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Top 10 Side Hustles For Couples In 2022

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During the year 2021, a large number of people discovered that it was possible to be productive and successful from the comfort of their own homes.

Many of them found out that they were good at working with one another (spouse), and best of all, the majority of them found the experience to be rewarding.

Side Hustles For Couples
Side Hustles For Couples In 2022

Is this something you’ve experienced? Have you ever considered collaborating with your partner on a business venture? Starting a side hustle together as a couple is a good way to get started.   

If the idea of doing a side hustle with your partner appeals to you, brainstorm possible side hustles you can do together. These ventures could give you plenty of financial freedom. 

People often say that if you are doing something you are passionate about, you will not feel like you are working at all.

The same goes for being with the people you love the most. How about you support each other in your business endeavors together? So let’s see some of the practical side hustles for couples.  

Why Side Hustles For Couples Are Beneficial? 

This being the case, it’s no secret that side hustles for couples are an excellent way to earn extra cash, get rid of debt, as well as accumulate funds for large purchases.  

Obviously, doing a side hustle with your partner isn’t just about sharing kisses in the break room.

The process of starting a business can be challenging, with some risk involved, and you may have to compromise with your partner.

What makes these side hustles even better? 

It can be viewed in many ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The benefits of side hustles with your significant other not only increase your earning power but also strengthen the bond between couples.
  • The two of you can work together to reach financial freedom. 
  • Your spouse’s and your decision to earn money together may prove to be your best choice, especially if it turns into a family endeavor later on.  

Whether you want a side hustle or an online venture with little or no time commitment, check out these side hustles for couples that can help you make a little extra cash. 

Of course, we are not referring to the usual Lyft or Uber gigs here either. These side jobs can be very creative and fun as well.

Our Picks For The Best Side Hustles For Couples

Couples may want to pursue certain side hustles, whereas others may not. A variety of factors were taken into account when choosing the best side hustles for couples. 

You can do a lot of side hustles independently and on a flexible schedule, so we selected side hustles for couples based on that criteria.

We have a list of ideas that neither of you needs to quit your day jobs in order to implement. 

Additionally, we chose side hustles that we thought would be enjoyable for couples to have fun with as well as be beneficial to both of them.

Any of your ideas can be divided up according to your strengths and interests so that you can work together.

The following are our picks for the best side hustles for couples:

Start An Etsy Shop

 Etsy Shop, online store

In the event that you or your partner possess artistic skills, you can put them to use as an additional source of revenue.

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces, where anyone can sign up as a seller and offer their products for sale.

“Do you know that a survey by Etsy found that a majority of well-established retailers got their start on Etsy, many of whom had no experience selling prior to starting their business”

You can find a lot of ideas for Etsy shops nowadays, which are beginner-friendly and can be started right at home.    

Start Providing Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing allows you to work for multiple companies as clients, enabling you to make more money. 

Have you ever wondered how renowned publications like “Time, The Wall Street Journal” and others manage to write so many articles so quickly? Contributors write for them from around the globe. 

Freelance Writing

Oh, and did you know? One way to become one of them is through being a “freelance writer”

Do you have anything to say? Writing is either your forte or your partner’s, so setting up a freelance writing business could be an excellent idea. 

And the best part is, there is no prior writing experience required to start. A side hustle idea we’re familiar with is writing for blogs as a freelancer. The internet is full of blogs, so you have a lot of opportunities to gain some clients.

Starting with major brands is not necessary, simply look for writing jobs on job boards. Begin by targeting small businesses who want to add contributors, from local publications to blogs. It is among the top side hustles for couples.  

Set Up An Online Shop

You’re a creative person, aren’t you? Setting up an e-commerce site is the easiest way to generate income online.

If you create handcrafted items, sell vintage furniture, design digital artwork, or do screen printing, online selling is an option for you.

Online stores are exploding with millions of sellers with creativity and offerings that cater to clients’ needs. 

Shopify, eBay, and Etsy have all grown in popularity over the past year, making it possible for you to start your own business and earn a living.

Over 2 million people have joined Etsy recently, and it is sometimes a sure bet that you will make money due to the sheer number of people using the platform. 

Side hustles for couples like this are great when it comes to earning an income more easily than starting an online business on another platform.  

Offer Pet Care Or Child Care Services

It is possible to earn money by assisting your neighbors in babysitting, daycare, and other pet-related services. Together, you can take care of several children at the same time, thereby increasing your income. 

Alternatively, if you are not experienced as a babysitter, consider helping your neighbors free of charge to build your reputation.

It would be a good idea for you to undergo a background check to give customers peace of mind entrusting their children or pets to you. 

People hire people for pet care services, which can include the following:

Pet lovers who are gentle yet firm with them, are in a good position to help those away from home by keeping them company, providing them with food, giving them access to the outdoors, or taking them on a stroll.

If you want, you can make a decision whether to work remotely or complete the job on-site.  

Get Into Real Estate

As a side hustle, flipping houses requires more financial resources and expertise.

Since the turn of the century, investing in property is becoming more affordable, with more people than ever able to spend at least half a million dollars on rental properties.

However, for those interested in real estate investing, it remains an option as side hustles for couples.

Additionally, this job can be time-consuming, based on the amount of time you have plus the speed at which you want to make extra money. 

Start Selling On Amazon

The Amazon marketplace saw third-party sellers earn more than $160 billion in 2018, illustrating how it has become a means of earning income for small companies. 

Millions of customers are easily accessible thanks to Amazon’s fulfillment services. This service takes care of a lot of the hard work, such as storing and shipping. 

With Amazon, it is possible to start selling products on Amazon with a small investment. Plus, you won’t have to do any research on products.

The “Jungle Scout” an online tool makes it easy to find lucrative products and earn as much as possible, giving you and your partner more time to enjoy each other’s company. 

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Get Started In The Stock Market 

Your best bet for a bright future is to begin investing as soon as possible. Even though stock investment is a risky venture with no guarantees, it is a fascinating topic for couples to explore jointly. 

It can also serve as a means of planning ahead while spending time together at home. Even though investing can seem daunting, it can be done with the least capital.

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Sell Online Courses

In the event that one of you has the expertise to share, selling online courses could be lucrative.

Quality education is in high demand, no matter if it’s something as simple as cooking sorrel, or something as complicated as quantum physics.

Online courses can be sold on sites such as “Pluralsight, SkillShare, or Teachable”.

Become A Virtual Assistant

If any of you possess administrative or organizational skills you may be able to sell, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Working on projects, Virtual Assistant

For example, if you have experience managing things like arranging appointments, and sending emails, you might be able to work from home as a virtual assistant.

There are even options for graphic design or accounting, maybe depending on your skillset. It’s possible to start doing business on platforms like “Fiverr or Upwork” as a freelancer.

Invest In A Home Improvement, Cleaning, Or Landscaping Business 

Spending time in your own garden or home with your partner is fun if both of you enjoy it, so you may find it rewarding to offer your services to others.

Clients can be found using online services such as “TaskRabbit” or placing an advertisement in your neighborhood. 

It is imperative to ask satisfied customers to leave feedback after receiving this kind of service.

Become Resellers

Reselling is easy with the things you have around you or items found in yard sales, or maybe even free stuff. Having two people on hand helps with this, particularly when it comes to the local resale of larger items. Make use of eBay to sell items.


Is it healthy to work together as a couple?

Working and building a business together can have a positive effect on your personal relationship, with some couples reporting stronger relationships as a result of building a business together, fostering trust, appreciating each other, and becoming more successful as a couple. 

What’s the point of having both spouses work?

When two people work together, they devote more time and effort to the work they do together compared to what they would do on their own. The two of them contribute to each other’s professional development and can support each other on a personal and professional level.

Do husband and wife businesses constitute partnerships?

A venture co-owned and managed by married spouses is characterized as a partnership (it should be reported on Form 1065, “Partnership Profit Return”) unless the partners are qualified and want the company recognized as a legitimate joint venture, or the business operates in one of the nine states that recognize community property.

What is a dual earner’s lifestyle like?

A dual-earner relationship occurs when two people live together in a way that incorporates ongoing romantic relationships, shared living arrangements, and individual work responsibilities.

Can I incorporate my wife into my business?

Generally, spouses can be added to an LLC as shareholders without having to say they are employees or shareholders so that your business still has its independent status.

Bottom Line

The idea of being able to earn money on the side may seem daunting, but if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can earn a great deal of money.

What’s great is that it doesn’t have to be done alone, you can do it together, regardless of whether you’re doing it online or in person, you can do a lot as a side gig.