Make Money Writing Short Stories

How to Make Money Writing Short Stories | Top 7 Ways

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Writing is an art, and in the past, people used to do writing to fulfill their passion.

Nowadays, the time has changed, and you can earn a good fortune by writing and publishing it online.

Story writing is a vast field of content writing, and if you have the talent for writing short stories, you have a lot of good news.

You can make money writing short stories, and there are unlimited options for you to strive in this field and earn a handsome sum.

Story writing has a huge scope as many book lovers love to read short stories.

Especially the school going children are advised to read the good stories based on the inspiring topics.

So writing short stories have good potential, and in this article, we will tell you the best options to make money writing short stories.

Top Platforms for Writing Short Stories


AGNI is an American literary magazine founded in 1972, and this platform is one of the best where you can make money writing short stories.

AGNI magazine accepts short stories, essays, and poetry, and if your content is good enough, it will get a place in the yearly or weekly magazine.

The procedure is quite simple, and you just need to submit your short story through the official website of AGNI after making your account, and their panel will take some time to check it.

Once it is approved for publishing, they will contact you back with the good news, and you will have to be patient as they take some time to respond.

AGNI is normally paying $10 per story/essay, and their finance department will guide you the best regarding money transfer.

So, a story writer must give AGNI a chance and try their luck here.

The Sun Magazine

the sun magazine, Make Money Writing Short Stories

If you want to make money writing short stories, The Sun Magazine is an amazing option for you.

Sun Magazine accepts short stories, essays, and poetry, and if you are talented enough, you must try your luck here.

It is to be mentioned that your content must be impressive, well-researched, and engaging for the audience; otherwise, it will not be accepted by their panel.

Whenever your short story is ready, you can visit the website of Sun magazine and submit it.

Sun Magazine normally pays between $300 to $2000 for different types of content and quality.

If you have any confusion, you can also call them by getting the number from their website.

One Story Magazine

All the story writers have another great option in One Story magazine to make money writing short stories.

One Story has its fame in publishing fictional stories, and if you have the talent for writing fiction, One Story could be your dream destination.

This magazine generally accepts stories in the word range 3000 and 8000, and the submission procedure is quite simple.

You can simply make a free account on One Story, and once your story is ready, you can submit it on the website.

The maximum time for their team to respond is three months, and within this time, you will get all the details regarding publishing.

One Story is looking for content that has never been published, but they accept the content posted outside North America in special cases.

Once you submit your story, you can check the status by visiting your account, and once it is published, One Story magazine has an amazing offer of up to $500.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is one of the famous platforms for story writers to make money writing short stories.

Reader’s Digest is different from other platforms because it normally accepts true stories, and fiction is not allowed here.

So, if you have different experiences in your life and know how to convert them into words, Reader’s Digest is for you.

It is published in 22 countries of the world, and it has all the potential of providing you with a side income.

Reader’s Digest’s policies are easy to follow, and you can even write a story of 500 words here, and upon publishing, they will pay you the $100.

The procedure for submitting the stories is the same as other platforms where you can submit the content for review through the official website of Reader’s Digest.


Zizzle provides an exciting option to make money writing short stories, and many story writers are associated with it.

Zizzle usually publishes stories for kids and adults, and they welcome talented writers from all over the globe.

Zizzle does not have any strictness over the number of words, and you can write the stories starting from 500 words.

When you visit the website of Zizzle, you will see a submission portal on the front page, and you can submit the stories through this portal.

The short story should be of good quality as the editorial team of Zizzle will have a detailed analysis of your content.

They do not have any specific time of review, but the team will contact you once your content is reviewed.

Zizzle also arranges different kinds of writing contests, and you can take part in them to earn a variety of cash gifts.

Zizzle generally pays $100 for one published story, which is not a bad amount, and if you have experience writing short stories, you must avail this amazing option.

Take a Break

Take a Break is a British women’s magazine, and it can help you make money writing short stories.

Take a Break magazine is published every week so being a good story writer, you have a good chance to make your place here.

This is a family magazine, so you will have to choose the topics wisely, and you can contact the editorial team of Take a Breakthrough on their website.

The team will guide you about all the recommended topics, and they will also provide you with some sample stories to have all the ideas about the stories.

Take a Break is a famous platform, so write the best content and then submit it for review.

Once the story is published, they can pay you up to $2000.

Freelancing Platforms

Not only are the magazines and websites the place where you can make money writing short stories, but you also have various freelancing platforms.

All the freelancing platforms are full of those people who need short stories related to different topics, and as a story writer, you must join these platforms.

If you want to work on Fiverr, you will have to make a gig about your story writing skills, and you must present your abilities in your gig in the best way.

The buyers will come to you, and you can make a deal with your client and earn as much as you can.

Upwork is another famous freelancing platform to start working as a story writer.

Upwork is different from Fiverr in that interested people post their projects here, and you have to bid on it.

So you can search for short stories projects and bid on the one which looks interesting to you.

Once you get a response from the client, you can set the budget for the project and start earning.

As a writer, you must show your presence on these freelancing platforms and others.

Freelancing platforms can give you a career in this field as you will keep getting orders once your account is ranked.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say that the time had gone when you were writing stories just for the sake of your passion.

This is a time when you can make money writing short stories, and not only the money, but you can make your career in this field at the same time.

You need to find the right platforms for publishing your content and start sending your stories to them.

We have mentioned some of the best options for you to start earning by writing short stories, and you can further check all these platforms and choose the best for you.


What kind of story writing should I do to earn money?

You can write all types of stories like fiction, non-fiction, scientific, true stories, etc.

What is an average length of a good short story?

Although we have no rule, a story between the words ranges from 1500 to 10000 is good and comprehensive.

Does story writing have a scope for freelancing?

Yes, it has a very good scope, and you can find a myriad of requests on Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing platforms regarding short story writing.

How do the companies pay you for writing stories?

All the companies have different policies for payments. Many companies do bank transfers or checks, and some prefer other payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, etc.

Can I send one story to different websites for publishing?

This is not recommended as if one website/magazine publishes your story, the other will reject it, which will make a bad impression. So always try to send one report to one website.