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Best Credit Cards for High Spenders || Top 5 List

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Best Credit Cards for High Spenders

Credit cards are one of the most prominent modes of payment used for shopping, paying bills, and managing other expenses as a form of debt.

It’s a payment card that looks similar to a debit card, but the only difference is to spend using a credit card one need not have sufficient balance to pay but rather carry out the expense as a loan taken from the credit card issuing authority( generally a bank).

One of the major advantages of using a credit card is the plethora of rewards given to its users in various forms.

However, not all credit cards give the same benefits and hence it’s a headache to choose the right credit card for your use, especially for high spenders.

Don’t worry you have got yourself covered as we would discuss more of the best credit cards for high spenders all you need to do is keep scrolling and know all about the best credit cards for high spenders.

Understanding More About Credit Cards

Best Credit Card for High Spenders

In general, a person requiring extra money for a medical emergency or opening a new business, or opting for higher education takes loans from banks which is a lengthy procedure.

But what if you want to buy something or pay your rent and bill quickly but don’t have enough bank balance.

Credit cards are meant to be used for paying out quickly without the lengthy procedure of taking a loan from a bank.

Now you might be thinking about the interest rates charged for me using the credit card.

Credit cards do charge a higher rate of interest compared to bank loans however by law one gets a grace period of 21 days to pay back their dues in order to enjoy 0 interest charges being levied on the amount payable.

Hence one of the good practices of using a credit card is to pay back your dues within the grace period.

Types of Credit card

Some of the major types of credit cards issued in the United States of America are

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

How To Find and Select: Best Credit Cards for High Spenders

To answer the question there is no specific algorithm or way to find the best credit card since different credit card offers different benefits.

Moreover, everyone has a different type of spending pattern.

High spenders do get more benefits as they are making high-end purchases but to select the best credit card one needs to analyze his/her spending pattern and then match it with the best credit card benefits they get.

Many credit cards provide loyalty club programs and are good to look into for getting better benefits.

We now move into the list of best credit cards for high spenders.

Top 5 List: Best Credit cards for High Spenders

best credit cards for high spenders

We have created this list of the best credit cards for high spenders based on utility. You just need to read through the list and find the best one to suit your needs.

1. The Platinum Card (Provided by American Express)

Description: It is one of the best credit cards for high spenders can dream of if he/she is a traveler.

These credit cards make your trips more luxurious and provide one with several benefits listed below


  • It provides an annual $200 discount for your Uber rides, with a $15 cap per month and an additional $20 in December.
  • Free-of-cost airport lounge access to some of the leading loungers like the Centurion Lounge and International American Express Lounge.
  • Premium accesses like the Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite status and Hilton Honors Gold status
  • Excellent and rewarding welcome offers like it allow earning 1 lakh membership rewards points by spending $6000 within the first 6 months of getting the card
  • Membership in car rental programs allows extra benefits in the form of extra rewards points, special discounts, and upgrades.

Disadvantages: The only issue one can have with the services of the platinum card provided by American Express is the high annual cost of $695 per year.

2. Chase Sapphire Reserve

Description: It’s another credit card tailor-made for managing travel expenses along with other benefits. It charges an annual fee of $550 but you also get to add additional travel perks by spending $95 more.

It provides some of the best benefits to its users like


  • It allows one to earn 60000 reward points in the first 3 months after the card is issued by spending $4000
  • Allows to earn 10X points by using the credit card to pay for your Lyft rides
  • Annually it gives its users a $300 travel credit
  • Free of cost access to airport lounge of leading lounge networks
  • Extra warranty coverage for your purchases
  • You  can extract 50% more benefits by using your reward points in spending on travel expenses
  • Zero charge application fee credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

Disadvantages: Apart from the high annual fee it has another drawback i.e. the high credit score one requires to apply for the Chase Sapphire credit card.

3. Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

Description: It’s a credit card that is useful for managing your expenses at a cost of $450 per year, The multiple benefits which make it one of the best for high spenders are:


  • It awards a free weekend night reward first when you pay your annual fee and second if you spend $60000 in a year
  • Provides $250 annually as travel credit and another $250 credit which can be spent in Hilton Resort
  • Free access to priority pass airport lounges
  • It allows fast earning of reward points with 150000 points that can be earned in the first 3 months by spending $4000, some purchases award 14X points, 7X points on spending in restaurants in the USA.

Disadvantages: Its annual fee is quite high and also the card reward point is fully realizable if you travel using Hilton travelers.

4. United Club℠ Infinite Card

Description: It’s another travels specific credit card which provides its users better benefits for spending while traveling. Some of the mind-boggling benefits it provides are:


  • It allows its users to earn 1lakh reward points known as bonus miles by spending $5000 in the first 3 months after the card is issued
  • You get access to a $650 worth of lounge access of United Club membership at no additional charge.
  • Key services in any airport like Priority check-in, security screening, boarding, and baggage handling privileges
  • You are awarded an IHG Rewards Platinum Elite status for complimentary room upgrades and extended checkout services

Disadvantage: Apart from the high annual charge of $525 another issue with this debit card is the focus of rewards on traveling with United.

5. Bonus card: Chase Freedom Flex℠

Description: It’s a credit card that is generously rewarding while you manage your everyday spending along with providing travel-related benefits.


  • Its rewards a joining bonus of $200
  • A 5% cash back for every spending you do use the credit card
  • Zero Annual fee

Disadvantage: A zero annual fee and 5% cash back rewards are great for credit card users but are often undermined by many high spenders as it charges a foreign transaction fee.


How can I be eligible to apply for a credit card with the highest limit

To be able to get access to the highest limit of a credit card one needs to maintain a high credit score which is calculated based on bills you pay, bank balance, investments, income sources, etc. So to be eligible to get the highest limit of a credit card one needs to make good financial decisions and pay bills in time

what is the maximum amount I can spend on a credit card

A credit card allows you to spend the full amount of the highest limit of the credit card plan you are assigned to.


So have you selected the best credit card for managing your high-value spending? We hope this article solved your dilemma of selecting the best credit card for high-spending users.

Before you make your final decision about the best credit card to select, beware getting access to a premier credit card requires one to maintain a high credit score which is being constantly monitored based on your income sources, bill payments, and another spending.

Another key consideration is that almost every credit card beyond the grace period of no interest levies higher than loan interest rates on your payables hence always try to manage your spending accordingly.

The above list of credit cards has been thoroughly researched by us to suite your high spending needs, we have included the benefits, annual charges, and drawbacks one needs to consider while making the decision to select the best credit cards for high spenders.

Feel free to re-read this article to refresh your knowledge about the benefits of each credit card whenever you wish to decide on selecting the best credit cards for high spenders.

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