Is Black desert Online Good
Is Black desert Online Good

Is Black Desert Online Good? || 6 Best Reasons

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Is Black Desert Online Good BDO

Do you also enjoy playing fantasy games or MMORPG games? Well if you like playing online fantasy games there is one for you to try and it is called BDO abbreviated as Black Desert Online.

Many MMORPG online gamers who haven’t played this game always have a question in their mind “is black desert online good?” and If it is good what is so special about BDO which makes it so special.

Well we have your queries covered in this article as we also address other leading questions regarding BDO ad these questions are

  • 1) is black desert online pay to win?
  • 2) is black desert online free
  • 3) does black desert online have a subscription
  • 4) is black desert online good

You can read more about BDO in this article below, simply keep scrolling down and unlock the mysteries of BDO and you will get to know the answer to Is Black Desert online good.

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About The Game: Black Desert Online (BDO)

Is Black Desert Online Good

So let’s first know more about this game. BDO is a Korean game developed by a Korean Video game developer Pearl Abyss.

It was originally created and published for Microsoft Windows in the year 2015. It’s a fantasy online multiplayer role-playing-based game and its Xbox and PlayStation version were released in 2019.

It’s in fact it is free to play a game in most areas of the globe except somewhere you need to buy the game.


The game is a sandbox fantasy game and the main objective is to build an empire, so it involves multiple gameplay actions like shooting, fishing, collecting resources like woods, precious metals mining, etc.

One also gets to make strategies against events like war, battle, local disasters, etc. It also allows players to build houses customize them and allow to equip defenses, furniture, etc.

The game also includes dynamic day and night patterns with different situations according to the time of the day. The gameplay also includes local weather and may cause rainfall, fog, etc.

The game thus provides the players with an enhanced gaming experience which has several real-life factors included in the gameplay making it one of the best online fantasy games.

The game has high picture quality and has been developed with the backstory of the conflict between 2 neighboring rival empires the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia.

In this game, Calpheon is a province with high spirituality and the kingdom of Valencia is a materialistic province.

The game’s storyline shows a peaceful period with 4 kingdoms Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah however things change, and anarchy prevails due to death by a disease spread by merchants of Valencia in the south of mediah.

And the reason for the epidemic was some black stones that were found in the province of Mediah which controlled trading.

What follows is an alliance between Calpheon, Serendia, and Balenos to fight a long battle of 30 years against the mediah, but after the win, things again start falling apart as the fighting started to grab the precious black stones.

Why Is Black Desert Online Good?

Is Black Desert Online Good

Many gamers who have not played this gorgeous game often wonder whether the game is worth playing if black desert online free to play or does black desert online have a subscription that I need to pay for.

To answer all your questions yes it’s worth it, free to play with no online subscriptions required but why is Black desert Online good, we have researched and found the top reason which makes it a fantastic game to play.


One of the main reasons why gamers become addicted to playing Black desert online (BDO) is the fantastic gameplay it provides to its players.

Full of action and adventure with multiple things to do and explore within the game is what just makes you keep playing for hours.

The realistic action of real-life based activities like housing, fishing, collecting resources and refining them to make goods, trading, preparing for battles, and defending your province.

The graphics of the game is simply fantastic with smooth shooting and action-based events making this game a must-play for all gamers globally.

The game also incorporates any local weather change like fog or rainfall and includes real life events like cyclones, war, etc.


One aspect of any multiplayer game a player looks into is the availability of other players to play with and even after 5 years of release Black desert online (BDO) has been growing stronger with each passing year.

It witnessed a huge surge of new players in 2021 with a nearly 300% rise in new players, thus we can clearly see how the game has been alive and sparkling with new players even after 5 years of being released and thus passing the test of time with flying colors.


One of the best things about BDO is the vastness it allows a player to explore which keeps the game exciting and worth putting your time into gaming and playing black desert online (BDO).

The game map covers huge areas thus allowing players new things to do over the years and stay engaged in the game.

  1. Variety in Options

One reason for the longevity of Black Desert Online (BDO) and is ever growing player base is the variety of characters one gets to play the game with it,

in fact, BDO developers keep adding new players from time to time which means a player can play the game till finished again and again with new characters.

  1. Constant Upgrades

In addition to new characters being introduced the game also keeps upgrading the gameplay by updating the old characters with new skills, adding new maps and regions, and adding new events to play. 

Season pass: It also has game seasons which requires buying a pass to play the events included in a season to play some exciting mini-games within the games and earn better rewards.

  1. Multiple Things to Do:

Often games like racing and shooting game have limited actions to do and hence may become boring after some time but with Black desert online it’s different.

As a gamer one can experience a journey of a lifetime in this game which provides real-life gaming actions like housing, fishing, collecting precious metals, defending your territory, war, and battling against natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes, and floods.

In short, there is a lot to do in this game that engages and addicts a player to its gameplay for days and hence the level of addiction players get into playing in the game determines is black desert online good.


Is Black Desert Online a beginner friendly game?

Yes, it’s a good game for even beginners and is one of the main reasons new players turning to play BDO more in the last few years. The game allows new player to competitive gameplay and one can even compete against pro players.

how much space does bDO occupy in my computer once installed

Black desert online is game with high level of graphics and hence occupies 39 GB of memory in the installed device.

Final Words..

Kudos!!!!! So we have completed reading the exclusive content on BDO which covers the question of is black desert online good as we explain through the game’s dynamic gameplay, backstory, and action sequences throughout the article

The aim of this article was to help new gamers understand the worth of playing black desert online and how good it is and help them to know the answers to questions like whether is free to play, requires a paid membership, etc.

Hopefully, you had a nice time reading this exclusive article and would be helpful in answering your question about is black desert online good.

One thing we would like to warn our readers about is the level of addiction this game indulges one into.

Since the game is so good and its gameplay allows a lot of activities and requires a lot of time many a time players become addicted to playing leaving aside education or important work.

We warn you to have a planner and timetable to ensure you do not end up playing the game 16 hours a day, take breaks and play for a limited hour per day as gaming is good for relaxation but addiction to a game can destroy your life too.

Feel free to revisit our website we often turn out with new articles and content about various topics and online gaming and do check the Also Read section to find out more about online gaming and interesting reads about Black Desert Online (BDO).

Hopefully, we will soon find you again reading and enjoying some good articles !! Stay healthy stay safe and keep gaming but keep in mind not to get addicted to the game and only paly in a sustainable manner… Adios !!!

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