What consumer non-durables jobs pay

What consumer non-durables jobs pay & Best 5 Jobs To Apply

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What consumer non-durables jobs pay

If you are looking for a job and interested in knowing what consumer non-durables jobs pay then let us first assure that you have browsed your way into the best website to know about consumer non-durable jobs and what consumer non-durable jobs pay.

Getting a job has many perks like stability in life, respect and the most important factor is what they pay hence as we further discuss jobs of consumer non-durables we would be focusing our energy on providing all our readers with a more comprehensive answer to the query What consumer non-durables jobs pay.

So don’t waste any more time in your search to find what consumer non-durables jobs pay just patiently read for the next half an hour and know in detail what consumer non-durables jobs pay.

Quick Description: Consumer Non-durables

What consumer non-durables jobs pay

For the uninitiated part of our reader’s universe, we would like to first define and describe what are consumer non-durables.  

If we define consumer non-durables, they are products that are used once and then replaced by new products or goods only after old goods are consumed.

Some of the prevalent consumer non-durable goods include cold drinks, beverages, food, and toiletries. These are goods that generally get perished after a certain expiry date beyond which they can’t be used or consumed.

What consumer non-durables jobs pay: Top Salaries

The salary range of consumer non-durable jobs varies within a range and depends on what kind of job role you are able to get within the non-durable jobs.

However, if you are looking to know what consumer non-durables job pay on average, it amounts to $55,000-$135,000 per year. The actual amount of salary may vary based on the company, your job role, work experience, and skill.

Is consumer Non-Durables a Good Career Option to Pursue

Having a job is important but making a career decision is not so easy to comprehend we always need to consider a lot of factors

If you are wondering whether consumer non-durables are a good career option to go for then we have the answer for you just ready.

If you consider the simple mechanism of demand and supply you would understand that consumer non-durables are products that will always be in demand, as they constitute a group of products that consists of essential goods like food, beverages, etc., and hence whether there is a recession or a covid like pandemic if humans need to stay alive they would definitely need consumer durables. Henceforth given the fact that consumer durables will always be needed and in demand makes a job in consumer non-durable is a good career options one can look in.

Highest Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

What consumer non-durables jobs pay

Everyone wishes for a high-income job and it’s not easy to acquire one but if you are looking to get a high-paying job in consumer non-durable you need to apply, prepare, and get the best roles.

So, what are the highest-paying jobs in Consumer Non-Durables let’s explore?

1. Sales Representative

A sales representative is a person who is responsible for sales happening at ground level for a product, he or she is the face of the company at the smallest level and plays an important role in helping the company sell products. Based on the size of the company, and own work experience the Salary of a sales representative varies however it doesn’t limit the earning potential of a sales representative as he or she could earn a lot more by growing sales in their area and climbing the ladders of corporate structure fast.

2. Benefit Coordinator

It’s a high-profile international job profile with a skyrocketing demand for a sales representative who can work in this role. Highly prevalent in medical and health care business with potential for great earning in vision and dental coverage.

3. Production Associate

This is majorly a job profile associated with the movie industry and your work involves managing all the setup for a shoot involving setting up lights and camera, managing snacks and food requirements for everyone, and other related works to the production of the movie

4. Information Security Analyst

You might think what the role is of an It security analyst in a consumer non-durable products industry job, but with the digitization of almost everything companies often have a strong online presence with their products being sold on e-commerce websites and with other office functionalities being carried out through computers, it leads to a demand of Information security analyst.

5. Human Resource Manager

This is possibly the most generic role in any office or industry with the role of HR being a mandate in any registered company. Considering a non-consumer durable company, the role of HR is an important one as he or she has to manage a huge workforce involved in production, outside distributors, and on-hire workers.

6. Sales Manager

It’s an extension of the sales representative role and the sales manager of an area is a person who is responsible for managing the sales of a city, a district, or a combination of both. He or she who takes up this role has a huge responsibility to oversee all the sales representatives of the area concerned and ensure the company meets its revenue target.

The role requires man management skills, problem-solving, thinking under pressure, and strategic decision-making.

All you need to know: Working in a Non-Consumer Durable Company

There are 4 aspects that should help you make a comprehensive and conclusive decision on working in a non-consumer durable company

Job Positions: There is a huge number of opportunities in a non-consumer durable company which ranges from entry-level jobs to high-level board members and CEOs, based on your skill level, expertise, and previous work experience you can get a job at any level

Work Culture: The work culture varies based on the role you are performing in the company. If working in a production environment then there would be a bit of hassle and a lot of work needs to be done, managers might even shout a bit since it’s high and priority work in progress. If you work as an associate or sales field it becomes a bit better, but you might find it tough if you are not able to make sales.

Though it is full of challenges if one sails through rough water you can expect a great career.

Career Progression: One of the best in terms of pace if you are hardworking and have the skills to drive sales of non-consumer durable products. If you achieve strong performance then you get to have strong career growth.

Reliable Company for Finding a Job: Non-Consumer Durable Industry

So all set to join your dream job in Non-Consumer Durable  we have found the 10 best companies to have a job:

  • Nestle
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Procter and Gamble
  • PepsiCo
  • L’Oréal
  • Phillips Morris International
  • Coca Cola
  • KFC
  • Starbucks
  • Subway


What is the consumer non-durables industry?

The consumer non-durables industry comprises goods and products which get perished after some time and can be used or consumed till they are finished, it includes food, beverages, toiletries, etc.

What are 5 non-durable goods?

5 top examples of non-durable goods are Any food product, Any form of toiletries, any type of fashion makeup products,

Is the consumer durables industry a good career path for new graduates?

For new graduates, the consumer durables industry is a good starting point for their career but only if the company is a big name or has an accommodative work culture, coming fresh from college most graduates don’t have the proper skill set and hence they need proper training along with guidance and nurturing by experienced senior members so that they can step the best foot forward in their career’s beginning.

Final Words…

We have completed the article discussion on the topic of what consumer non-durable jobs pay and would now like to wrap up our content with a conclusion to our findings.

Hopefully reading this article on what consumer non-durables jobs pay would have helped you figure out the answer to the question of what consumer non-durables jobs pay.

We started our article explain the basic definition of a non-consumer durables good, top salary and average salary expectation, and also the factors which can determine the amount you get paid.

We then moved to some of the best job roles one can aim for if looking to work in a non-consumer durable company.

So as a conclusion we recommend that non-consumer durable is a great career option if you have the passion and desire to work in it and with this, we rest our case for today.

Hopefully, you had a great time reading our articles and we aim to bring more insights and learning through our articles in the future.

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