How to make money with Adobe Photoshop
How to make money with Adobe Photoshop

How to make money with Adobe Photoshop || Best 10 Ideas

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How to make money with Adobe Photoshop

People are often frustrated and worried about issues like rising inflation, loss of jobs, low increment, delayed promotion, etc.

which affects their financial goals and makes them sacrifice their dreams.

Are you one of these people who feel an extra source of income would have been great? An extra skill if acquired could have been beneficial for you to make some extra payment every month? We will answer these questions for you in this article.

The rise of the internet has unlocked several avenues to making money online and fulfilling your dreams.

One of the top skills one can easily learn and make money is through Adobe Photoshop.

But it sounds strange it is just a photoshop app and many can learn it how will I make money by using and learning it,

Well, don’t ponder about how to make money with Adobe photoshop as you will all the details on learning this tool for enhancing your finances and making money.

Let’s first know more about Adobe photoshop before we get into the details of how to make money with Adobe photoshop.

What is so special about Adobe Photoshop

It’s a photoshop tool and we all have used it sometimes or other what is so special about learning adobe photoshop is it will help me make money.

Well for the uninitiated it’s not just a photo editor but a graphic editor which was developed in 1988 by 2 great personalities Thomas and John Knoll and published by Adobe.

It has become a standard for raster graphic editing and digital art creation as a whole.

The fact that it has become an industry standard in digital art carves its importance as you might have learned to edit your photos in Adobe Photoshop but there are many utilities which one can learn to create advanced graphics and make good money online.

Talking about the functionalities of the app it can be used for editing and composing raster images in multiple layers, supporting masks, alpha compositing, and many color models which include RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, etc.

10 Ways on How to make money with Adobe Photoshop

How to make Money with Adobe Photoshop

A salaried job earns you a regular monthly income but doing a side hustle will always be helpful in fulfilling your goals and keep you less worried about losing your job.

Learning Adobe Photoshop is a must-have skill for any digital and graphics artist but even if you are not a professional you can earn part-time money using Adobe photoshop skills.

Let’s now learn how to make money with adobe photoshop

1. Photo Editing Services

It is one of the basic services you can offer to a client using photoshop editor to help create a better version of their digital photos.

Many nowadays don’t have time to edit their own photos or are less skilled in using a photo editor and hence get their digital pictures fixed by photoshop artists.

We recommend making money by photo editing one must always try to give quality service at reasonable prices as this is a low-skill activity and hence you need to be competitive both in quality of work and prices.

2. Tutorials

There are many who are new to learning adobe photoshop and hence this opens another way to make money by creating Adobe Photoshop tutorials with detailed step by step guides that may include screenshots to explain any particular step.

One can create a blog about the tutorials and make money through ads, pay-per-click, and affiliate marketing on his or her website. Alternatively, one can only allow paid access to the tutorial content.

3. Video Content / Tutorials

Another way to create adobe photoshop tutorials is to create video content about the various editing mechanisms present in the tool.

One can record in screen share mode to create effective visuals of the tutorial video and make a YouTube channel to earn money.

4. Creating Stock Photos

Many need photos of different types to be used in their blogs or websites or for other purposes without any copyright issues.

One can hence become a stock photographer as you click pictures and edit them in adobe photoshop and then sell these to clients.

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5. Photo Restoration Service

One of the most used editing mechanisms provided by Adobe Photoshop is the photo restoration service which could be used to fix damaged photos. One can make money by fixing photos of old times.

6. Graphics Design

This is one of the most highly paid skill of Adobe photoshop as there are a number of freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr which allows one to advertise their graphics designing skill to make money ranging from $1000 to $5000 per hob.

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As a graphics designer one can get work in a wedding stationery store for creating visually stimulating images of their store items which they can post on e-commerce for enhanced sales.

One can also get to work creating brochures, magazine covers, website images, cover pages, etc.

and the fact that it pays well is an important reason many are competing to be the best at graphic design through adobe photoshop and earn the top bracket of salary achievable.

7. Social media Ads and Logo Creation Business

With the rise of social media, there has been a growing demand for visually stimulating social media campaigns and logos.

One can look to create graphics and images and open social media ads and logo-creating business.

8. T-shirt Prints

Everyone loves wearing new t-shirts with new and exciting logos and prints,

Adobe Photoshop skills can be used to design interesting logos and you can sell your created designs through various platforms or start your own business of manufacturing and selling t-shirts of good quality and eye-catching prints.

9. Greeting cards

One can also look to create greeting cards through adobe photoshop, and they are sold at decent prices during festive seasons giving you an opportunity to make money using adobe photoshop skills.

10. Art Design

Adobe Photoshop skills also allow me to open an art design business and create extravagant designs and visually stimulating covers for CDs, magazines, postcards, and billboards.

One can also create books and e-book covers, product packaging designs, movie posters, and even online advertisements.

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How Do I Learn Adobe Photoshop?: To make money using Adobe Photoshop Skills

How to make money with Adobe Photoshop

Now that you know about some of the best ideas of how to make money with Adobe photoshop we also understand the next question of how to acquire such advanced skills.

To help our readers to know more about learning adobe photoshop skills we have collated the resources and best ways below:

  1. Filter Grade: A free to read the blog to learn skills of photography and turn them more beautiful using Adobe photoshop
  2. Design Crowd: It’s another free-to-read blog but the focus is centered around designing rather than photoshop.
  3. Tutsplus: It is another free to read blog which is great for learning photoshop actions
  4. Photoshop Tutorials: If you want to learn how to manipulate photos using photoshop editor one needs to read through this blog
  5. Adobe Photoshop Certifications: Adobe also runs paid courses and certifications to allow you to gain professional acumen in the field of digital art and graphics creation
  6. Adobe Photoshop CC- Essential Training Course by Skill Share: This is free for a one-month trial and requires one to take up either a monthly plan for $15 per month or an annual pack of $99 to keep learning adobe photoshop skills.

These are some of the top tutorials and certifications to learn adobe photoshop. After learning more about adobe photoshop do apply your knowledge of how to make money with adobe photoshop to earn money.

Other 5 Easy Ways How To Make Money With Photoshop


Can I learn adobe photoshop for free?

Yes, there are many blogs that are free to read and acquire skills in using adobe photoshop. You can also try to find youtube videos that can be viewed for free in order to learn more about adobe photoshop free of any charges. One can also look to find free tutorials provided by many new adobe instructors who are looking to advertise their content.

how important is it to get certified in Adobe photoshop

In case you are looking to apply your adobe photoshop skills to get a full-time job or looking to make a career in graphic designing, we recommend you to ger certified in a professional adobe certification, while for freelancers knowing how to use adobe photoshop should suffice.

Final Words

We have come to an end to our discussion on how to make money using Adobe Photoshop. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy reading through the article and able to know about how to make some money either as a full-time professional or part-time using the adobe photoshop tool.

It is important to understand that adobe photoshop is not a very difficult tool to master and hence there will be high competition in content creation using adobe photoshop hence to earn money one needs to be enhancing their skills.

Hopefully, you will utilize your knowledge of how to make money with Adobe photoshop and make money to fulfill your dreams.

We wish you luck in taking up courses in Adobe and using your skills to make money.

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