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13 Tested Free YouTube Video Downloader MP4 [1080p]

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Downloading a video from YouTube can be useful in various situations. Maybe you are looking for offline videos that you can watch without the internet or maybe you wish to edit them and use them in a project.

No matter your reasoning, many excellent tools exist to download videos from YouTube.

Let’s explore some of the best YouTube video downloaders available here. We’ll also look at how they work and what their features are.

If you are wondering for an easier way to download the YouTube videos, read the below information.

We’ve manually tested every link on this page so you can download videos from YouTube in 1080p for free. Just don’t forget to block/skip annoying ads.

Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader MP4

Best Free YouTube Video Downloader online

1. All Video Downloader

With All Video Downloader, you can easily download videos from your desired online platforms.

Whether you’re looking to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Twitter, or any other site, All Video Downloader makes it easy. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download, and All Video Downloader will do the rest.

All Video Downloader is a free online video downloader that supports HD quality downloads. So you can be sure you’re getting the best possible quality when you download videos with All Video Downloader.


No, any Ads Popping Up

It’s a free online video downloader

Download in 3 steps

Supports HD quality Video downloads

No watermarks and Faster Downloads

Works great on all devices and all browsers


Longer Videos might take some time to download

2. Y2Mate

If you are seriously thinking about a free online YouTube video downloader MP4 that will help you to download the videos easily, then Y2Mate is the best choice. It is an online tool that is available for free that allows you to download several YouTube videos and save them on your computer or mobile phone.

You can always download and convert the videos of your choice in MP4, MP3, and 3GP video quality.

It is a user-friendly tool where you can also choose the video resolution in which you wish to download youtube videos. This tool is available in different languages, including English, French, and more.

Overall, It is a great tool for downloading multiple YouTube videos and is very useful for those who want to watch youtube videos offline or on their mobile device.


1. Y2Mate is one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders, with over 100 million downloads.

2. It supports HD video downloads up to 1080p resolution.

3. It is available for free without any ads or watermarks.


1. Y2Mate may not be able to download lengthy videos


If you are eagerly looking for one of the top-rated YouTube video downloader online to download YouTube videos online of different qualities, you need to check out this tool called YOUTUBETO. It is so easy to save the downloaded videos to your laptop or mobile so that you can see it offline.

Moreover, It also supports downloading videos from other popular video-sharing sites like Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use YouTube downloader, YOUTUBETO is the best option. 


1. Download YouTube videos in 1080p quality for absolutely free.

2. No registration or software is required.

3. Simple, fast, and easy to use.

4. Compatible with all browsers.

5. Perfect for HD-quality video lovers.


1. The download video process is quite slow.

2. Sometimes quality of the downloaded video might change.

4. Odownloader

Odownloader is a YouTube to MP4 converter that lets you download and convert YouTube videos into high-quality MP4 files.

It is easy to use. Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video you are looking to download and click on the “Convert” button.

It will begin downloading and converting the YouTube video into an MP4 file.

After the process is finished, the converted videos can be saved to any device. It is free to use service and does not require any registration.

Odownloader can be used on any computer system and is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


1. It offers high-quality MP4 conversion, preserving the original video quality.

2. Converting videos is a breeze with this quick and easy converter.

3. It is a free converter, available to everyone without any cost.


1. It may not be able to get the videos from all YouTube channels.

2. It may not be able to download youtube videos of high quality.

5. Vidiget

Vidiget Youtube Downloader app is an online app that helps you watch youtube videos by downloading them simply and quickly.

This tool is very useful in downloading videos in other formats. This tool also provides the option of downloading in different quality.

Moreover, Vidiget Youtube Downloader enables you to convert videos and download them in different formats such as MP3, WAV, and AAC.

Finally, this unique tool is available in multiple languages, such as German, Spanish, and much more.


1. Vidiget is a very user-friendly YouTube downloader video that helps you get several youtube videos in an easy way through a few clicks.

2. It supports downloading videos in various formats, so you can choose the popular format that best suits your needs.

3. It is a very reliable YouTube downloader, so you can be sure that your downloads will always be successful.


1. The download speeds are slow.

2. Some videos cannot be downloaded.


Btcold Youtube Downloader is an easy and successful solution for downloading videos from YouTube.It has a clean and user-friendly interface and is simple to use. This Youtube Downloader supports all major video formats, including HD and 4K quality videos. It also allows you to get youtube videos and other popular video-sharing websites, such as Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Btcold Youtube Downloader is software that is both free and open-source for computers or mobile devices. It is available for Web version, macOS, and Linux.


1. BTCLOD YouTube Downloader is an excellent application for downloading YouTube videos.

2. It is a very fast downloader and can download videos in bulk.


1. The downloader is not available for free, and users have to pay a certain amount of fee for it.

2. It is not offering many customization options, and users have to use the default settings.

7. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a easy, fast and convenient YouTube video downloader mp3 software that lets you download YouTube videos from popular video-sharing websites.

It has a user-friendly interface and a built-in video player that lets you play downloaded videos.

This application is simple and user-friendly that allows you to get youtube videos from YouTube with just a few clicks.

It is fast, reliable, and free. You can also convert the downloaded videos into various formats such as MP3, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.


1. Video Downloader Pro downloads online videos easily.

2. It is very fast and efficient and can get the hd videos from other websites.

3. Video Downloader Pro is an excellent tool for downloading or save videos online.


1. There are lots of ads and pop-ups.

2. The quality of the video downloads can be poor.

3. Videos can take a long time to download.

8. Ace thinker Free Online YouTube Downloader

Ace Thinker is a web-based YouTube downloader that supports a wide range of video file types, including MP4, 3GP, and WEBM.

This application also works for converting YouTube videos to MP3. It is a fast and easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require any registration.

Simply enter the URL or available links of the YouTube video you want or looking to download and click on the “Download” option.

You can also use this free tool to access your youtube favorite videos from other video-sharing websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.


1. Ace Thinker Free Online YouTube Video Downloader is user-friendly. Just paste the URL Link of the entire video you feel like downloading and click “Download.”

2. Not only does it support downloading multiple videos in MP4 format, but also 3GP and FLV.

3. It’s entirely free to use. There are no additional costs or subscription fees involved.


1. There is a limit to the amount of content that can be downloaded for free.

2. The quality of the downloaded content may not be as high as the original.

9. Entiretools

Entiretools Free Online YouTube Video Downloader mp4 is an excellent tool that helps you download various videos from the youtube supported platforms and other online sources for free.

The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use. This tool can get videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more.

The application also supports downloading videos in various formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and more.

In addition, the entire tools Free Online Video Downloader also allows you to convert the downloaded videos into other popular formats such as  MP3, WAV, and more. Overall, this is a great tool that can be used to download videos from various online sources for free.


1. It is free to use

2. You can download videos from any site

3. High-Quality Videos

4. Convert videos


1. The download process can be quite slow.

2. There are sometimes problems with downloading videos from certain websites.

Youtube Video Downloader apps & Softwares

1. YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter

There are a lot of YouTube video downloaders and converters out there, but YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter is one of the best.

The first thing you’ll notice about YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter is its easy use.

Even if you’ve never used a video downloader or converter before, you’ll be able to figure out how to use this youtube downloader software with no problem.

Whether you are looking to download and convert videos to MP3s or other audio formats or download and convert videos to popular video formats like MP4, AVI, or WMV, YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter can handle it.

Another great thing about YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter is that it’s very fast. It can download and convert videos at lightning-fast speeds, so you won’t have to wait around for your video to finish downloading or converting.

It’s easy to use, supports several video formats, and is very fast. If you’re looking for a Youtube video downloader and converter that can save time, you can’t go wrong with YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter.


1. Easy to use interface.

2. Support for many video formats.

3. Ability to access and get videos from popular online video sites.

4. High-quality video conversion.

5. Affordable price.


1. Some users have reported issues with downloading videos from some sites.

2. No mobile version and the software has limited features.

3. Development team could improve customer support response times.

2. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft is a free and user-friendly application that allows you to download YouTube videos quickly without conversion.

You can also convert video files to MP4, AVI, or MOV format and stream all your favorite youtube videos in different resolutions such as 4k, 8k, and FULL HD, you can also find YouTube Shorts that have the most likes and download them in bulk, convert YouTube to MP3 and get 320kbps MP3 hi-fi files.

User Experience:

I found DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader to be a very user-friendly program. Overall, I was very pleased with this software and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good YouTube downloader.


1. You can download and convert videos at lightning speed.

2. You can Convert videos to MOV, MP4, and AVI.

3. Search for the most liked YouTube Shorts and download them in bulk!


1. There have been reports of malware bundled with the installer.

3. The interface is not very user-friendly.

3. iTubeGo

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is a desktop application that lets you get videos from YouTube in various formats, including MP4, 3GP, and FLV.

The program is easy to use; simply enter the video URL you wish to download and select your preferred format.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader also allows you to convert video files to a range of popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, and AAC.

This program offers a range of features that make it easy to use, including the ability to download videos in a range of formats, convert video files to popular audio formats, and more.


1. Easy-to-use interface 

2. Support for multiple video formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV

3. Ability to download entire YouTube playlists 

4. Fast download speeds

5. Free to use


1. It May be blocked in some countries

2. Some videos cannot be downloaded due to copyright restrictions

4. ByClick Downloader

ByClickDownloader offers multiple features and services that make it an ideal choice for users who want to download videos and music from the internet.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily find and download the videos and music they want.

The website also offers a variety of options for downloading videos and music, making it an ideal choice for users who want to download videos and music from the internet.

It also offers a variety of tools and resources that users can use to download videos and music from the internet.


1. The website is free and does not require registration.

2. ByClick downloader has a simple interface that is easy to use.

3. The website supports multiple video formats, including MP4, FLV, and 3GP.

4. ByClick downloader allows users to download videos of high definition quality.


1. The website does not support downloading videos from some video-sharing websites.

2. Some users have reported that the website displays pop-up ads.


Having looked at a variety of different YouTube video downloaders, we can conclude that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Your best YouTube video downloader will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

If you need a simple and straightforward solution, then Y2Mate is a great option. If you want a more powerful and new feature-rich program, then YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter is worth considering.

And if you’re looking for a free solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality or features, then Video Downloader Pro is worth checking out.

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