images on different websites or apps effortlessly.

How to take good pictures of yourself?

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  1. Use a tripod with remote control: For the best results, use a remote-controlled tripod, as a timer can ruin your relaxed moment.
  • Determine the optimal balance for your camera through trial and error: The optimal standup position for your tripod should be straight while seated, and standing, as well as the optimal distance, should be adequate from your camera.
  • Use a camera with a flip screen: almost all smartphones have this feature, which allows you to flip the screen and preview your shot before taking it; some cameras also have this feature.
  • Carry a retractable selfie stick: If you’re taking photos with your phone, keep your retractable selfie stick on hand.
  • Request a stranger to take your pictures: This is the final option if you cannot bring a tripod or selfie stick with you.
  • Invest a few dollars in a high-quality photography course: you will be amazed at the variety of photography courses available to transform beginners into masters, such as the ones listed below.
  • Edit your photographs with a quality program: Numerous photo editing programs can assist you in editing your photos professionally, such as adding special effects, applying filters, cropping and resizing, individual color correction, and rotating and printing.

What type of photos can be sold?

As a photographer, you can quickly cash your passion by selling your photos online and earning extra cash.

It doesn’t matter what skills you acquire; every skill level is in high demand in photography.

Everyone from bloggers, small businesses, large corporations, graphic designers, publishers, and even marketers purchase and use photos regularly online.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pictures you click on; it varies from person to person and business to business.

A social working business would like photos of people, kids, adults, older adults, diverse cultures from different countries and cities.

If there is a food blogger, he will need photos of savory dishes and even pictures of empty or unwashed dishes.

Corporate companies would need photos of people working on laptops, writing, giving speeches, and speaking at meetings.

If a mechanic shop runs a website, they could be potential buyers for gears, nuts, bolts, hammers, and miniature screws.

These tools should be aesthetically pictured in that sense which entices people.

Nature is the one thing that would be the most significant for every photographer out there, as it’s a no-brainer because everyone likes nature.

There will be many potential buyers for the aesthetically pleasing pictures of nature. Many travel bloggers would enjoy the cityscape, seascapes, and peculiar natural landscapes; hence there will be many potential buyers for your nature-inspired photos.

Make money through apps by selling Photos

Selfies have become the lifestyle norm, as selfies don’t require anyone to click your picture.

It eliminates the other person’s effort and the awkwardness that engulfed you in its arms.

While you’re posing for the photo, the other person cannot click the shutter button, making you stand in an uncomfortable pose.

Selfies diminish the requirement of the other person, and it boosts your confidence because no one knows your good side than you.

Therefore, grab your selfie – stick and download the mentioned websites and start earning with confidence.

Pay your selfie:

Pay your selfie is an app that runs on Android and iOS; it makes getting paid for selfies simple.

You can easily download the app from the app store, and after registering, you can start by looking at the challenges mentioned on the app.

For example, in the app, you can show yourself while holding a particular product or doing a specific activity to a particular place in the app.

When you complete a task, your account gets credited of the challenge of around 1 dollar.

If you couldn’t submit the challenge on the due date, you will be rewarded with coupons for discounts on websites, so you earn money by saving money on different products.

Paying your selfie can not be a source of total income; instead, it can be a source of extra cash by taking photos of yourself.


Stylinity is also a free app that is present both for Android and iOS. They acquire almost 180+ stores to visit from where you can easily choose clothes to wear and pose for some extra cash.

You get paid from stylinity by taking photos of yourself after wearing a piece of clothes recommended by stylinity.

You can go and try clothes and take pictures while promoting the dresses even if you don’t buy the clothes.

You have to try on the clothes after going to their mentioned stores, and after scanning the barcode with your mobile, you can start clicking pictures.

When your photographs get approved by stylinity, you can post them from inside stylinity to your social media, and whoever clicks on the link you provided will get you a commission which varies from store to store.


Scoopshot is also available on Android and iOS to be downloaded. Scoopshot works differently than Pay your selfie and stylinity as it connects you directly to the buyers.

When you post a picture, any interested buyer can buy your picture after viewing it on scoop shot.

It also has some downsides, as there is no guarantee that you will earn money through this app.

But if you’re taking great photos, then it’s highly likely any potential buyer will come to ask for your photos.

Make money through different websites by uploading your pictures

Create your own website:

Making your website will be the most beneficial decision if you want to start earning by selling your pictures.

A website will allow your photographs to be purchased, and you can easily showcase your photographs for commercial purposes.

You can make your terms and condition as well as set your price according to your demands.

You can also control what images are uploaded and offered to the buyers when you maintain the platform.


500px is an online marketplace where users can create a portfolio of their pictures and start earning money.

This website allows you to create an account and upload your photos; you only need to submit high-resolution images.

The key is to describe your photos with a keyword related to your picture.

If you’re putting a photo of a flower in front of the sea, then make sure to add keywords “flower” “sea” as both keywords pertain to the search.


TourPhotos is known as a hub for tourists and travelers. On this site, many travelers post their adventures in a picture around the globe.

Many travel agencies and companies use this platform to upload their experience photographs to entice the audience and general public to purchase.

It’s an excellent platform for travelers to upload their pictures to sell them to people who enjoy adventures around the globe.

Stock photo websites:

Stock websites are known to be an excellent method for earning money from your photos.

As mentioned above, many buyers want pictures in different sizes, shapes, and other purposes, such as magazines, blogs, advertising, websites, and even campaigns.

Hence, there is a high demand for high-quality stock photos clicked by professionals and amateurs.

You shouldn’t use only one stock website for uploading your pictures. It will help if you are looking for different platforms and websites to upload your photos.

Share multiple, multiple images on other stock websites to optimize your earnings.


Gettyimages is the ultimate God of all stock photos websites; this site is filled with many pictures you can search for any image, and so many photos will pop on your screen.

They own exclusive rights to their photographs and scan the internet for copyright infringement strictly.


Etsy is mainly used for being a marketplace where people buy and sell unique products. So it’s know known as a platform where you can sell your photos.

However, Etsy acquires millions of user who uses different ways to sell their photos through Etsy.

Etsy has a greater audience than regular stock sites, making it easier to sell your photos without any havoc.

Etsy furnishes its users to sell digital prints along with digital images. While selling digital prints, you have to remember the cost of printing, packaging, and shipping.

Etsy is fantastic for people who don’t want to make a website from scratch, as it gives you complete authority over how you will be displaying your pictures to the buyers.

Earn money through social media

Social media has become a hub for earning money; you can easily make money by correctly using social media.

Social media helps you find people interested in your photos and who will want to buy them. Various photographers sell their photos online after uploading them, which attracts people.

If you are showing yourself and posting your pictures that attract people, then it’s highly likely that you will get advertisers who had been influenced by you and who would love to pay you to advertise their product.

Even if you are an amateur in photography, you can quickly learn the basics of photography by watching tutorials or taking courses.


Selling self-portraits is a legitimate side hustle. The most excellent part about earning money online by selling images is that it may be a passive source of income.

Once your photographs have been posted to these sites, all that remains is to optimize them and conduct some marketing.