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Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now 2022

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What are Penny Stocks?

The term penny stocks refer to the stocks of small companies trading at less than $5.

A few years back, the stocks trading at less than one dollar per stock were considered penny stocks, but the amendment was made by the US securities and exchange commission, and the amount was revised.

Most of the best penny stocks are traded through the OTC Bulletin Board, commonly known as over-the-counter transactions.

Why do companies trade Penny Stocks?

The best penny stocks help the companies get the public’s funds as the price is low and people invest good money here.

The companies further use this investment to gain access to the large markets where the stocks are worth more.

The penny stocks are highly volatile, so companies look for huge profit by trading the best penny stocks and offering them for sale to the public.

Which factors should be considered while buying penny stocks?

It would help if you did proper research before putting your money anywhere on the stocks.

The market knowledge is very important so you must know the past trends of the stocks of any specific company.

Always have a look at the price volatility of the specific stock. The best penny stocks are volatile, but they have a positive trend.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy

Best Penny Stocks

2021 is about to end, and unfortunately, the pandemic covered this whole year.

Since the vaccination, the drive has caught the pace, and the economies of all the major countries are recovering from the side effects of the pandemic.

It could be the best time for investing in various fields.

One of the profitable destinations for your investment could be the penny stocks, and it is the reality that the best penny stocks could make you grow richer in no time.

Just like cryptocurrencies, penny stocks also have the potential of giving huge profits with small investments.

As the high markets are increasing and becoming expensive, investment in the best penny stocks could be a reliable option.

The penny stocks have high volatility, and timing is very important to earn a good fortune out of these stocks.

So if you are a good finance manager of yours, penny stocks are for you, and you can gain a lot from it.

Although there are a lot of the best penny stocks in the market that have a good potential to become profitable, here we are going to discuss the important ones.

Based on past trends, market demand and expert’s advice, we are offering this data about the best penny stocks to buy in 2022.

Zinc8 Energy (ZAIRF)

Zinc8 Energy Solutions is one of the leading energy companies, and it can offer the best penny stocks for 2022.

They have used the best technology to improve the energy storage system in batteries. They plan to introduce a new system without needing to buy the fuel cells to store more power.

They will bring the innovation of installing a fuel tank to the batteries for increased power storage.

 As per the official announcement, they are going to take the test in March 2022, and based on these observations, we believe that a huge revenue will flow into this company due to this new technology.

An efficient energy storage system can increase the rates and produce the best penny stocks to buy.

 CymaBay Therapeutics (CBAY)

Due to the ongoing pandemic, one of the good sectors to search for the best penny stocks could be the biotech field.

CymaBay Therapeutics offers its services to patients suffering from metabolic diseases, and it is leading in its field.

In the recent month, they offered the pricing of the common stocks, and it gained the attraction of many investors.

Although CymaBay Therapeutics has no product, its lead candidate Seladelpar has many products in the market.

Due to these factors, experts are compelled to advise to invest in the stocks of this company, and the price target has been set up to $11.10, which means that it could give you again more than 150%.

ReWalk Robotics (RWLK)

ReWalk Robotics is a tech company, and it has all the potential to produce the best penny stocks for 2022.

ReWalk Robotics has expertise in designing the “Robotic Exosekelton”, which aids the person with back injuries in walking, standing straight, and turning.

They have another major product known as “ReStore”, which is used to treat people who have lower limbs disabilities due to any reason.

The company has announced that the FDA has approved their products, getting the “breakthrough status”.

Due to such helpful products and their approval, ReWalk Robotics has attracted huge revenues.

In Germany, insurance companies having more than 25 million clients agreed to cover the ReWalk Robotics, which is excellent news for the investors.

So, investing in this company’s shares could produce a huge benefit, and they could offer the best penny stocks for the year 2022.

 Sesen Bio (SESN)

Sesen Bio is another biotechnology company to produce the best penny stocks.

Sesen Bio is dealing with bladder cancer treatment, and it has created a lot of success stories.

As far stocks of Sesen Bio are concerned, its shares fell suddenly 50% when the FDA did not approve their bladder cancer treatment.

This was a setback to the company as the price was crashed in a single day.

At the moment, we are considering this in the list of best penny stocks because it is again in the talks with FDA, and this time the hopes are high that it will get approval.

If the approval is granted, it could be a profitable business to buy the stocks of Sesen Bio. Still, all this could be hugely risky, and any investor must keep an eye on the whole scene before making any investment.

eMagin Corporation (EMAN)

eMagin Corporation is one of the leading companies in OLED Microdisplays’ production with the potential to offer the best penny stocks in 2022.

On November 1, they have announced that they had developed the world’s brightest high-resolution OLED Microdisplay.

The COE of the company has also mentioned that they are working with another company to start the production at the commercial level.

We all know that Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality are the world’s future, and the company working in this field could be worth investing in.

Recently, eMagin Corporation has finalized the deal of providing high-resolution OLED Microdisplays to the Pentagon, and the deal has been ended at $33.6.

Such a huge deal has put a great impact on the stocks of the eMagin Corporation, and investors are looking towards it.

At this point, the shares for eMagin Corporation are highly undervalued, but they have great potential and prove themselves as the best penny stocks.

For the investors, it is recommended to keep an on eye here and make themselves up-to-date about any new news about the company.

PaySign (PAYS)

PaySign deals in plasma donation, and it has all the capacities to produce the best penny stocks in 2022.

We all know that companies or hospitals pay someone who donates the plasma.

PaySign prepaid gift cards to plasma donation centres and earn revenue through these prepaid cards.

During the pandemic, plasma donation became common, and this market hit the skies, and the same was the case with PaySign.

PaySign has forecasted that it will generate revenue up to $32 million during 2021 and later on, and if this is the case, it will become the best spot for investing.

As per the experts, the price target of PaySIgn is $4, which means that it has the potential of around 100% gain and has become one of the best penny stocks.

Senseonics (SENS)

Senseonics is another leading company that can produce the best penny stocks and profitable ones as well.

They are under discussion with the FDA for the approval of the Continuous Glucose Management System (CGM), and this approval can altogether change the stock situation of Senseonics.

During 2020 and 2021, the company suffered a huge setback due to the pandemic when people were forced to live in their houses due to lockdowns.

The patients became unable to access the doctors, and Senseonics’ sales were forcibly stopped.

Now when the vaccination drive is putting an apparent end to the pandemic, it is expected to go three times up as it was in 2020.

All the investors must keep their eye here on Senseonics as it could be one of the best penny stocks companies.

 Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we can say that there are a variety of options for the best penny stocks in 2022, and it depends on the investors how they want to play their side.

Penny stocks are a good option for investing money as they give you urgent profits due to high volatility.

While taking a few preventive measures, a good fortune can be earned through penny stocks.

Understanding the best penny stocks to buy is the key to success, and one who gets this key, makes his way to the destination.