Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan law

Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan law 2022

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Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan law

A personal injury is never a pleasant experience and more often than experienced it’s caused due to a fault of someone else and this makes the victim even more aggrieved.

You can be cautious; you can try to remain away from danger, but the personal injury still happened and make you feel bad, and those experiences are even bitter when it’s caused due to someone else’s fault.

Personal injuries are damaging to one’s life in terms of damages, life loss, pain, and financial damages.  

Hence, we hope to ensure that our readers are prepared to handle the aftereffects of a personal injury and this article deals with how to sue someone or an organization post suffering a personal injury in San Francisco.

In this article, we would be specifically focusing on the law surrounding personal injury attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law, and how Dolan law firm is the best to opt for if you are looking to sue the responsible party.

So, the next time you have to deal with a personal injury attorney in San Francisco you would know how to deal with the situation legally and make use of Dolan Law firm.

Keep reading and we would give you the 5 best reasons why one must opt for Dolan law firm to have the best legal option in case of a personal injury in San Francisco Dolan Law.

Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law: What the Law Says

Many a time when we face a personal injury the ignorance of the law surrounding it and the fear of understanding the legal terms of a personal injury often leads to losing out an opportunity to claim grievances for your personal damage caused by someone or a group.

So to define term Personal Injury in legal terms can be defined as an unwanted event of physical injuries and financial losses caused due to another’s reckless, careless, or intentional wrongdoing.

If you decide to sue or claim compensation from an individual, an organization or the government for a personal injury you must be able to prove 3 things

  • The extent and severity of damage caused due to personal injury
  • How the personal injury was caused
  • Liability of another party in causing the injury

Just to clear a common myth or misunderstanding to prove the liability or responsibility of a person, government agency, or corporation in causing the personal injury you need not prove that the action was intentional but rather must prove that an act of negligence or recklessness on the part of the party being sued.

Based on the law of California which also covers San Francisco for any personal injury attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law one can claim damages or compensation for:

  • Any form of physical and mental pain faced by the victim in the present or future
  • Any form of Physical impairment
  • Financial damages like lost salary, lost job, or medical expenses
  • Any kind of punitive damages
  • Death of the victim

How To Protect My rights: Personal Injury in San Francisco

So how do you plan to deal with a personal injury attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law well for starters we would like to remind you that your first point of action must not be thinking about legal options and at the first step get yourself to safety.

Based on the severity of the personal injury asses your condition and try to get some proof by taking pictures of the site of personal injury and getting some first aid treatment.

In case you need hospitalization don’t stop yourself call someone who cares about you or get an uber or an ambulance based on suitability and reach a hospital for better treatment.

Once you receive the treatment and feel better file a police report about your grievance and then visit a law firm and explore your legal options, never hide anything from your lawyer as your attorney is the best person to help claim for damages.

Also one must avoid the people or organization you are suing for damages, avoid making any unnecessary comments or meet the opposite party attorney.

About Dolan Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan law

Before we start the topic of why one should opt for the Dolan law firm in case of facing a personal injury attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law and wishing to sue the person or organization liable we would like to start with a brief history of it.

Dolan law firm has been in operation for the last 30 years and is known to deal in cases involving personal injury, accidents, family law, and medical malpractice.

It was founded by John Dolan in 1986 and since then has grown in stature as it has been delivering its client big wins one after another.

It’s a dedicated law firm well known for its ethical ways of conducting its cases and is the best you can have in San Francisco.

Why Choose Dolan Firm Law: For Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan law

So if you are wondering why we recommend going to the Dolan Law firm for legal advice in case of a personal injury then you don’t need to wait anymore to find out why Dolan law firm is awesome in providing excellent legal advice and taking up your case to the jury for trial or settlement whichever suits your needs.

  • It’s known to have the best success rate in getting the best possible claim out of a personal injury case
  • Dolan Law Firm operates in multiple cities within the state of California which includes San Francisco and the Bay area of Oakland and in high volume  multiple branches allow it to take up cases in high volume
  • One gets a free initial consultation to decide the course of action you are looking to take in case of a personal injury
  • Dolan law firm boasts of many experienced lawyers who have years of experience in handling personal injury cases and the ability to get their client victory
  • Another advantage of going to a big and experienced law firm like Dolan is the creditability they hold, resources in terms of manpower and technology, and highly skilled as well as experienced lawyers to guide which ensures a near 100 percent win for your personal injury case.
  • In case you are not able to visit them due to the extensive severity of your personal injury or some personal commitment then Dolan law firm ensures to send one attorney right to your doorstep to handle your case.
  • Dolan Law firm has a great track record and is known to achieve the best settlement offer for you
  • As a part of your legal requirements, one also gets to make use of their biomechanics and economic experts who would help to determine what is the right amount of settlement one should go for by estimating the extent of financial, personal, and emotional loss suffered

These are the 8 main reasons or factors we recommend that if you face a personal injury attorney in San Francisco Dolan law then you must consult Dolan law firm for taking legal action.


What Types of Vehicle Collisions Will a Personal Injury Attorney Near Me Help with?

There is no exhaustive and specified list of vehicle collisions or accidents for which a lawyer can help as it depends on a case-by-case basis.
However, some of the major vehicle accidents which are under personal injury legal cases are:
a) Automobile or Motorbike accidents involving an illegal U-Turn, Left turn taken in front of another vehicle, road rage, etc.
b) Bicycle accidents involving reckless driving, overspeeding, etc.
c) Pedestrian Accidents

What are some of the common causes of personal injury?

Some of the major reasons you might face a personal injury are accidents on the road, house falling off, mishaps caused while playing, etc.

Final Words…

We have finally come to an end to our discussion on how to deal with a Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco Dolan Law caused by someone or some other organization’s reckless and negligent behavior and how to deal with the entire situation legally.

As we have been stressing the topic of how important it is to understand the legal terms around a personal injury and how to deal with such cases and get you the best settlement offer.

Hopefully, this article helps you in getting the required information and we would hope and pray you don’t face such a situation of personal injury which requires you to use the information provided through this article.

We would now look to bid goodbye to all our loyal and interested readers, stay safe and stay healthy as we would keep coming back with new and exciting articles soon.

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