how to make money from your phone

How to make money from your phone? || 6 Best Ways

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How to make money from your phone? || 6 Best Ways

After the invention of smartphones, people are spending plenty of hours with their mobile. And, we know that you are also one of them.

These days, mobile phones have become one of the best partners.

So, why not utilize some part of that time to make money from the phone. Shocked! It’s true, digital transformation has made everything possible.

So, this article will help you to know how to make money from your phone.

Most people are now eager to work digitally more either as a primary source of income or as a side income.

As per one of the studies, nearly 60 million US citizens are now working as freelancers. Believe me, there are various ways to earn money from phone and this will offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime.

All you need to start is an Internet connection in your mobile phone and there is no need to mention that the Internet is also readily available nowadays.

No matter whether you are an Android owner or an iPhone owner, it’s always possible to make money from phone.

Let’s start with the ways that can help you to generate some extra cash!

How to make money without a job? | Ways to make money from phone

Here we go with the top six best ways to make money from the phone:-

Selling various items

One of the easiest ways to make money online from your phone is by selling various items.

Your earning will depend on various factors like quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and also shipping cost required.

The best part is that you can empty your cupboard with various apps that allow you to sell old stuff.

So, you will enjoy dual benefits by following this way to make money from your phone. Some of the best apps include:

  • Foap or Agora Images – Do you love photography? Then, snap pictures with your phone and sell those images on these apps. You can sell any kind of photo through these apps. Moreover, Foap also shares these images with its partners ‘Adobe’ and ‘Shutterstock’ that increases the chances of your photos getting sold. Coming to Agora Images, it doesn’t have any commission or fees to sell the images. It also ensures to retain the rights of your images.
  • Poshmark – Sell your used clothes and make money online. Isn’t it mind-blowing! Poshmark allows you to do that. All you need to do is to take pictures of those clothes and post them for sale here. Poshmark does charge some commission for selling your clothes but still, you can earn a lot by clearing your closet.
  • Decluttr – After the clothes, you may also want to sell some unwanted books, games, CDs, DVDs, or other tech stuff. This you can easily accomplish through Decluttr. The items will be evaluated and you will get the price right in front of you instantly. It also offers a timeline of 28 days to accept or reject.
make money from your phone
  • BookScouter – This one allows you to sell your old textbooks if you have any. Just make sure to have the ISBN on the back cover because BookScouter analyzes it and the condition to display the price. There are no shipping charges, so that will not impact the amount you will get.
  • eBay – How can anyone forget this popular name when we are talking about selling old items. Though you may be more familiar to use the website, the mobile app is also enough to sell any unwanted items and to make money from phone.

Surveys or focus groups

Make money online from your phone by filling out online surveys, joining focus groups, or involving in some other testing activities.

A lot of startup companies or new apps want people to test their product as an end-user and post their feedback for which they pay too. It’s an easy way to add some extra cash to your pocket. Some of the popular mobile apps are:

  • uTest – This is a user testing platform where you can find several projects related to the creation of bug reports or usable testing reports.
  • The amount of time to complete these tasks will vary and the payment will be based on the work quality. With this uTest, you can earn $3 to $50 by working regularly which can even go up to $100 if you spend some more hours.
  • Survey Junkie – As you can understand from the name, it’s a site where you can earn money by filling up surveys on various topics. With the completion of each survey, you will earn points that can be redeemed to either cash or gift cards. The best part is that you can earn points while traveling or anytime you want.
how to make money from you phone
  • UserTesting – It allows you to provide your feedback after testing certain digital products. For every 20-minute test, you can make $10 which gets added to your PayPal account. However, you will find a few projects per week but it’s okay to earn some extra money, however less it is.
  • i-Say – This allows you to earn money in various ways like surveys, contest participation, or by referring your friends. The points earned can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or Visa prepaid cards.
  • Pinecone Research – It is also popular for generating some extra income by product testing and completing surveys based on that. For every research, you will get $3 which may not seem a large amount but you can make much by completing multiple surveys.

Earn through Investments

The way of earning money through your investments doesn’t require much explanation. Countless investment apps can help you to achieve a state of financial independence.

So, make money from your phone by downloading these investment apps and securing your future. The best investment apps include:

  • Betterment – If you want to enjoy the combo of both investment and savings, then this mobile app can help you to a large extent. Financial goals can be set up using this app and an investment plan can be prepared to reach that goal. It also allows you to set an automatic monthly deposit so that you no longer need to remember about it.
make money from your phone
  • Robinhood – This is also one of the popular investment apps that let you invest without worrying about any kinds of commission fees. It is mainly used for smart investments like stock trading or funds. The best part is that you can also buy a fractional share instead of buying a full one.
  • Acorns – It’s a great app that works by rounding up all your purchases and automatically investing the difference. Acorns also allow you to earn some extra cash if you do shopping with its select partners.

Make money from phone by playing games, watching videos

If you have a smartphone, it’s a common thing that you play games or watch videos of different topics.

Do you know that you can use these to make money online? Various companies pay you for watching videos, playing games, or even for surfing the web.

You will not make much money from these but you can earn some money through these entertainment options.

  • Slidejoy – Just watch and interact with ads, Slidejoy will pay you for that. You can also get points by rejecting an advertisement. All these points can be redeemed through PayPal easily.
  • Mistplay – You can earn rewards by playing games in this mobile app. With each level up, you will get Units that can be redeemed to gift cards from several companies like Amazon, iTunes, etc.
make money from your phone
  • Viggle – We are all aware of the popular platform ‘Netflix.’ And, this app will help you to earn rewards by watching TV on these streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. These rewards can be exchanged for merchandise offered by Viggle or you can also use them for gift cards.
  • InboxDollars – Not only surveys, but this app will also reward you for watching videos, playing games, or reading emails. Besides receiving cash, you can also enjoy several cashback offers or coupons for online shopping.
  • SlicethePie – This app helps you to get some cash by listening to music. You need to listen to a song for 90 seconds and then rate it and also write a review. Writing more detailed reviews will help you to earn some more money.

Earn by shopping

Nowadays, online shopping has become the new trend and we all do that.

It is because people can make a lot of savings by shopping online due to the various offers and discounts that they receive.

Certain shopping apps help you to get some more offers on those purchases. Such related shopping apps are:

  • Ibotta – This is an interesting app that can help you to earn cash backs on your purchases. You need to select the offers as per your interest and complete the tasks related to those offers. Then purchase the thing that you want and then send the receipt to get your cash back as per the offers.
  • Mobee – There is no need to buy any items for earning rewards through this mobile app. While browsing the shopping stores, you can take some photos or answer a few questions to earn rewards. Upon completion of the task, you can redeem the rewards in the form of gift cards.
make money from your phone
  • Paribus – It is such an app that ensures you don’t pay extras for an item that you buy. Paribus does that by scanning the recent purchases and keeping track of the prices afterward. Once the price drops for that item, you will get a refund of the extra money that you paid earlier.
  • Swagbucks – This app allows you to earn rewards in various ways such as through online shopping, watching videos, or taking surveys. That will help you to earn points that can be converted to gift cards or as cash through PayPal.

Gigs or Freelancing Services

This is the most promising way to make money online and you can make it your full-time or a part-time income source.

You don’t need to be a data scientist for getting a freelancing job. A gig job can be easily achieved with whatever skills you possess.

  • Fiverr – One of the most popular freelancing platforms online is Fiverr. You can think of it as a marketplace for freelancers in countless niches, beginning from digital marketing to programming. The services that you offer can also be posted on this marketplace so that clients can find you if their needs match your profile. Based on your offered services, your earning can vary by selling your expertise and knowledge.
  • Upwork – Almost similar to Fiverr, Upwork is also a place where you can find freelancing work if you have expertise in computer-related skills. It takes a certain percentage of your client revenue but still, you can make a decent amount of money through this freelancing site. Whether you are a graphic designer or have expertise in the field of marketing, Upwork can be a blessing for adding extra money.
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  • Gigwalk – This helps you to get some quick jobs in your location. All you need to do is to apply to a gig of your interest and complete that task. Once it gets customer approval, you will get your payment deposited in the PayPal account.
  • JustAnswer – Through this site, you can deliver your opinions and advice to the users in the field of engineering, technical, or law. So, delivering your knowledge and expertise in JustAnswer can help you to generate a new and side income source.
  • Solidgigs – It is a kind of freelancing marketplace but the approach is a bit different than other similar ones. Solidgigs acts as an extension to your search because it looks for the best gigs that match your profile and then sends you email notifications.

Final Thoughts…

Through this article, we have tried to explain various ways for how to make money from your phone.

Hope now, you can understand that your smartphone can open doors for different opportunities than just texting or chatting with friends and snapping photos.

Following the right strategy and tactics, you can earn money from your phone. Indeed, you can’t make a primary income source with these ways but add some extra money as a side income source.

We hope that you have found this article quite interesting and helpful. Try out several ways to increase your overall side income.

Thanks, keep smiling!