How to Buy Yummy Coin

How to Buy Yummy Coin || 3 Different ways [Complete Guide]

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What is Yummy Coin?

Cryptocurrency is becoming the world’s new economic order due to its outstanding growth.

Many businesses are moving towards cryptocurrency, and it has provided people with the best options for investments.

Thousands of coins are circulating in the market with huge profit potential, and people are actively buying and selling the coins.

One of the coins is the Yummy coin which was launched on the 1st of May 2021, and it is different from other coins in a way that it has a clear motive of charity to eradicate hunger from the world.

The yummy coin has divided the transaction fee into three categories; 3% goes to the coin holder, 3% to the charity, and 3% to the locked liquidity.

So Yummy coin is helping the people do the business and contributing to social issues through their growth fund.

It has always remained the huge concern of people that how to buy Yummy coin as it is a technical task and needs proper guidance.

Here in this article, we will try to discover all the best ways on How to Buy Yummy Coin to do a profitable business.


How to Buy Yummy Coin

There are many ways of buying Yummy coins, which is why interested buyers always remain confused.

We will try to answer your question “How to buy Yummy coin” in the best possible way.

(The Conventional Way To Buy Yummy Coin)

1.     Registering the Account

A few coins in the market cannot be purchased directly, and the Yummy coin is one among them.

To buy a Yummy coin, you will have to purchase the Bitcoin or Ethereum, and to accomplish this; you can make your account on any credible crypto exchange like Coinbase, Binance or

2.     Buying the Crypto

Once you are registered with the crypto exchange, you must buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using the bank transfer or any method that suits you the best.

3.     Transferring the Crypto

Here comes the important part of how to buy Yummy coins where you will have to find the best exchange where trading of Yummy coins is allowed.

A few of the best exchanges are Binance and Poloniex, and you will have to register here after downloading the app. Once your account is ready, you will be good to exchange your cryptocurrency.

4.     Crypto Deposit

Depositing is the crucial part here, but we will guide you so that you will be able to do it in the first go.

You will have to find the word “BTC saying” on your Binance or Poloniex app, and once you find it, copy the address linked to it and go to your crypto exchange, i.e., Coinbase.

In Coinbase, you will have to find the option of “Send Asset” and click it, and now it will ask you to put the address you have already copied.

Put that address in the box and send it, and you will get the confirmation email.

5.     Buy the Yummy Coin

Once your asset is received in your exchange, you will be good to buy the Yummy coin.

Search for the Yummy coin, and as per the rates of the specific day, you can easily purchase the Yummy coin.

These simple steps answer your question “How to buy Yummy Coin,” and now we will guide you another way.


How to Buy Yummy Coin on Trust Wallet

Buying the Yummy coin through Trust Waller is another popular method, and we will here guide you all the steps and following these steps, you can easily buy the Yummy coin.

1.     Downloading the Wallet

First of all, you will have to download the trust wallet by visiting the relevant store; the App Store for Apple and Play store for Android.

Downloading the wallet is free, and you can do this with a single click.

when you create an account don’t forget to write your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe, as it will require if you forget your password.

2.     Buying and Sending the BNB

Once you open the trust wallet on the front screen, you will get the option of BNB; just click it.

It will take you to the next page, where you can either buy the BNB or receive BNBs in your wallet, and you have to proceed as per your account.

This will help you get the BNB into your trust wallet, further used in buying Yummy Coin.

3.     Connecting Trust Wallet with Pancakeswap

Here there are two different ways for Apple and Android, and you will have to follow the instructions as per your phone.

You will need to open the Pancakeswap in your browser, and iPhone users will have to connect the wallet with it using Wallet Connect, and android users must choose the BSC network.

4.     Selecting Currency

  • Now you will have to open up your exchange, giving you the option of selecting currency.
  • On top first, select the crypto you want to swap for Yummy coin.
  • Next select Yummy, if you dont find copy the Yummy coin contract adress from thier website and paste it there,
  • Slippage Tolerance, set at 12%.

5.     Buying Yummy

After completing all the steps mentioned above, you will just have to swap the currency for the Yummy coin.

Select the amount you want to buy Yummy coins, and Yummy coins will be in your account.

These are some of the simple steps regarding how to buy Yummy coin.

We all know that Binance is one of the major crypto exchanges, and there is a huge number of people using this exchange for trading.

So we will guide you if you want to buy a Yummy coin on Binance.

How to Buy Yummy Coin on Binance

The question “How to buy Yummy Coin on Binance” is answered in “How to buy Yummy Coin on Trust Wallet.”

The procedure is almost the same, and you can follow the following steps:

  • Open your Binance account and purchase the BNB coin.
  • Now you will have to link your Binance app to the Trust Wallet, for which you will have to register on Trust Wallet.
  • After registering on both platforms, you will have to use the Pancakeswap in the same way you did earlier for the Trust wallet.
  • Through Pancakeswap, you can unlock your wallet and transfer the Binance Coin.
  • Now you can easily trade the Binance coin (BNB) with Yummy Coin as per the rate of that specific day.

Is Yummy Coin a Good Investment?

Until now, we have not received any authentic predictions of the Yummy Coin, but there is an optimism seen in the experts.

It could be said that when Yummy coin has not been that old, it is not advisable to invest a huge sum into this coin, but interested buyers can make small investments.

There has not been seen a major drop in the price of the Yummy coin in the past, so based on this observation, experts are optimistic that it will go up.

Another factor that encourages its purchase is the steps taken by Yummy coin’s management.

If we look at the official Twitter account of Yummy coin, we will come to know that authorities of Yummy coin are constantly burning the coins in the market.

There are strong chances that the coin will become more stable in the future, and it’s worth will also be increased.

Based on these observations, we could not make any perfect prediction, but it can be said that a Yummy coin is not a bad option for a small investment.

Final Words

In the end, we could say that Yummy Coin could be bought by using different techniques and methods, and all the methods mentioned above are the answer to the question “How to buy Yummy Coin.”

All these methods are safe and legal, and you can try the one which is feasible for you and start trading.

Not all coins have this technical procedure, and we expect that buying Yummy coins will also be more simple in the future.

In the meantime, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to buy the Yummy coin and start your business.


What is the worth of Yummy Coin?

At the time, the Yummy coin has a price of 0.00001019.

Is Yummy Coin a safe coin?

Yes, the Yummy coin is safe, and it has passed all the legal procedures, and any interested buyer can buy it after watching its trend.

Is Yummy Coin a charity coin?

Yes, the owner of the Yummy coin has mentioned that the 3% of every transaction will be used to address the world’s issues like hunger and poverty, and a charity wallet has also been created to do this.

Do the owners of Yummy Coin burn it?

Yes, as per the official Twitter account of Yummy coin, it is tweeted every week when the coins are burned.

Why do they burn Yummy coins?

This is done to increase the worth and stability of the coin.