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Explore 11 Best Bidet Converter Kits [4.5 Start Rating & Up]

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Best Bidet Converter Kits

Hygiene is one of the key aspects of maintaining a healthy and disease-free life,  and there is no better place to start than your bathroom, one needs to take care of maintaining their hygiene by having a clean bathroom and a proper setup to keep your body clean which leads to proper hygiene and proper hygiene keeps you fit and healthy.

One of the key setups one can add to their washrooms is a bidet converter kit, it’s a very innovative way to ensure one is able to wash properly.

So if you are new to learning about bidet converter kits or looking to upgrade your bidet converter then you have arrived at the best place to learn about the best bidet converter kits.

So sit tight and keep reading to have your queries answered.

Get To Know More About Bidet Converter Kits

Before we move to the list of best bidet converter kits we would like to explain what a bidet converter kit is.

The word bidet is derived from the French dictionary in which a bidet means a tiny horse, In general, it refers to a piece of equipment that can be installed in a bathroom to facilitate proper cleaning of the genital area and is helpful in maintaining hygiene after bathroom usage.

If we further describe a bidet converter kit, it’s a form of sink with the availability of apparatus which allows easy washing of genital areas after using the bathroom.

It is cost-effective compared to using toilet paper for cleansing purpose post bathroom usage.

Using toilet paper may also lead to improper cleaning and cause infection or irritation to your genital areas with susceptible skin hence using a bidet converter helps one maintain better hygiene.

A preferable bidet converter comes with a retractable nozzle for water discharge and a heating mechanism that can provide you with warm water.

Top 11 Bidet Converter Kits

So hopefully you are ready to know the best bidet converter kits available in the market

1. LUXE Neo 110


It’s one of the most basic bidet converters and is one of the simplest ways to convert your washroom to a bidet, it’s available for buying through e-commerce platforms.

In simple terms, it’s a manually controlled sprayer that is installed inside the toilet.

Features available in it include a retractable nozzle and guard gate but doesn’t have an extra nozzle for female hygiene or a nozzle self-rinse feature. 

2. Luxe Neo 185

Luxe Neo 185 Bidet Converter Kits

It’s a non-electric bidet converter and provides features like frontal cleansing via dual nozzles.

For cleaning and nozzle rinsing purposes one just needs to use the knob attached left and right.

It can be purchased from leading e-commerce platforms.

3. For Left-Handed Users: The Brondell South Spa LH-22 


Mostly bidets are predominantly designed for right-handed people and make life difficult for a left-hander, so to make their life easy we have a bidet converter known as the Brondell south spa,

It consists of an attached part of the left-side control arm and dual-self-cleaning nozzles for rear and frontal cleansing purposes.

The Brondell bidet converter is costly compared to the Luxe version, but if you are a left-handed person, you won’t get a LUXE bidet converter.

4. The Brondell Ecoseat S101


The best recommendation for a non-electric bidet toilet seat would be the Eco seat 101 by Brondell which is well suited for a round and elongated toilet.

Its features include 2-way self-cleaning nozzles which allow self-rinsing while one requires to switch between the posterior and frontal cleansing of the body.

It is low in popularity as the Brondell eco seat S101 is not cost-effective, since one can get better features in the electric model without spending a penny more.

However there are many who don’t prefer electric bidet converters since the non-electric models are less likely to cause splashing and will almost never cause an uneven seat or requirement for any spacers, additionally, the bidet goes flush on the toilet rim consistently.

5. Brondell Ecoseat S102 Dual-Temp Non-Electric Seat

Brondell Ecoseat S102 Bidet Converter Kits

If you require warm water for cleaning then the first bidet converter on our list is the Brondell Ecoseat S102 Dual-Temp Non-Electric Seat which allows one to have warm water while cleansing.

In terms of features, it’s the same as the Brondell Eco seat s101 discussed above but only added to its feature by allowing to have warm water for cleaning.

6. The LUXE Neo 320 Dual-Temp Attachment

The LUXE Neo 320 Bidet Converter Kits

Another great choice for a warm bidet attachment would be the Luxe neo 320 Dual temperature attachment which is great to use except the features may need an upgrade as initially you only get cool water which is connected from the sink, and it takes time to heat up the water and another issue is that water sometimes gets extra hot to be put in your genitals while cleaning.

7. The Purrfectzone Sprayer 

 Purrfectzone Sprayer Bidet Converter Kits

If you are looking to have a polished brass look to your toilet then there is none better than the Purrfectzone Sprayer, the advantages include being cost-effective, durable, and leak resistant to start with and providing the excellent cleaning one requires.

8. Brondell CleanSpa CS-30 Handheld Bidet

 Brondell CleanSpa CS-30 Handheld Bidet Bidet Converter Kits

Another excellent choice of Bidet would be the Brondell CleanSpa CS-30 which has an adjustable handheld bidet and an adjustable spray hard which is hardly found in other bidets, The adjustable nozzle allows one to control the required cleansing as a concentrated stream will facilitate firmer cleansing and a dispersed spray pattern allows one to have gentle cleansing.

9. The Alpha GX and iX Wave Bidets

Alpha GX and iX Wave Bidets Bidet Converter Kits

These are 2 great choices in the electric bidet category they perform above average and have good customer support available to help you find the perfect toilet seat for your bathroom.

The features of the alpha GX and iX Wave bidets include adjustable water temperature, a warm air dryer, a heated seat, nozzle oscillation and massage modes, an adjustable nozzle position for accurate aiming, etc. 

The water pressure mechanism is one of the best based on industry standards and has an enema mode to ensure help to constipation patients

10. The Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Advanced Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Advanced Bidet Seat, Bidet Converter Kits

It’s another great option as a bidet converter although a bit expensive compared to the functionalities it provides. The Bio Bidet is available in elongated and round seats.

Main features include a water heater tank which can supply unlimited water however the water starts cooling down after the first 40 seconds.

Some of the other functionalities include a child wash mode, Wireless Remote control, a specialized enema mode, an air deodorizer, user presets, and an auto mode

11. The Alpha JX Luxury Bidet Seat

Alpha JX Luxury Bidet Seat, Bidet Converter Kits

We have saved the best for the last and it is the Alpha JX luxury Bidet Seat, and we will put a recommendation to buy it through one of their stores rather than e-commerce platforms to ensure the best customer service and warranty.

One of the best features which makes it better compared to other water heaters is the instant water heating available which means you will never run out of warm water while cleaning yourself.


Is it possible to add a bidet converter to an existing Toilet?

Yes a bidet converter can be installed in an existing toilet and it can be done very easily manually without requirement of a plumber or carpenter.

Is a bidet better compared to using toilet paper?

If one considers cost using toilet paper is a recurring expense you need to spend and makes it cost higher than fixed cost of installing a bidet, considering hygiene a toilet paper may not be effective in cleaning as much as a bidet and hence it makes using a bidet much better option compared to toilet paper.

Why many Americans don’t prefer using a bidet?

One of the biggest reason Americans don’t like using a bidet is habit, most AMericans grew up using a toilet paper to clean their genital area post bathroom use and hence they are not ready to accept the change.

Final Words…

We have finally completed the article discussing the list of best bidet converter kits available in the market to be purchased and installed in your bathroom.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article, and reading this article helped you gain more understanding of the best bidet converter kits that can be installed in bathrooms.

So if you are looking to transform your bathroom using a bidet converter then you need to read through the 13 options available and choose one of the best suited for you.

We would now like to wrap up our content on the best bidet converter kits, we have helped you gain key insights on the technology of bidet converter kits and how they are useful in transforming your bathroom.

Then we moved to the list of 13 best bidet converter kits, which can be used for transforming your washroom.

We hope that reading this article on bidet converters would mark a key step in a journey of achieving hygiene and maintaining safe bathroom practices.

We would now look to bid farewell to all our loved readers who make time to read our articles and also share them with their friends and family to help us gain better reach across the globe.

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