Sell Pokemon Cards On eBay

How To Sell Pokemon Cards On eBay – A Beginner’s Guide 2022

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We all remember the Pokemon mania that swept the world in the late ’90s. Unwary people believe it has faded, however, on the contrary, it is thriving. 

The majority of people, including myself, were unaware of how popular Pokemon cards are on eBay, which you can sell.

I know, the idea is amazing, but don’t let it overwhelm you without reading our guide “How to sell Pokemon cards on eBay” 

With Pokemon growing in popularity among teenagers, it is not uncommon to find them rummaging through their closets and drawers to come across their collection of Pokemon cards.

If you are no longer interested in engaging in Pokémon card games and still have your collection stashed somewhere, go get it. 

Despite their apparent uselessness, Pokemon cards fetch high prices on the Internet. As a bonus, the rarer the card, the more you make.

The Internet is buzzing with questions about “How to sell Pokemon cards on eBay” to avoid losing out on potentially lucrative opportunities, mainly due to an explosive market, where some cards are on the market for as much as $360,000. Can you believe it?

An anime series that evolved into a playing card game that later evolved into a video game from 1997 remains an enduring memory for 90’s kids, who adored these furry characters with magical abilities that they traded, battled, and cherished. 

The hobby never dimmed for avid Pokémon collector Scott Pratte, a renowned card collector too. The card collection and sale of Pratt is renowned around the world.

Getting an estimation of the value of your collection is a very simple and fast process. Prices can be found on several online sites.

The sky’s the limit. One can easily amass a fortune without even realizing it.

Sell Pokemon Cards On eBay Today!

Looking for the safest card on the planet for both short- and long-term holdings? The Pokémon cards are a great place to start.

Why? Because Pokemon cards are likely to remain popular for years to come despite rapid growth in the industry.

So sell Pokemon cards on eBay which is a reliable platform for selling and purchasing these cards.

What Kind Of Pokemon Cards Are Worth Having Or Selling?

Pokémon is a real craze. Logan Paul, a YouTube star famous for his Pokemon card purchases, spent about $2 million on them so far this year.

Meanwhile, a rare Charizard card sold at auction for over $180,000 was acquired by rapper Logic. Hopefully, this has made some sense to you by now?

The fact is, that almost every Pokemon that is out there has an avid following which is dedicated to it.

You can’t help but love Pokemon after seeing the adorable graphics, the fun characters, and the countless products.  

Let’s see what kind of Pokemon cards are worth having or selling. An auction record or an average sale price can be used to determine the value of a card.

A lot depends on the condition and grading of these items to determine their value.

This list is based solely on the highest price at an auction for the collectible and can be updated as to its value changes. 

  • Topsun Charizard Blue Back
  • Illustrator Corocoro
  • 1st edition Charizard Shadowless
  • Blastoise Wizards of the coast
  • Autographed Ishihara GX Promo
  • Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy
  • 1st Edition Lugia Neo Genesis
  • Pokemon World Championship Promo No. 2 Trailer 
  • Trainer No. 1 Super Secret Battle
  • Umbreon Gold Star Holo 

How To Sell Pokemon Cards On ebay

first edition pokemon cards vs holographic

Before you sell Pokemon cards on eBay, I want you to be aware of a few things. We’ll talk about what holographic cards are and what the first edition refers to.

1st Edition

In case you notice the “1st edition logo” printed on it you’ve hit the jackpot. The card with this print came from the first pressing, which is why it is more valuable. 

However, all print runs of Machamp, the main set, featured this logo. Even though some novices believe the opposite, that belief does not hold much weight. 


Do you have a shiny or, should I say, holographic card? This would mean its card makes, it more valuable and desirable in comparison to other cards.

Holographic cards are usually the rarest card in any set. In general, each pack only contains one rare and it isn’t always holographic.

The Perks Of eBay

Trading cards are among the most popular items to sell on eBay, known to let you sell anything from lawnmowers to potato chips. 

A positive feature of selling here is the bidding function, as well as the ability to view all other similar sales that are happening. 

Note: All eBay sellers are subject to a small fee, though you may consider it worthwhile if you have been unsuccessful elsewhere.

For eBay card listings, make one from scratch or move to the page featuring the card and select the button present on the left side labeled ‘sell one like this. 

eBay also allows you to check the condition of the card market. There is a possibility to list cards yourself if you notice a lot of cards are selling.

Instead, if the market is bullish, you should hold your cards and wait. Take advantage of these tried-and-true steps to sell Pokemon cards on eBay with ease.

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Card Sorting Based On Sets

In order to determine which Pokemon cards you have that are rare, you should sort them according to their sets.

You can sort the cards by sets as soon as you know what they are. 

In order to sell cards accurately, sellers must know the sets in which their cards fall, so that buyers know which cards they are buying. 

The Pokemon illustrations feature a small symbol in the lower righthand corner that identifies the set. 

If you want to know what symbols stand for which sets, go to eBay and look for the Pokemon and compare it with the illustration, then you’ll know what set it represents.

Sorting Numerically 

After you have sorted the sets, they should be arranged numerically. There are a few base set cards currently available in the U.S. without the selected symbols.

In the lower-right corner of the card, you can find the numbers. Two numbers are there. One number is for the card itself, whereas the other number is for the total number of cards. 

Protect Cards With Penny Sleeves

As soon as your collection has been sorted, it should be protected. For protection purposes, Penny Sleeves are broadly used. 

In order to prevent bending, cards should either be in hard plastic cases or in binders with 9 pockets. 

Additionally, there are ultra pro deck protector sleeves available in several colors. You can get both for a relatively low price, so use penny sleeves and plastic blinders to keep them organized. 

Make A List Again Based On Sets

Repeat the process and make a list again of all the cards you have. Certain symbols will be visible on the cards, such as stars down at the bottom right.

A few of them also contain diamonds and circles. A secret rare card means that at the end of each set there will be a Pokemon that has stars next to it.

Rare Pokemon have stars next to them. Diamonds represent uncommon, while circles indicate common.  

When you organize your cards by number, the stars will stand out first, followed by diamonds, and then circles. The trainers will appear next, and the process will continue. 

Likewise, if you have Japanese cards, the corresponding symbol (star, diamond, circle) appears in white rather than black, which signifies an ultra-rare card.

And, when it comes to Japanese cards, 3-star symbols indicate that the card is extremely rare, one of the most difficult to find. 

Set The Price

There are constant fluctuations in card prices, so instead of spending money on guides that aren’t guaranteed, check eBay for detailed information about each card you intend to purchase. 

Cards generally fetch more than the magazine estimates them as worth, even if they sell at a lower price sometimes. It is only possible to tell if the actual buyers are doing well.

Describe Them Uniquely  

If you uniquely describe them, people will be more likely to buy them. List the set it comes from, how rare it is, how many there are, as well as its condition.

Provide as much detail as possible to ensure the buyer understands their purchase.

If there are any bends or scratches on the card, you should let the buyer know, as they will decrease its value, however, it will be more beneficial to the buyer to lower the price rather than getting negative feedback and losing prospective buyers. 

Now, you are all set to sell Pokemon cards on eBay.

eBay Update For Pokemon Cards

A new feature of eBay’s mobile app enables you to scan trading cards prior to purchasing.

There will be an option for eBay sellers to scan “aside from collectible cards” in the future. 

With this new feature, all you have to do is scan an existing card, and eBay will gather information from the card so your listing can be created.

So it’s now easy to sell Pokemon cards on eBay than ever before.

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can you trade pokemon cards on eBay?

Selling Pokemon cards is the same thing. You can use eBay or Etsy for that purpose. Describe them in detail and highlight their rarity in place of simply listing them. 

Is selling Pokemon cards worth it?

 It varies based on the cards. Some cards are worth quite a bit, while others aren’t. Pokemon, in particular, many of the old cards weren’t reprinted, making them merely collectible.

What is the rarest Pokemon card?

 “Pikachu Illustrator Card”.