How to play Weddle Game? Best 5 Reasons

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How to play Weddle Game?

The cult word game, namely the ‘Wordle game’ has gained immense popularity throughout the globe. Due to this popularity, it has expanded to the NFL with Weddle game now.

This may sound a bit weird to you. However, it’s nothing but only a similar kind of game that has been developed with advanced features.

In this guide, you will get to learn all bits and pieces of the Weddle game ranging from what it is to the entire process of playing the Weddle game.

This popular game is named after Eric Weddle and was developed by only two high-school students in a mundane biology class. As described by the creators, one of them developed the website and handles all the bugs or updates. On the other hand, the other creator has the responsibility to run social media.

What is Weddle NFL Wordle game?


Wordle is a simple web-based word game. Though it started as only a small game, fans started loving it and thus it gained worldwide popularity in the initial months of 2022.

Gradually, it was acquired by the New York Times and it is played there now.

From this, Weddle was created because of its similarity to the Wordle game. It just requires your NFL knowledge and testing it during your spare time. The biggest difference between Wordle and Weddle games is that here, you need to guess the name of an NFL player.

As mentioned earlier, the Weddle game has been named after Eric Weddle, who came out of his retirement season to assist the Los Angeles Rams to win Super Bowl LVI. He retired for the second time after this victory. Let’s know more about him in the next sub-section.

Who is Weddle?

Eric Steven Weddle was an American football safety spending 14 years in the National Football League (NFL). Then, at the University of Utah, he was a consensus All-American and then drafted in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers.

During this period, he played nine seasons out of which he received three Pro Bowl selections and two first-team All-Pro awards.

With all this, the developers named the Weddle game after him.

How to play Weddle game?


The principle of this Weddle NFL Wordle game is quite simple to follow. To play this game, you will only have eight attempts for guessing a 5-letter word. There are three colors of squares in the game. Among them, green ones represent the correct letter in the correct location.

Yellow squares define the correct letter in the incorrect location while gray color indicates that it is not the word all in all.

  • You need to follow a simple rule where you need to guess the NFL player’s name in as less number of attempts as possible.
  • The answers will consider only the wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends.
  • Depending on how near your guess is, the tile colors will change.
  • If the tile colors change to green, it indicates a match in any column.
  • In the division column, the yellow color represents the proper conference but not the correct division.
  • It also indicates that the accurate number is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the player’s height, age, and weight.

Hence, the Weddle game follows almost a similar kind of format to the Wordle game. In the normal mode, the players will get eight attempts to guess the name of the NFL player.

Out of all these guesses, you need to blindly commit to the first and foremost guess. However, you can also consult the game’s handy drop-down list to guess the name of the player.

Once you are done with the first guess, the game has been designed to show the team, division, position, height, age, and jersey number too.

As mentioned earlier, if you are right, then the color changes to green while it will change to yellow if you are almost near the answer.

The player names of the solution will only include the pool of current players in the normal mode. This narrows the chances down to Wide Receivers, Running Blocks, Quarterbacks, and Tight ends solely.

Besides the normal mode, there is a hard mode present in the game too. But, the entry to the hard mode will be dependent on your completion in the normal mode.

In the hard mode, you will get ten chances in all instead of the eight in the normal mode.

Here, the kickers and punters are also included which implies that the solution player will be a current player in any position on both sides of the ball.

Here, the yellow color defines the right position of the ball, defense, offense, or special teams in the position column.

Official link of the game –

The Wordle spin-off has become the most popular among all football lovers. Similarly, the Weddle NFL Wordle game has also attracted a lot of players across the globe.

You can click on the link to directly land on the Weddle game and enjoy as much as possible solving those puzzles. Just click the above-hyperlinked word and dive into the world of joy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

What is a Weddle NFL Wordle game?

In your spare time, you can put all your NFL knowledge to the test with this Weddle game. Here, you need to guess the name of an NFL player in as less attempts as possible.

Who is Weddle?

Eric Steven Weddle was a football player in the NFL where he spent 14 seasons. For more details, you can refer to the above section where we have discussed briefly him

How Weddle is named after?

This Weddle game is named after the popular football player, Eric Steven Weddle.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have liked this guide on the process of playing the Weddle game. We have tried to include all the minute details about the game so that you can play it easily.

You just need a bit of your NFL knowledge to play and enjoy this game. You can easily visit the official site mentioned above in this guide to gear up and utilize your NFL knowledge to test.

Feel free to comment below for any queries!

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