Pacman 30th Anniversary
Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary | Everything You Need to Know

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Pacman 30th Anniversary

While I grew up one of the favorite games I liked to play was the Pacman.

Google brought this famous childhood game in 2010 on its 30th anniversary and promoted the game during the covid imposed lockdown through doodles asking people to safely stay at home and pass time by reliving their memories by playing Pacman.

On May 21, 2010, the day Pacman the famous and probably the first graphic user interface-based game turned 30, Google decided to put it on its homepage as a google doodle game.

Pacman was originally introduced to the world of gaming in the 1980s and since then has been one of the most loved and famous games to be played.

Recently as google introduced it in the Google Play store the game’s success has been growing sky high. 

By now I know all the Pacman gamers might be interested to know more about this famous game so we have prepared this exclusive content covering the Pacman 30th Anniversary and many more upcoming details you would like to know about.

What is Pacman / pacman doodle / Google Pacman ?

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman is a video game which is originally called Pluck man in Japan the country of its original inception.

It’s a maze action-based video game and was developed by a Japanese company called Namco for arcades and later released by Midway manufacturing in North America.

The gameplay involves one controlling the Pacman to traverse the maze and gobble up all the dots while avoiding 4 enemies or colored ghosts which are Blinky (red in color), Pinky (pink colored), Inly (Cyan colored), and Clyde (orange colored).

Pacman is a level-based game and as you eat all the dots without getting caught by the chasing ghosts you can advance to the next level which is more difficult than the previous.

The levels are indicated by fruit-shaped icons at the bottom of the screen. Pacman has several lives and if it’s eaten by a ghost it is one life is lost the game continues till all lives of the Pacman are not lost.

As the level increases the speed of the colored ghosts increases but as one reaches level 256 it becomes impossible to cross as due to an integer overflow the 256th level gameplay is not smooth and loads shabbily.

Pacman 30th Anniversary

One can eat the colored ghosts for bonus points if they can find and eat large flashing pellets called power pellets which leads to the change in color of the ghosts to blue indicating you can eat them and earn bonus points for that.

The game was developed with a thought process of attracting gamers of both genders as opposed to early video games which were male-centric and involved war, fighting, and violence and were not quite the games females usually like to play.

The development of the Pacman began in 1979 with a 9-member team under the guidance of Toru Iwatani. The original inspiration for the game’s character was a pizza with a slice removed but it then moved close to the Japanese character Kuchi. 

The developer gave special attention to making the in-game characters cute and colorful to get younger players to play it.

Pacman became an instant hit and was followed by a number of sequels, merchandise, and even 2 hit tv series made over the Pacman theme,

Further, you might be astonished to know that the character Pacman is the official mascot of Bandai Namco Entertainment which is a money-making franchise generating $14 billion annually.

Let’s now read more about Pacman 30th anniversary and how it was celebrated.

Pacman 30th anniversary full screen

There have been very few games that run for a decade leave alone 30 years. Pacman has been a legend in the gaming world as it has passed the test of time by going strong for 30 long years with an amazing number of people still enjoying this game despite minimal use of advanced graphics and sophisticated gameplay.

The game had been evolving through the last 30 years as it has seen its use being transferred from floppy disks to compact disks then pen drives and finally has been introduced in the android google Play store.

So what is so special about Pacman 30th anniversary milestone let’s throw some light on it.

Its popularity can be attributed to the legacy of being the first graphic user interface game introduced and despite numerous upgrades, it has been in the mix for the last 30 years and is bound to keep going strong in the future too.

The 30th anniversary of Pacman was celebrated in many styles and flares as the developers decided to surprise the fan with a new major edition of the Pacman game known as Pacman Championship edition 2.

This new version of Pacman has been a revelation as it brings with itself numerous changes over the classic version of Pacman, bringing in new skins, a new look, advanced features, bonus content, and many more eye-catching additions.

But this is not all the developers have announced they will be coming up with even more additional seasons and editions with more upgrades, advanced graphics, and newer forms of gameplay to keep the game more enticing, interesting, and enjoyable for Pacman gamers.

The developers are also working on creating a new remake version of the Pacman game which will available to all players soon. Play Pacman in full screen here

This sums up the Pacman 30th anniversary.

Pacman 30th anniversary google celebration

Pacman 30th Anniversary

So how do you think google celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Pacman, game google has made it available for one and all through google doodle.

So how to play it on google? Is it the question in your mind?

It’s simple just browse to and one just needs to press the insert coin button and be patient for a while for the Pacman google doodle game to start.

So how special is the Pacman google doodle game, the developers including Ryan Germick ensured that the original gameplay stays intact along with the sound effects and the bringing back ghost personalities.

They even kept the original game bugs intact to bring back the glory days and throw you off to the world of nostalgia while playing it.

There has been a new addition as well if the player throws in another coin, Miss Pacman a female version of the Pacman character joins the game and essentially evolves the game into a multiplayer game that you can play with your friend or anyone on this planet.

While the original character will be controlled by the arrow keys one can control Miss Pacman using the WASD buttons of your keyboard.  

We feel that the addition of the Pacman google doodle game has been a great addition as it makes playing this wonderful game very easy and a perfect way to celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary.

It enlightens the mood of one playing it and this makes life a bit easier to live with all the negativity going around one’s life as the game is very helpful in curing depressed souls and cheering up sad people by replacing negative thoughts with positive thinking.

So in a phrase, we would like to express our gratitude to google from the entire fraternity of Pacman players by saying thank You to google for adding the Pacman as a google doodle game and bringing cheers and happiness to everyone’s life. 

The Pacman logo is known to be the oldest logo for video games by google and to celebrate the Pacman 30th anniversary a special link was made active on 13th April 2010 almost a week before

Pacman 30th anniversary game: A Successful Event

If you are wondering was the 30th-anniversary celebration of Pacman was successful did people even bother about it?

Well, the event was a mega success with many people looking to play the game which became a part of google doodle and was later downloaded by many from the play store,

The 30th anniversary marked an important chapter in Pacman history with google being involved in the game’s management and as a Pacman lover do expect some more revamped and better versions of Pacman.

So yes the Pacman 30th anniversary was a successful event

Pacman: An inspiration to Many Games

Pacman brought a revolution in the gaming industry as it marked the beginning of graphic user-based games to hit the market and also encouraged game developers to move from the traditional male-centric violence and shooting-based games to more generic in nature games to soothe the mind and attract gamer of all genders and ages to it.

Miss Yang the main developer who led the team of 9 people to build this game died 5 years post its release, but her legacy is still alive through this game and has inspired the growth of video games in the years after.

And the revolution it created in the gaming industry is the reason behind we celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary.

4 Facts About Pacman: You Have Never Heard Before

So here we are with some of the best unknown facts about Pacman, lets us know it on the occasion of Pacman 30th Anniversary

  1. Fact 1: During the game’s inception the developer did not hear the word Pacman the first 4 letters of the original name of the game had to be changed due to legal reasons and hence the name Pacman which was actually never heard of before
  2. Fact 2: Pacman’s age of 30 makes it one of the oldest games and makes it one of the oldest games to survive such a long duration
  3. Fact 3: The Pacman game was created by a Japanese Toshio Iwatani and not Toru Iwatani
  4. Fact 4: The name of the game Pac man was changed from originally puck man after Namco became aware of the word Paku Paku which has a vulgar meaning in Japanese.

So these are some of the amazing truths about Pacman we bet you have never heard or read before but we decided our readers must be curious to know about Pacman more on the Pacman 30th anniversary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to play Pacman 30th Anniversary in full screen?

The developers are working on creating a new remake version of the Pacman game which will be available soon. But you can Play Pacman in full screen here

How to play Pacman’s 30th anniversary?

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary google celebrated with the Pacman game being available to all as the google doodle game in its browser.
To access it open your Google Chrome Browser and type in “Pacman” from your search bar to get a view of the Google Doodle

What happens once you reach level 256 in Pacman?

At level 256 the game does not load and function properly and hence it’s effectively the highest level that a player can achieve playing in Pacman. It’s actually a glitch in the original game and not a defined end level to reach.

final Words…

So did you relive your childhood days when playing Pac-Man was your favorite video game?

I agree there have been many high graphics and advanced games which are lucrative to play but I am sure on the occasion of the Pacman 30th anniversary you would have loved to read about the game and also be excited at Google’s initiative to revive the sentiments of Pacman universe on the Pacman 30th anniversary with the specially curated google doodle.

The game has been an absolute masterpiece considering the technology and time when it was developed.

Now would like to wrap up our content on Pacman 30th anniversary as we bid farewell to our readers, and we do promise to come back again with new articles of your liking so that your coffee breaks never go without an article from us to read for.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the article and would like to read new articles in the future.

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