Best Credit Cards for College Graduates
Best Credit Cards for College Graduates

Best Credit Cards for College Graduates || Top 5 Lists

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Best Credit Cards for College Graduates

Credit card a rectangular strip of paper cardboard that looks similar to a debit card is one of the primary modes of payment being used in modern times.

The college period of life is one of the most exciting and crucial periods of a person’s life as they are looking to shape their future with bright ideas, exploring their skills, and making a decision on putting the next step forward with glitter of hope always shining in their eyes.

As a child grows up and enters into the world of higher education and aims for a graduation degree through college not only does it marks a paradigm shift in his or her life but also leads to an increase in expenses and hence we profess to provide our research on the topic of best credit cards for college graduates.

The benefits of payment made through a credit card are manifold and hence its use has been spread across all age groups.

However, as a college graduate one may not be able to easily select the best credit card for his or her payments.

So here we come with the list of best credit cards for college graduates, in this article we would also discuss why we find the credit card as one of the best for use by a college student.

Wear your glasses grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to find the best credit cards for college graduates.

What makes it difficult: To get the Best Credit Card for College Graduates

Best credit cards for college graduates

One of the biggest financial crises faced by a person is during his or her college-going years.

With increasing expenses, no constant and steady source of income, and a loan already taken for completing your graduation leads to difficulty in finding the eligibility to get the best credit cards available.

But there are some credit cards that are tailor-made to help out college students manage their expenses, and we don’t want our readers studying in college to waste time finding these credit cards.

For you we have already prepared a list of the best credit cards for college graduates, so all you got to do is read this article in your time and find the best credit card you wish to apply to.

List of Best Credit Cards for College Graduates

Best credit cards for college graduates

If you have not found your best credit card as a college graduate we promise you that going through the below list of best credit cards for college graduates will definitely help you find your dream credit card.

So here we go with our list of best credit cards for college graduates:

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: This is one of the best credit cards we recommend for a college graduate. Lets now look at the features of the Chase Sapphire credit card which makes it one of the best for college graduates

Pros: It provides the user with a welcome bonus of 60000 bonus points and gives good rewards at an average annual fee of $95.

One of the primary needs of a college graduate fee might be traveling and this card allows excellent benefits for making payments for travel purposes as it allows the transfer of points to travel partners at a 1:1 ratio.

Cons: The only issues are that travel payment regards is highly realizable only if a booking is made through Chase and there is no intro APR offer provided by it.

  1. Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card: It’s another credit card that suits the need of college graduates and provides some exciting benefits which will make you pick it as your credit card.

Pros: So, what makes it so popular among college graduates? Well, you will think you are in a dream when you read about its policy of no fees which includes 0 annual fees, 0 foreign transaction fees.

In addition to it, they do not ask for any security deposit and also never ask for your credit history to give you a credit card.

All these offers are really exciting for any college graduate.

Cons: However, there are some demerits which kind of ruin its advantages, one being no provision for balance transfer and no welcome bonus.

The fact that one can apply for this credit card even without a credit history and the 0-fee policy makes it one of the best credit cards for any graduate.

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited®: If you are looking for a credit card with high cashback to be earned then we recommend the Chase Freedom credit card.

Pros: The first key benefit is the 0 annual fee it charges for registering to the Chase Freedom credit card. Additionally, it rewards new users with a $300 welcome bonus and also lets you earn high cash back for your purchases including 3% for dining and medicines and 1.5% for any other purchase.

The cashback scheme with 0 annual fee makes it another good prospect as the best credit card for college graduates.

Cons: Although the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card charges 0 annual fees it has a high foreigner transaction fee, cash advance fee, and also opening balance transfer fee is high.

  1. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card: Most people use amazon prime for better offers on online purchases and OTT content, but did you know it also allows you an excellent deal on a credit card that also suits the needs of college graduates

Pros: It’s another credit card good at giving excellent cashback to prime users as they receive a 5% reward for shopping on Amazon and whole foods, it also provides a 2% rewards category plus Visa Signature benefits.

Additionally, it provides a welcome gift card bonus, no foreign transaction charges, and a free-of-charge annual service as a prime member with access to all the Amazon content.

Cons: there are only 2 issues with the Amazon credit card, the 5% reward cashback is not provided if a purchase is made through a non-USA website and charges a high balance transfer fee.

  1. Amex EveryDay® Credit Card: Till now all the credit cards have a poor APR but the Amex Everyday credit card is the one that gives you the best APR intro offers.

Pros: One of the major advantages of this credit card is the 2X reward points an Amex credit card user can avail of by making $6000 worth of purchases every year.

It is a multipurpose card and could be used to gain 2X points for purchase at American Express Travel and a point each for every dollar spent by you elsewhere.

It charges no annual fee and one can earn up to a 20% bonus on all points he or she earns by making a purchase using the Amex Everyday credit card

Cons: It charges a high 2.7% foreign transaction charges and requires one to make 20 purchases to earn the 20% bonus

This completes our list of best cards for college graduates, we have carried out extensive research to figure out only the best 5 credit cards which must suit your needs

Some of the main parameters we looked into while selecting the best credit cards were ease of accessibility to students, no or moderate annual fees, maximum cash back points, and as many offers as possible.


what are the three factors a college graduate should look for while applying for a credit card?

A college graduate must look at 3 factors a) cost of credit card or annual fee being charged for using it b) Offers provided and how much it covers his or her expenses c) cashback points provided by the credit card

Final Words..

Hopefully, you had a nice time reading this article while enjoying your snacks and coffee and 20 min of reading would have saved hours you otherwise might have spent searching through various websites, and reviews and making numerous calls to credit card companies in order to fins a credit card which suits you.

One of the primary purposes one needs to use a credit card is the flexibility of payment, reward offers, and cashback one can receive through it.

However one must not forget that credit cards tend to infuse a habit of spending more than you earn and one needs to stay away from that.

As a college graduate who may already have an education loan one must avoid spending too much without many needs which may lead to a situation of being trapped in a debt cycle and being forced into bankruptcy.

Hence we recommend all our readers to use credit cards for payment with extreme caution and control to enjoy its full benefits.

One must also beware of fraudulent activities and apps which may compromise your credit card details.

We aimed at giving you the best list of credit cards available for college graduates and we hope to have helped you find one.

We bid farewell to all our readers and promise to return again with some other interesting reads to refresh your mind and knowledge with fresh facts, information, and insights.

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