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Top 10 Tips to start Earning on Fiverr

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Man is a social animal, and he must earn money to carry out the wheel of life.

The concept of earning money is as old as humans, and since that time, humanity has witnessed a myriad of ways of earning.

Nowadays, we live in a world where the concept of earning has evolved so that you can earn money without going out of your home by just using the laptop and phone through several freelancing platforms.

Fiverr is one of the top freelancing platforms, and millions of people are earning on Fiverr using their skills.

Fiverr has become one of the lifesavers for skillful people. Especially during the pandemic, earning on Fiverr has become a huge opportunity for all the passionate people around the globe.

Fiverr could be a golden sparrow for all those who are willing to sell their skills, and in this article, we will tell you the top 10 tips to start earning on Fiverr.

Understanding your Skill

The most important part of starting earning on Fiverr is understanding yourself.

Fiverr is a platform where you can sell your skill, and for this, you must know your capabilities.


Once you take a tour of the Fiverr selling page, you will come to know that millions of people are selling a huge number of skills on Fiverr.

There is a great potential of earning in every skill, and once you come to know what you can do, you should instantly jump into Fiverr for your career journey.

Gig Writing

As a new member, gig writing is another important key to earning on Fiverr.

You can showcase your skills through gigs, and it is something which should be the most perfect.

The gig is the same as some company’s showrooms where all the material is stored in the best form.

While writing gigs, you must be very careful as this is what your client will read and come to you.

Always try to write the best about your capabilities in the most impressive way by putting the best thumbnails.

Using the Buyer Requests

Buyer Request is a feature that can open the ways for your earning on Fiverr in the start.

Fiverr offers ten buyer requests to every seller per day. It means that buyers will post their projects, and you will have to respond to their requests by showing your interest.

As a new user, there will be fewer chances that buyers will contact you on their own, so buyer requests are a great opportunity for you as you will get a chance to contact the client.

Always try to consume all the ten requests by sending offers to the tasks you can complete in the best way.

While writing the requests, never copy-paste the material and write the offer so that buyers get interested in you that you have understood the task.

Staying Online

Working on projects

Another important point to go for a good earning on Fiverr is staying online.

Although it does not look that important, it has huge importance for a good start.

While searching for the seller on Fiverr, most of the buyers apply the filter of the online seller, and you will only be shown in that list if you are online at that time.

All the buyers need a swift response from the sellers, and to keep yourself in this race, you will have to remain online on Fiverr.

This will not only let your profile appear in the online filters, but indirectly, it will also send a positive response to the Fiverr algorithms that you are a dedicated seller and spending your time on the Fiverr.

Profile Linking

Fiverr gives you the option of linking your profile to your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, etc.

Linking your profile to social media platforms is a leading factor that could take you towards a good earning on Fiverr.

Always try to make accounts on these social media platforms and link your Fiverr profile to them.

This factor will help you make your profile stronger and stand out in the list of other profiles.

Using Social Media Platforms

When your account is new, there will be fewer chances that the buyers contact you on their own rather, you will have to make your profile and gigs visible to the buyers to start earning on Fiverr.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have a vital role here and let you get the orders.

You must always share your gigs on these platforms to let more people know about your skills and abilities.

There are many social media groups on Facebook related to every skill; you can find hundreds of content writing groups on Facebook.

So, if you are a content writer, you need to share all your gigs on such platforms where many people can see your gig and understand your skills.

We have a lot of examples where sellers got their first orders by sharing the gigs on such platforms.

Take the Tests

Fiverr offers you to take the test according to your skills to boost your account and go for a good earning on Fiverr.

All the skill sets have different kinds of tests available on Fiverr, and Fiverr recommends you take these tests.

If you get good marks in these tests, it is displayed on your profile when a buyer opens your account.

Outstanding marks in the test can help your account stand out in the eyes of the buyers.

It is strongly recommended that you prepare for the test and go for a good result.

Using SEO

Another important factor that could take you towards earning on Fiverr is the good SEO of your gigs.

While writing your gigs, you must take a review of your skills and make an understanding of the scope of your skills.

SEO, search engine optimization

It is quite important to know what people are searching for about your skill and what dimension of your skill is in demand.

You can make this research by using google trends or looking at the gigs of the top sellers of that specific skill set.

Once you come to know about the scope of your offers, you must include all those points in your gigs.

It will help your gig rank when some buyers search for good sellers.

Uploading the Video

Fiverr gives you an option to attach the video on your gig about your skill, which is one of the most ignored points.

Uploading your video on your gig can give you more chances of earning in Fiverr.

If we look at the gigs of other sellers, we will know that there are very few sellers who have uploaded the video.

This is such an important point that even the Fiverr support also recommends that if you have a video on your account, there will be better chances for you to get the buyers.

So, it is strongly recommended that you make a brief video of yourself explaining your skills and capabilities and upload it to your gigs.

Description Writing and Portfolio

Writing the best description is a very basic and important point that should always be considered to make your account earn on Fiverr.

Description plays a very important role in conveying your information to the buyers.

You must be very careful while writing the description as it will be the first thing that the interested buyer will see.

Write the best introduction about yourself, highlighting all your strong points and guiding the buyers on how you will use your skill to do the tasks for them.

Your account will shine if you upload some of your sample projects on the Fiverr profile, as it will help the buyers understand your description practically.

This is the very important part and always try to showcase your skills by using your past work.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can conclude that earning on Fiverr is a technical task but not an impossible one.

If you are dedicated and sincere towards your career, there is a lot of space for you.

You need to understand that there are millions of works to be done in the world, and you have all the potential to play your part.

By keeping a positive motivation in yourself, you can make your way and start earning on Fiverr.


  1. How can I sign-up on Fiverr?

    It is quite an easy task, and by using your phone number and email, you can do the sign up by following simple steps.

  2. How will I receive my earnings?

    Fiverr offers multiple options for withdrawing your payments, including direct bank transfer, Fiverr revenue card, and Paypal. You can use any of the payment methods.

  3. What if a buyer gets the task and does not pay me?

    This could not happen as Fiverr has a procedure by which the amount of the order will be placed on hold, and it will be given to you after the clearance.

  4. How much does Fiverr charge?

    Fiverr will charge 20% of your earning

  5. Will my earnings be safe on Fiverr?

    Yes, your earnings will always remain safe as Fiverr is one of the credible platforms. There is no hacking incident on Fiverr, so your account is always safe.