Viddeyo The Future of Video Marketing Best 5 Reasons to Select

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Wishing all our readers a happy new year 2023, we welcome our readers to yet another fun filled roller coaster of information, facts, and trivia about a platform called Viddeyo.

The world has changed over the last 20 years at an exponential speed, with the internet taking over all spheres of activity. From transactions to gaming everything has become online and so has been the shift of sales and marketing from physical to online mediums.

Gone are the days salesmen had to go from one place to another to advertise their products, with the internet being available to one and all video marketing is one of the best ways to make your products famous and known to all.

One of the best platforms for video marketing is Viddeyo and is the focus of our today’s topic so let’s not waste any more time as we now move to a more interesting discussion about online marketing and how Viddeyo has a revolutionary impact on video marketing.

What is Viddeyo: Lets Learn More About This Wonderful Technology


If you are struggling to find out what Viddeyo is? Then you need to read this section where we help you find out all about this video marketing platform.

In a nutshell, Viddeyo is a video hosting player and marketing technology that allows selling, promoting, or collecting sales related leads directly within the video.

It was created by Dr. Amit Pareek along with Atul Pareek, and Achal Goswami with a front-end price of $44.95-$47.95.

One of the primary ways of marketing is to engage your target audience and drive huge traffic through your online content and one of the best ways to convert engaging leads is through videos and hence the need for Viddeyo.

Three great marketing professionals have created video-based marketing technology which would enhance online marketing to the highest levels.

It has been thoroughly tested in all types of scenarios with more than 1300 businesses using it and has positive feedback about its world class services.

Credentials of Viddeyo Creators

One of the best ways to analyze the creditability of a new technology or product is to know more about its creators or developers as it gives one a decent insight into what the product could be.

The team comprises of Dr. Amit Pareek along with Atul Pareek, and Achal Goswami.

Starting with Dr. Amit Pareek he is a Techpreneur and marketer who is also the founder of 2 more successful startups.

Achal Goswami an entrepreneur and Internet marketer and Atul Pareek an entrepreneur and JV manager.

Together they have been able to have 25+ 6-figure launches of software products which combinedly achieved a sale of over $9 million.

The team has combined experience of over 25 years in marketing and software products.

Viddeyo Review: Highlights

Before we move to the section where we review Viddeyo in more detail and provide you with an analysis of this new technology, we would like to highlight what one gets by using Viddeyo.

  • It allows one to play HD quality videos with fast-speed video hosting
  • One time charge for using its premium video hosting and marketing feature
  • The videos are enabled with direct sales, promotion, and collection of leads
  • One can implement SEO based videos for video marketing
  • Use of analytics and statistical tools for video creation

Viddeyo Review: Capability of The Product

If you are wondering what the major functionalities or capabilities of Viddeyo are then you don’t need to search anymore as we are here to help you with our findings about Viddeyo.

Some of the best capabilities of Viddeyo are:

  • It’s a seamless, integrated, and smooth interface for providing video hosting and marketing with the capability of delivering bufferless HD videos.
  • It’s an adaptable and flexible platform that can play elegant videos on any website or device without any glitches and hence it provides its users with the capability of interoperability.
  • It can be used to create an unlimited number of videos for marketing and promotion
  • It provides its users a well tested software with ultra-fast CDN
  • Allows use of analytical and statistical tools for comparing and improvement of videos

Viddeyo Review: Pros & Cons


  • Videos have an Autoplay feature across browsers and devices
  • Easy video management
  • Easily customizable videos with drag and drop feature for template editing
  • Integrated with more than 1000 marketing apps
  • Provides an advanced level of marketing technology
  • No requirement for downloading or installation
  • Entirely cloud based solution saving computer memory
  • Easily available video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee for users to test and realize its value for 30 days
  • Fully customizable video making feature


  • So far none found based on our research and analysis

     Price Evaluation Viddeyo

Many users often wonder whether the product they are buying is overpriced or not and hence it’s an important aspect of a product review to cover the price evaluation analysis.

The usage of front end Viddeyo is priced at $44.95 to $47.95, for which one would get the following

  • Unlimited video making
  • Converts automatically lead within the video
  • Allows free hosting rights up to 50gb or 250 GB bandwidth
  • Allows free storage capacity of 50 GB/250 GB
  • Allows creation of up to 50 subdomain businesses
  • Fully customized video player access
  • A comment management system that allows easy management of comments and helps acquires more leads
  • Allows videos to be added in MP4 format
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • A commercial license allows charging clients for providing marketing solutions
  • Bonuses worth $1988 with Terms and conditions applied

 Based on the above analysis we believe that Viddeyo is fairly priced as it allows a plethora of benefits to its users.

Also its new software and hence priced considerably low so if one is looking to make a buy shouldn’t waste any more time.


Is Viddeyo a good tool to use for marketing?

If one is looking for video based marketing then Viddeyo is the latest technology to have surfaced and is essentially a platform that allows the creation of videos, automatic lead generation through videos, and many more things required for video marketing.

Is viddeyo an overhyped product?

Viddeyo has been created by a team of 3 great marketing professionals who have already launched multiple software products in the past, moreover priced at $47.95 and allowing a plethora of actions through the platform it’s a legit software technology that helps video marketing and by no stretch of the imagination is overhyped.

Who are the creators of Viddeyo?

Dr. Amit Pareek along with Atul Pareek, and Achal Goswami.

Final Words…

We have begun the new Year 2023 with an interesting article on Viddeyo review, we hope you are enjoying the New Year and had a wonderful time refreshing your thoughts through this article.

Viddeyo product review is a must read for all marketing professionals and hence we would hope our readers should share it with their friend and families and especially people who are in the marketing domain as using this software unlock potential value creation opportunities beyond expectation.

With this, we would like to wrap up our article today and once again wish you a happy new year and hope that we keep bringing new articles regularly with your support and blessings.

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