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12 Fastest Ways To Make Money On Pinterest [Upto $800 A Day]

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Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that may help you uncover ideas for your creativity, travel, purchases, and more. But wait. What’s a visual search engine? 

In the same way that you found this article, you typed in the search engine “Top 10 ways to make money on Pinterest”.

Pinterest works the same way. This is an image-based search engine rather than a text-based one. 

It’s no secret that many internet celebrities or blog writers utilize Pinterest heavily. Probably, you overlooked this possibility of being able to make money on Pinterest since all you see are images and other stuff.

Over the past 10 years, Pinterest has provided its users with DIY projects, recipe ideas, recommendations, tutorials, and much more.  

“According to Statista, Pinterest is home to 444 million monthly unique visitors”

A social platform that attracts so much traffic, offers many possibilities. Possibilities that we cannot afford to ignore.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top 10 ways to make money on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and virtual assistants.

Business-wise, it functions like a storefront and is a major source of both recommendations and revenue. 

Marketing-wise, it provides an excellent opportunity for brand exposure.

You can make money on Pinterest in a variety of ways, and this can help you harness your skills and interest to increase your earnings.

To make money on Pinterest involves leveraging, your pins into sales opportunities. Depending on what you love to do, writing or creating or if you are organized and would love to be a virtual assistant, there is a massive platform for you on Pinterest.

How To Make Money On Pinterest – Complete Guide

make money on pinterest

I’m going to demonstrate two ways you can use to make money on Pinterest – The money-making machine. 

Blogging is the first way to make money on Pinterest. I will discuss the other later in this post, which does not require a blog.

No experience is required for either of these. Great, right? Okay, let’s just get started.  

1. Starting a Blog

Yes, you heard it right. Blogging does not require any prior experience. A couple of us were initially hesitant believing that we should have excellent writing skills or be technologically savvy to break into this field, which isn’t entirely accurate.

If you know how to use computers, or even if you know how to type and have a passion for learning, now is a perfect time.

Set Up A Blog

A prevalent myth about Pinterest is that it is just another social networking site, but that’s not entirely accurate.

I believe it’s a lot more versatile than that by supporting bloggers and facilitating their growth.

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You can find a number of strategies that will help you make money on Pinterest, though blogging offers the best income opportunities.  

Below is a quick rundown of how blogs generate income on Pinterest.

  1. Choose a blog niche that appeals to you such as lifestyle, food, or finances.
  2. Write relevant articles and publish them so that you can monetize your blog with advertisements, affiliate products, and sponsors.
  3. Join Pinterest by signing up. 
  4. Put up a pin – a visual representation of the topic.
  5. And publish it on Pinterest.

It goes deeper than that, but that’s the gist of it. Pinterest users who search for a phrase related to your blog can find your pin, interact with it, and possibly end up buying your products or seeing your ads. 
Another benefit is that it is scalable in terms of earning.

The blogging world is full of bloggers earning thousands to millions of dollars each month.  

2. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money on Pinterest. It involves promoting products and services with the help of companies. Let’s see how that works.

Affiliate links are provided by the companies which you then place in your pins/posts. This will give you a percentage when an individual hits that link and purchases something. 

How to Become An Affiliate Marketer

Join: Before you join any affiliate marketing program, you must determine your niche in order to be able to choose the right audience to target and the right brand to promote.

Track your clicks: Each link includes a tracking code by default, but if you want to personalize it, you should use URL shorteners.

Promote products and use affiliate links: Share your products via pins and get the affiliate links too.

Look out for Pinterest rules and regulations: The Pinterest affiliate link policy is constantly changing. Keep track of their rules at all times, to avoid getting penalized.

3. Work As A Virtual Assistant

A great way to make money on Pinterest is to go pro and offer your assistance to companies that have the audiences they need but are unable to manage because of time constraints. 

Working on projects, Virtual Assistant

Different brands have different job descriptions for their virtual assistance.

The services offered by Pinterest virtual assistants are designed to help content creators, bloggers, and corporate users to make the most of their Pinterest accounts. The tasks they perform include: 

  1. Set up pins
  2. Utilize Tailwind to create a schedule 
  3. Implementing an efficient pin method
  4. Perform keyword research.
  5. Create an opt-in form, a marketing funnel, etc.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant

Revamp your personal account: Creating a betting profile is one way to get the attention of companies looking to hire experts.

Let everyone know you are open for business: Start by reaching out to people in your circle and companies.

Virtual assistants’ work is quite flexible, and this is one of the best things about it. You are allowed to work from anywhere anytime. 

4. Drive Traffic To Your Online Shop

Etsy Shop, online store

If you run an online store, you can easily direct visitors from your Pinterest account to your online store.

In that case, pins display your products and link back to your store. Let’s see how Pinterest can be a powerful tool when it comes to e-commerce.

  1. Compared to Facebook, Pinterest drives a much greater volume of traffic to online stores.
  2. 66% percent of people purchase it from a Pinterest post. 
  3. Almost 80% of people say it’s beneficial to read posts marketed by brands that they find on Pinterest.
  4. More than 90% of users report that Pinterest makes it easier to choose their purchases.

How to drive traffic to your website

Set up and embed pins to your online store: Take attention-grabbing images of your products, which will direct your followers to the product’s page on your website, enabling them to make a purchase.

SEO is key: Choose keywords that are relevant to your content, which will make finding your products easy on Pinterest. The keyword should describe the product in some way.

5. Take advantage of Pinterest’s skills and monetize them

Using Pinterest as a monetization tool is possible in many ways. Pinterest can also be viewed as an extensive learning resource.

You can pin anything you want and there will be someone out there who has pinned something close to the corresponding idea. 

During my research I browsed Pinterest, which gave me the following ideas:

  1. Become an expert photographer and then you can offer your pictures on stock image websites, or take wedding photos, take portraits, etc.
  2. Make money by starting a podcast.
  3. Make hats or make crocheted items and offer them for sale.

6. Become a Brand Partner

After you amass a large number of loyal audiences, other brands will likely be interested in you.

The process of creating a brand-specific Pinterest board involves working with them and charging them, a fixed amount, for a Pinterest board. 

In addition to getting paid, you gain visibility and exposure from individuals seeking businesses with a similar niche to yours.

How to Become A Brand Partner

Showcase your stats: You must reach a certain level of influence in order to get brands to work with you. Gather information about your followers, stats, audience engagement rates, and so on, to demonstrate how you fit their needs.

Identify the right ones: you need to find the brands that are interested in doing a collaboration and your audience is the right fit for them.

7. Jointly Promote The Brand

It is a must for you to have a thriving profile as well as the ability to create pins that are stunning. You should do the following:

  1. In-depth understanding of great pins
  2. Positioning of brands
  3. Imagery
  4. The pin design

This occurs when Pinterest users collaborate with brand representatives to produce pins promoting a brand.

8. Put Your Style On Sale  

“Do you know that 48% of people who use Pinterest place shopping at their top priorities?”

The Pinterest business model is a smart one that allows anyone to sell their services or products.

You can sell both physical and digital goods. It’s a great way to showcase your style as well as find inspiration.

Physical goods like publications, apparel, and even decorative items.

Digital goods like print products, e-courses, and even e-books. 

Other people’s products can also be sold on Pinterest through pins containing affiliate links.

How To Put Your Style On Sale

Become a Pinterest business account holder: Business accounts are the only ones that allow catalogs and shopping ads. After upgrading to business one, the process of selling your style gets much easier.

Add products: When you add products to the online store, pins for the products are instantly generated.

Make your products stand out by creating a collection: Customers can effortlessly select from your collection. Simply put a lifestyle gallery on your site with your products tagged.

9. Re-pin Other’s Pins To Gain Attention And Profit

Pinterest is a great channel for promoting content. In contrast to search engines that prohibit duplicate content, Pinterest enables you to repost intriguing content through repinning. 

Pinterest pins that are repinned more often get a Pinterest indicator of value.

Therefore, more repins = greater value.

When there isn’t ample material to share, why not snag a couple to share while Pinterest allows it? Interestingly, repinning different users’ posts is regarded as Pinterest’s ideal approach.

10. Educate Others On Pinterest Techniques

People often say that if you become good at something, you should pass it on. This rule also applies to Pinterest.

As you master other Pinterest techniques, you’ll be able to make money on Pinterest by utilizing your Pinterest skills.

With Pinterest’s constant growth, the industry around it is steadily growing. 

Knowledge can be transmitted in many ways. You can do this by creating and selling e-books or by offering paid courses.

11. Earn Through ads

You earn money by promoting the products and services of another company when you learn how to make money on Pinterest with ads.

Similar to AdSense, the difference is that you get paid by those readers without requiring them to register or do anything at all.

Your articles are viewed by Pinterest users via pins with advertisements, allowing you to earn money on Pinterest when they view those articles.

12. Become a Pinterest influencer 

You can make money on Pinterest by becoming an influencer. The first step to becoming an influencer is building and increasing your followers.

With a substantial number of followers, brands will reach out to you to help pin their products.

Becoming a Pinterest influencer, you will get to create pins to help promote different brands, or re-pin and running a collaborative Pinterest board is also on the table.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Getting a business account is essential if you want to make money on Pinterest.

It’s free to join, but it comes with a lot more tools that will help you optimize your account and your actions on Pinterest so you can make more money.

Make Money On Pinterest FAQs

What is Pinterest Business Account?

A Pinterest business account offers you access to features that aren’t available on a regular Pinterest account. With a Pinterest business account, you can create rich Pins, which provide more information about your landing page than a regular Pin.

How do beginners make money on Pinterest?

Whether you are just starting out with Pinterest or have been using it for a while, you can absolutely make money from it. You may find it difficult to move around, however, based on your preferences, you can choose where to start.
To make the process easier, you need to look at your abilities and your interests. After that, you are free to decide how you want to make money from Pinterest.
1. When you have a knack for organizing things and enjoy helping others, working as a virtual assistant may be the right career choice for you.
2. Consider writing blogs if you enjoy writing.
3. Open a shop on Etsy to show off your crafts in case you are talented at creating and selling them.
4. Consider affiliate marketing if you have a knack for math.

How much money can you make on Pinterest?

Your ability to make money on Pinterest is driven by the effort you put forth, your strategy, and your partnerships. Learn as much as you can, do your homework, and stay on top of trends.

How many followers are needed on Pinterest to make money?

Your method of making money on Pinterest will depend on what path you take. It only takes a few thousand followers for brands to start noticing you and approaching you in order to work together. As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you should optimize your pins for search engines.
For those who don’t have blogs, here are some ways to make money on Pinterest.
1. Educating other Pinterest users on Pinterest strategies.
2. Self-promotion
3. Forming a revenue-sharing agreement
4. Marketing via affiliates