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Best Penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

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Penny cryptocurrencies, like penny equities, trade for cents or less. Despite their low market capitalization, they are cheap to invest in.

However, the finest penny crypto to buy in should appreciate over time. It’s illogical otherwise.

Determinants of crypto potential It might be the underlying technology, funding, community, and team, or just plain buzz. You can obtain coins and tokens whose worth will improve over time owing to their existing potential.

Penny Cryptocurrencies

VeChain (VET):

VeChain is a blockchain-as-a-service platform designed for businesses looking to combat counterfeiting. It leverages IoT to track and authenticate products and services traded.

Every product has a unique code that allows for tracking on the blockchain, so a merchant or customer can know where, when, how, and who manufactured the goods. Clients can also utilize the system to track products in transit, such as during shipping.

The enormous supply and logistics business makes it a worthwhile penny stock to own.


  • It has 3 level master nodes. Individuals, government entities, non-profits, enterprises, and even corporations can be stakeholders.
  • They are employed as smart money, a store of value, and to pay for network gas.

Stellar (XLM):

Use cases for Stellar Lumens and XLM crypto include logistics, remittance, and borderless payment transmission. The platform enables safe, rapid, and reliable worldwide asset transfers.

Anyone may generate, transmit, and trade money representations using Lumens as the exchange token. As with Ethereum, the platform lets anybody issue tokens through ICOs or token funding.

Stellar blockchain and XLM coins. Like Mobius Network and Smartland. It’s why the token has grown in value and is a wonderful penny stock to purchase. Hundreds of solutions in different sectors now use it.


  • It is decentralized, low latency, and scalable.
  • Compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin, it can process 1,000-5,000 transactions per second.

Basic Attention Token (BAT):

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a digital advertising token based on the Ethereum network. Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of JavaScript, created it as a platform token for Brave.

It enables marketers, content creators, and readers to share ad income. Using the Brave browser, readers can earn money while protecting their privacy. Advertisers and publishers can also pay for content.

Although the hoopla around the use of such platforms for publication has waned, its acceptance shows that it remains a popular alternative.


  • There is also a Brave browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Exchanges sell BAT tokens.

Chilliz (CHZ):

Price: $0.4334

Chilliz is a blockchain platform that includes and tokens. is a crowd-sourced decision-making tool that enables fans to support their favorite teams. For example, supporters may vote on t-shirt designs and training facility names.

These fans can use the platform’s fan tokens to vote or exchange value. Loyalty tokens provide consumers access to product discounts and experiences.

Tokens give discounts on items, prizes, and APP engagement. The platform supports Fan Tokens, CHZ, Locker Tokens, and NFTs. This is in addition to the vastness of sports. It is anticipated to sign deals with the NFL and the NBA.


  • You can buy Chiliz using Visa, Mastercard, SKRIL, or Rapid.
  • In the Socios app, supporters may swap fan tokens.
  • Owners of Chilliz tokens can trade or invest in them. It also accepts USDT and BTC.

Zilliqa (ZIL):

Price: $0.08938

Singapore-based Zilliqa employs sharding to increase transaction rates per second. Each shard has a maximum of 600 nodes to prevent block manipulation.

There are several reasons why this can be an outstanding penny stock to buy this year. Currently, 14.9 billion units are in circulation out of a total of 21 billion. Zilliqa is an incredible academic team from the National University of Singapore.


  • The platform’s governance token is Zil.
  • ZilSwap is a trading and liquidity platform.
  • Affordability
  • Combining proof of work and Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol saves energy.

Reserve Rights (RSR):

Price: $0.03439

Reserve Rights reduces value volatility by employing a 1:1 USD-pegged stable coin (RSV), which is reinforced by other digital assets on the network.

With the help of the Ethereum blockchain, different fiat networks may run independently. The protocol maintains the token steady by repurchasing it if it loses value relative to the dollar and selling it to arbitragers to reduce demand if it gains value.

Similar to Tether, RSV storage is backed by US dollars held in trust by a third party. The company hopes to work with financial institutions to create a dollar-pegged coin. This reduces transaction costs and pain points for users.


  • On-platform Fiat-RSV exchange A bank, Paypal, or Zelle are all options.
  • Software designed for Venezuelans might be utilized in other nations suffering from high inflation.

REEF Finance (REEF):

Price: $0.02669

Due to insufficient liquidity on each blockchain, Defi consumers have to migrate to numerous platforms to fulfill their orders.

It’s easy to manage your digital assets on Reef. On the Polkadot blockchain in September 2020. However, It will also be accessible on the Binance Smart Chain in 2020.

It’s a Defi protocol on Polkadot. It’s a liquidity aggregator and yield generator. Users may use any Defi service on any of the supported platforms without having to register numerous accounts.

Users can utilize smart contracts to access decentralized exchanges and associated services. Crypto traders and platforms may use the platform to obtain or provide their users access to massive liquidity.


  • As it uses Polkadot, it is fast. No high transaction costs for users.
  • Connection to some DeFi systems.
  • Managed by AI.


Price: $563.60

Binance, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, became the largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volumes in 2017.

The organization currently administers the Binance Chain, a blockchain that hosts several projects and apps. Binance Chain supports Binance DEX, a decentralized exchange application.

It has a BNB token used on both centralized and decentralized exchanges to pay for gas and allow token value exchange. The token’s value has risen from near nothing to over $300 in just under two years.

The exchange and blockchain support the token’s value. Binance buys back tickets from circulation every quarter, increasing demand.


  • The chain supports apps.
  • It allows users to stake BNB for block payouts. It permits token trading.
  • Tokens can be swapped decentralized on the chain.
  • Tokens can be listed and staked on Binance.


Price: $257.32

Coinbase is one of the most active centralized exchanges. It has been around since 2012 and provides custodian services to people, groups, and institutions.

The site now allows users to purchase and sell bitcoin for money. Debit and Credit cards, and PayPal, are widely accepted. It, too, has hundreds of coins and tokens available for trade. Fully controlled, too. Despite the exorbitant fees and lack of control over wallet keys, the UI is user-friendly. It’s also really fluid.

It is currently listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange through an IPO, making it an ideal penny cryptocurrency stock to invest in. It does not matter reliant on Wall Street investment banks to fix the stock price.


  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • It supports institutional staking, saving, and dollar-cost averaging.
  • IPO on Nasdaq stock.


Price: $0.2177

The king of meme currency is Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin, which is a for Its name comes from the Shiba Inu dog breed. Like Bitcoin, it employs a proof of work algorithm.

Dogecoin improves on Bitcoin by lowering block confirmation time to 1 minute. On several networks, it is utilized as a payment token, in addition to tipping. It gained popularity as a free tipping coin before becoming mainstream crypto.

It is known to be one of the most popular penny cryptocurrencies to invest in due to its growing community, adoption as a payment token by firms like Tesla, and recent announcements that it might extend use cases. Its value increased significantly in 2021, and this trend is likely to continue in 2022.


  • It doesn’t have any cap on the number of tokens issued.


According to our assessment, Binance and Coinbase are well-established and reliable platforms for fractional penny cryptocurrencies. However, VeChain, Stellar, Basic Attention Token, Chilliz, Dogecoin, and Zilliqa are now valued at less than a dollar, have enormous potential, and are thus ideal for novice investors.

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