Best Way to make money RDR2 Online

Best Way to make money RDR2 Online [10 Legit Ways]

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Best Way to make money RDR2 Online

In the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, money is necessary to buy better equipment, pay off expensive bounties, and also for gear up-gradation.

The costs get inflated at every turn, so almost all players face a doubt regarding the best way to make money RDR2 Online.

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with some game tricks to make money with it.

Knowing these tricks will help you to become the real moneymaker in this game. And, there are plenty of ways to make money in RDR2 Online.

In this guide, we will highlight some of the best and proven ways to make money in RDR2 Online.

You will get to know the things that you can sell, the procedure of stealing, and other important tips so that you can afford the finest things.

Best way to make money RDR2 online

Best Way to make money RDR2 Online

Below are the top 10 best ways to make money RDR2 online:

1. Completing the missions

This is one of the obvious ways to make money in RDR2 or any other games too. You can complete the major missions and make money.

The quests mainly focus on the attempts of the gang to make up some extra income.

Completing the missions will enable you to get rewards and make money. You can always return to the main story and complete missions to make money.

2. Robbing banks, trains

This is also another best way to make money RDR2 online. You can rob trains or banks to make money easily and earn excellent rewards.

However, the robberies can be a bit hard to pull off. Please ensure to plan for an escape route and try to wear a mask so that your reputation doesn’t get down.

For robbing trains, you can reach any station to take the train or catch up to a train with your horse.

Once you are inside the train, you can draw your six-shooter for threatening the passengers and start looting lockers or other valuable items.

The process of robbing banks is a bit complicated though. You have to ask the bank teller for opening the door to the vault and then you can unlock the safes or blow them with dynamite.

Whatever you choose for robbing, you need to take preparation beforehand with enough ammo and also some transportation facility for a quick exit.

3. Wrangling horses and wagons for selling them

Another best way to make money RDR2 online is by selling horses. This also helps you to quickly make money in the game.

The two major ways of getting horses to include the honest and the dishonest way.

Concerning the honest way, you can go out into the world and find wild horses to catch and tame.

This is quite a simple way where you need to calm a horse, mount it, and spin the left stick in the counter-clockwise direction to prevent bucking it off.

On the other hand, the dishonest way involves stealing the horses which are already tamed. Once you have the horse, you can head over to the horseshoe and sell it.

However, stolen horses will earn less money than the ones owned the honest way.

Wagons can also be stolen if you come across anything which can’t be stolen at the stables but rather at the wagon fence.

4. Gambling

Another best way to make money in RDR2 is through gambling. The playable gambling games include Five Finger Fillet, Blackjack, and Poker.

This is of course not the best and most efficient way to make money as the cash prizes are very small and also the probability of losing is more than winning.

5. Body Looting

The best way to make money in RDR2 is also by looting bodies if you come across anything.

These bodies can have valuable items on them and also a small amount of cash which you can collect and keep to yourself.

This is not only the fastest way to make money but one of the simplest options to choose.

6. Locating treasure

You can find treasure maps in the world. These treasure maps can be bought from strangers or take from them simply if they are ready to give to you.

You can improve your orientation skills and achieve fantastic rewards through the treasure maps.

So, while walking across the road, if you meet any strangers just go to them and check whether they have any maps with them.

7. Locating Hidden Businesses

Not only the banks or trains, but you can also locate other hidden businesses in the town to rob.

You can find them on the map in the form of question marks while sometimes; you may require getting a tip from NPC to uncover them.

This works almost in the same way as robbing banks where the player needs to coax a shopkeeper for opening a door.

After you get the entry, you should kill the gang there and loot everything there.

Please ensure that your horse is near so that you can exit easily and also don’t kill the civilians or police without any reason.

8. Becoming a bounty hunter

In most of the towns and settlements, you may find some bounty posters pinned to the walls inside the sheriff’s office.

These missions are optional ones that include finding and turning in criminals for earning some amount of extra cash.

Once you read one wanted poster, a huge marker will automatically pop up on the map to provide you with the last known whereabouts of the criminal.

Just head over to that area and use the tracking skills for finding them.

Catch them and bring them to the holding cells which will help you to get a reward from the sheriff that can be anywhere between $20-100.

Best Way to make money RDR2 Online

9. Selling pelts/fishes

For earning a good amount of profit, some other activities include hunting and fishing. You can sell the pelts and fish at the trapper.

This will help you to earn some extra cash. In this aspect, it is worth noting that higher-quality pelts earn more amount of money.

For that, you can use binoculars to track the animals and achieve better quality pelts. Also, ensure to have the right amount of ammo.

10. Collecting debts/robbing homesteads

Not only the major missions, but also you can find a lot of side missions in which you can take part to earn some extra cash. This includes robbing homesteads and collecting debts.

You will earn good payouts by completing both these missions. However, the payments for debt collecting should be put straight back into the camp funds and hence can’t be spent on anything else.

So, whenever you are in camps, keep an eye on these opportunities to make some money.

Final Thoughts…

We hope that you have understood the best way to make money RDR2 online.

Here, in this guide, we have listed the 10 different methods how to make money in RDR2.

Try to follow these methods and get some cash in your pocket.

Best Way to make money RDR2 Online

Thank you for staying with us till the end!

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