what is the best place is to sell Pokémon cards
what is the best place is to sell Pokémon cards

What is the best place to sell Pokémon Cards? || 10 Best Sites

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What is the best place to sell Pokémon Cards?

Are you a kid who grew up in the late 1990s or early 2000s? You most probably are as you are on this website to figure out what is the best place to sell Pokémon cards.

The game of Pokémon cards has an ultimate level of following and craze across generations and kids do love collecting and holding their cards to adolescence and may at times till late teens.

But have you ever wondered if you can make some money online by selling your favorite collection of cards?

Well, some may not look to sell them as they would like to keep their card collection as memorabilia, but many do think of selling these Pokémon cards and rest assured they can be sold at quite some price.

Many have this question in the mind of what is the best place to sell Pokémon cards and get the best deal out of it and hence we have prepared a comprehensive list of sites where our readers can easily visit and find the best deals to sell their collection of Pokémon cards.

Just keep scrolling down and keep reading as exclusive content about selling Pokémon cards awaits your eyes.

List of Best Sites: Finding What is the best place to sell Pokémon Cards

We have prepared a list of the top 10 best sites/platforms helping one to find the answer to the question of where can I sell my Pokémon cards for money.

1. eBay

It’s one of the best sites or platforms one can use to sell their old collection of almost anything. But what makes it best for selling Pokémon cards?

Well, the answer is it provides a sense of trust being used by many for so many years and most importantly gives you the flexibility of either selecting a fixed price or creating an auction to help you get the best value for selling your rare Pokémon cards.

However there are 2 main points one need to keep in mind while selling cards on eBay, firstly you will have 200 free listing per month for selling any kind of product and it will cost the seller 10% of the final selling price to be given to eBay as a commission of sale fee.

Also, Don’t forget to check out we have complete Beginner’s Guide on How To Sell Pokemon Cards On EBay

2. Facebook Marketplace

Using Facebook to sell Pokémon cards comes with the advantage of the ease of access and ease of finding potential buyers as Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites in the world.

Listing your Pokémon cards in the Facebook marketplace allows one to list their collection and get a fair price.

One needs to schedule a transfer spot where he/she can deliver the cards and take payment made in the form of cash or card.

3. Local Comic Shops

One can also try to sell their collected Pokémon cards through local stores that keep Pokémon cards for sale. This saves the seller the trouble of searching for a prospective buyer, but the seller loses the chance of getting a fair price.

We recommend that a seller can first try to know more about the fair price of your collection of Pokémon cards before selling in a local comic store.

4. TCG Player Marketplace

It’s an online marketplace that is developed specifically for selling collected cards hence most of the time you will get better prices for your pokemon cards in the TCG marketplace.

As a seller one needs to pay a selling fee of a maximum of 10.25% based on the type of sale and an additional 3% PayPal fee.

Two of the best features of using the TCG marketplace are that it allows one to upgrade to a Pro Seller account and pay a reduced amount of fee per sale

and secondly, it allows one to sell Pokémon cards both domestically and internationally allowing a much higher payout opportunity for each card being sold in TCG.

5. Troll and Toad

It’s another online marketplace for selling your Pokémon cards, it allows

A user to sell his or her collected cards as a lot or in single pieces. To sell your collection you just need to send an email to Troll and Toad who would confirm to buy the cards after a 5-day inspection period.

One of the sparkling features of selling Pokémon cards through Troll and Toad is the $30 mark of the price of all the cards which you are selling as it has the extra benefit of a 35% bonus on shipment charges.

If your order worth is less than $30 you won’t be able to receive the 35% bonus on shipment charges.

6. Cape Fear Games

It’s one of the platforms which allows you to sell Pokémon cards by shipping them the cards either through you physically delivering the cards or mailing them cards.

One can check the online website of Cape Fear Games to find the cards which they are selling and the prices to expect.

Post sending the cards through mail one needs to do an email, once Cape Fear games receive the cards and verify them the seller receives his/her payment in due course.

7. Card cavern

It allows to sale of a maximum of $250 worth of cards from an individual seller. For selling cards more than $250 worth per day, one needs to take special permission or send multiple shipments.

8. CCG Castle

It allows you to sell your Pokémon cards online. One can browse through their buy list to know which cards CCG is intending to buy from others and the price it offers.

The shipping fee to send the cards is to be paid by the sellers and one can pay through PayPal and store credit.

They also allow earning digital coins one can earn by buying stuff from their marketplace.

9. Dave and Adams

Another way to sell your Pokémon cards is through Dave and Adams who purchase both Pokémon and sports cards.

One needs to mail the card collection they wish to sell to Dave and Adams and upon verification, payment is done within 48 hours.

One can also allow a buying team member to take delivery of your cards from your preferred place allowing you to earn 95% of the buy price and saving you from the hassle of mailing cards

10. Sell2BBNovelties

It is an online store that is a marketplace for collections of Pokémon cards, sets, and tins.

Hopefully, the above list will be helpful in finding what is the best place to sell pokemon cards.

A person wishing to sell Pokémon cards can browse through their buy list and corresponding prices offered to get an idea of which cards it looking for and make a trade if they have those cards

How to sell Pokemon cards

what is the best place is to sell Pokémon cards

You must have read through the above section to get your eyes on the exclusive list of the best 10 places to sell your Pokémon cards to earn money

But just finding the answer to what is the best place to sell pokemon cards online doesn’t guarantee you good money on cards you sell

A pokemon card seller also needs to sell the cards properly and here are the recommended tips to get the maximum returns out of your Pokémon cards:

  • Organizing the cards by sets: The existence of Pokémon cards has been a fairly long one approximately 20 years and there are about 70 sets already. To ensure that you can easily sell your cards one needs to order them numerically and set wise manner.
  • Find and collect Rare Cards: It is important that if you want to make more money by selling Pokémon cards you must have collected rare cards which can drive the auction of such cards and help you make loads of money by selling them.
  • Maintain your Cards: Care must be taken to ensure your collected cards don’t look old, folded, or torn as cards with newer looks help you get better prices.


Do Pokemon cards ever expire?

No pokemon cards never expire once you have collected them they can be physically destroyed or get folded line or torn which reduces their value but never expire completely unless physically destroyed

How much money can I make by selling pokemon cards?

The answer to this depends on the rarity of your card and the card’s condition. One gets the highest value for a pokemon card if it’s a rare one and looks new to the buyer. A normal card can fetch you $1 while some rare card’s prices go beyond $15

Bottom line

So have you decided upon the question of what is the best place to sell Pokémon cards? Hopefully, you have solved the mystery with the help of the list of marketplaces to sell Pokémon cards.

We want to assure you that we prepared the list after thoroughly researching the selling platforms and only mention the best 10 places to sell Pokémon cards so that it’s easy for our readers to figure out what is the best place to sell Pokemon cards.

As often people are stuck with the dilemma of how to sell a Pokémon card or where can I sell my Pokémon cards for money, we aimed this article to help our readers find answers to such questions.

This is all we have, for now, we wish you luck in getting the best prices for selling your Pokémon cards.

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