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How To Make Money On Discord – 10 Weird Tricks

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There is no way to expect every reader to be familiar with the concept of discord. Am I right?

But if you are familiar with it then 3 main questions arise from your presence here on this blog: 

  1. Either you are passionate about gaming and wish to monetize it 
  2. Or you might be a fan of a gamer who is on discord
  3. Or obviously, someone who eagerly wants to learn how to make money on discord.

Today, in this article, on behalf of gamers worldwide, I would like to thank “Discord” for making our lives easier and better in so many ways.

To those of you wondering why I am being so thankful for discord, and also those who are not familiar with this amazing world, let me introduce it to you and show you how easy it is to make money on discord. 

We will also discuss why discord is so popular and what can you do to make money on discord?  

What Is Discord

If you are an avid gamer who plays or streams online games a lot, then you must have encountered the following two issues:

  • Game-related communication issues 
  • The game could not be organized to make it possible for all participants to participate.  

In a nutshell, “Discord” refers to a gaming program. Or to put it another way, this is Skype for gamers.

Platforms like this let you communicate privately via servers that you can use to talk and text with other users. 

Considering how large some of the discord servers are, one might wonder how one can make money through the platform.

Thus, one must make use of all the benefits the platform offers.

We have compiled 10 easy ways to make money on discord. Keep reading, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  

10 Ways To Make Money On Discord 

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Besides other things, gamers, in particular, are fascinated by  “how to make money on discord”. It doesn’t matter if it is an economically viable prospect or not.

Happily, the answer is “Yes, it is possible to make money on discord” as well as 10 different ways to do so, which we will explore in-depth in today’s article.

Take your earning potential to a new level by putting these 10 simple ideas to the test. 

Allow Donations From Supporters Of Your Channel

If you have a large following, people are already appreciating your work, so there is every chance that some of them will be willing to donate to you financially. 

Give these benevolent members of the community an opportunity to contribute by receiving donations. You can accept contributions easily.

We’ll show you two methods to accept donations. 

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make use of the “Donate Bot”. If you haven’t heard of it. Relax, it’s not hard to use.

We are pleased to announce that Discord has just introduced the “donate bot”, which gives server owners the capability of receiving donations in return for server ownership.

You don’t need to know any coding to do this, and server owners don’t have to pay for it. 

Payments will be processed through Paypal and server owners can withdraw their funds immediately. The payout process will be faster and smoother.     

As a second option, you can ask your supporters to support you by linking them to your PayPal account or creating a Patreon account.  

There is no requirement that your organization must be non-profit in order to receive donations.

Simply let people know that their donations won’t qualify as a tax deduction. 

Create A Paid-Only Server

Organize your resources and services within a multitude of servers, irrespective of whether they are free or paid.

Discord enables the users running servers on the platform the ability to charge a monthly subscription fee to access creator channels. 

You must keep the free server up and running, after that all you have to do is create another server exclusive for premium users with additional features and benefits aimed at making their experience more enjoyable. 

On Discord, community owners can demand a monthly subscription ranging from $3 to $100 for premium services, including the right to access private channels otherwise exclusive to those who do not subscribe. 

On the other hand, if you have both paid and free sections in one server, then you might be able to manage it more efficiently.

I think that it’s a good idea to be able to create new servers on Discord since it’s so easy to set one up and it’s free.

Create A Patreon Supporter-Only Server

As long as you are an expert in your field and have a Patreon account, you will also have access to Patreon benefits on Discord. 

Having greater access to your and the other members’ expertise and knowledge in your community may be appreciated by some of your members if you are thought-leaders or experts in your field.

Within your discord server, you can create areas reserved for members who are providing support.

When someone makes a yearly or monthly contribution, they are entitled to use the special member area, allowing them to communicate directly with the team and receive prompt responses. 

Alternatively, this area can be used for posting tips, guides, announcements, or any other type of information you would not normally post elsewhere.

However, you should ensure that the content you provide is of high value to your audience and provides the information they want.

Subscribe To A Discord Ad Network

Discord advertising networks are now available similar to websites.

You simply need to create an account on their website with all details related to your company, add their bot to Discord, set up the server and establish the ad rates, and get started. 

Your server can be customized in a number of ways to make it work best with their service.

Attract Business Sponsorships

All businesses desire “Exposure”. Businesses can gain exposure in many ways.  Having a community with a high level of popularity will make you a desirable target, as businesses will be interested in connecting with you. 

Be aware to deal with unscrupulous businesses who attempt to enter free of charge, asking for money in exchange for access. 

When you give businesses your support an opportunity to market their products or services to your users through your platform.

you have the opportunity to make a lot of money and give your members a much better experience. 

It is possible to do this in many different ways so as to ensure you’re able to reap the rewards, besides advertisers, for years to come.

It would be a great idea for businesses to have their own space that enables them to showcase their goods and services while also answering questions. 

You can also automate the promotion of your affiliates by setting up bots.   

Build A Bot With A Wide Range Of Features

Using bots on Discord is not only fun and useful, but it also adds value to your channel. What about creating a bot that makes you money while helping your community?

A bot can be made to serve the needs of the community as a whole and be charged accordingly.

Alternatively, you can create a bot that includes complementary capabilities and then make use of a few features for which you are required to pay.

Offering a free-to-use service can help you gain trust from potential users. 

The bot can be created by the programmer himself, or you can hire somebody to create it for you on different freelance marketplaces.

But if you are a programmer, there are tons of ways to make money from coding.

Organize Paid Gaming Contests

The desire to win is universal when you host a contest, and most people would be willing to put down a couple of bucks in hopes of skyrocketing their investment. 

Organizing a contest to showcase your talents will be exciting for many people in your community, and they will not be hesitant to pay just a few dollars to take part in the contest.

It’s even possible to give prizes to the top three finishing participants to encourage participation. 

It can be difficult to come up with contest ideas at times, but you can simply ask the community of your server what they would be interested in participating in. 

Charge Other Discord Servers Advertisement Fees

Many other discord servers can be found online which they might find appealing if they are looking for ones not directly in competition with yours.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if they paid you to advertise their community to yours? 

Maybe your server has a bigger following than others and you want to ease their envy by offering a helping hand, for free, of course.

Take a moment to reflect on the number of other discord servers you have joined yourself.

It’s simply a matter of thinking about other servers you’ve joined or would like to join that share your community’s interests. 

Discord server owners can contact each other about advertising opportunities. 

Another option is available, as well as an amazing one. Offer them a trade advertisement arrangement. 

  • Their advertisements promote your server and yours promote theirs. 

Provide Valuable Affiliate Products To Your Server Members

When it comes to buying products, everyone wants to buy the ones they love And probably a lot.

How about digging a little deeper to find out what their favorite products are and connecting them with products that earn you commissions?

It’s possible to work out a commission agreement between you and the product manufacturer in the event that someone purchases from your server. 

A simple strategy would be to create a resource center, accessible from your website, that contains recommended products.

Suppose you are a gamer, you could create a collection of your favorite equipment and promote it through Amazon’s affiliate program.

You can then share this equipment list with your community, and once they click this link and purchase this equipment, the commission is yours.  

Lead Visitors Toward A Paid Site

In the event that Discord is somewhat limited, there is always the option of setting up your own site to offer information, tutorials, and product suggestions as a means of getting paid. 

Now, it’s easy to create websites, as the ability to create paid areas for members with the assistance of plugins is no longer an issue.

You can start by finding out what assistance you can grant, then come up with something and profit from it.

So, these were some of the easiest ways to make money on discord. If you have a story about how you make money on Discord, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments.


Can girls make money on discord?

Yes, you can always make money on discord. Earning on discord does not go along with gender. If you have expertise in something you can always get a server, gather a community there, and earn money on discord by the top 10 ways that we have mentioned here. 

Is it possible to get paid for creating discord servers?

The owner of the discord server can now be paid with the public checkout link. Owners of servers can choose which roles they wish to offer, how much they charge, and where they would like to receive payment with the donate bot panel.

How much do Discord owners make?

No, owners of discord servers do not get paid automatically. However, there are top 10 easy ways to make money on discord only if users are willing to contribute to the owner or if there is an external service like Patreon that allows users to make donations.