Adsense Arbitrage, Adsense Arbitrage: Make money with Adsense and viral site

Adsense Arbitrage: Make money with Adsense and viral site | 2022

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Adsense Arbitrage: Make money with Adsense and viral site

With days passing by, the ad tech industry is becoming highly competitive.

So, digital publishers need to stay informed about the changes in website monetization in a perfect way.

Here, in this guide, we will be discussing Adsense Arbitrage and how to make money with it.

For monetizing your website by increasing the ad impressions and click-through rates, you must work on your website and try to transform it into a viral site.

Including viral content on your site will attract a lot of traffic and hence that will help you in making money through ads.

Large and popular websites easily get organic traffic but smaller or newer websites need to get alternative traffic sources like paid traffic.

They can create revenue through Google Adsense ads.

The procedure of bringing traffic to a website web page is referred to as traffic or digital arbitrage.

Throughout this guide, we will be discussing Adsense arbitrage, the strategies, and how this business model can be utilized further to increase your ROI.

What is AdSense?

You may already know a few things about AdSense but let’s know the basics of Google AdSense before moving into AdSense arbitrage.

It is an advertising program through which digital publishers can run ads on their websites, blogs, or YouTube videos.

By using AdSense, the trusted advertisers show the ads on your site through which you can earn a portion of money when any visitor clicks on them.

The website owners get 68% while Google receives 32% for each click.

This is much simple to use and also free. Businesses who use Google’s AdWords program generate these ads and they are generally placed on a web page through some snippet code.

However, Google allows only those websites that have a sufficient amount of traffic and not those with lower traffic.

This is where viral sites are beneficial to use Google AdSense and generate more revenues.

What is meant by AdSense Arbitrage?

AdSense Arbitrage

In the above section, you have got an idea of what is AdSense. Now before going into further details on AdSense Arbitrage, you should know what arbitrage means?.

The process that involves buying and selling assets simultaneously in two different markets is referred to as arbitrage.

So, frankly speaking, there is a vendor who sells an asset for a higher price than what they have bought, thus making a profit.

A similar process is followed in AdSense arbitrage too. Here, publishers gain traffic by paying for it.

They place the AdSense ads on the web page and force the visitors to click on the ads, thus making money via AdSense revenues.

However, the publishers will do these to make some profit. Hence, the revenue earned from AdSense ads must be higher than they spent for buying that traffic to their webpage.

Working process of AdSense Arbitrage

The three major steps in AdSense Arbitrage

  • Website owners invest an amount to buy traffic for their website or blog.
  • The publishers insert a header code to place the AdSense ads on the website.
  • Thirdly, publishers need to work for turning the traffic into paid clicks by forcing the visitors to click the ads, thus making money via AdSense.

How to make money with Google AdSense Arbitrage and viral websites?

The concept of viral sites is used by many website owners combining the AdSense Arbitrage concept to make money online.

You need to choose a niche and build a website at first. Then the next part is to create viral content and post them on your website.

A piece of media that is shared rapidly from one Internet user to the other thus spreading that content widely is referred to as viral content.

Generally, viral contents are in the form of photos and videos because they are more appealing to visitors than written content.

The system is never a secret; it’s all about doing and thinking smartly. After that, you need to invest time and effort so that things work as per expectation.

The major thing that you have to work on for making money from Google AdSense is increasing the volume of traffic to your website.

The simplest way of doing that is through the distribution of your articles to zine lists, blog carnivals, article announcement lists, social sites, Quora, Pinterest, and others.

One thing that you need to keep in mind for this is writing a new and high-quality article daily.

Along with this, you must create ad units to blend with your blog and use the same hex color codes as per your website or blog.

You will have to find the profitable niche markets and find the ones with a higher cost per click. For this, you can use several keyword research tools and take a look at the CPC in AdWords.

This is essential to include high-quality keywords in your article but take care of keyword overstuffing too.

So, master the art of including relevant keywords to your articles that can generate the most relevant ads on your web pages.

Best Practices for using AdSense Arbitrage by publishers

AdSense Arbitrage

The publishers must follow some of the best practices to make money with AdSense Arbitrage. We have listed the best ones here.

Creation of Quality Contents

Creating quality content and publishing them is the mandatory thing that publishers need to follow.

As, if the contents are not of good quality, your AdSense application can get rejected automatically.

The length of the articles should be decent with practical and engaging content that must offer readers confidence and the right knowledge.

Moreover, the contents must be free from plagiarism and must be published with royalty-free images.

Before applying to the AdSense program, the website should have a decent number of articles which is around 25-30.

Also, the ads should have relevant links to what has been advertised and not redirect to some irrelevant pages.

Creation of quality landing pages

This requirement must never be underrated. It’s important to create a nice quality landing page for their website.

A friendly landing page with an easy interface and minimal page latency is highly demanding.

Overdoing AdSense ads must be avoided

An arbitrage website must be created with a good combination of content and AdSense ads. Earlier, Google had the rule to include 3 ads per page, but Google has removed that, and hence publishers are flooding their sites with ads.

This creates a problem because if Google finds out that the ratio of content and ads is not in proportion, then it will introduce blank spaces in place of ads.

The paid traffic sources should be monitored

You should spend some time monitoring traffic sources because dummy or artificial sources can cause the suspension of an AdSense account.

Thus, it is your responsibility as a website owner to monitor by setting up Google Analytics and track all the traffic sources.

How AdSense Arbitrage makes money?

If you direct paid traffic to a site, the ad impressions and CTR will increase, and hence revenue will also be increased.

Cost Per Click (CPC) –

In the respect of AdSense Arbitrage, publishers check the CPC and measure their investment.

This is to ensure that the return on investment is pretty good.

For instance, if AdSense is paying 50 cents for clicking an ad from the US, then publishers need to make sure that they are paying less than 50 cents for the paid traffic to make profit.


Besides CPC, publishers must also look at the revenue per thousand impressions (RPM).

This is calculated by dividing your total estimated earnings by the number of page views and impressions, then multiplying the result by 1000.

This will enable them to efficiently monetize their website and understand the amount they should pay.

Final Thoughts…

We hope that this guide has given you enough understanding of AdSense Arbitrage and how to make money with AdSense and viral sites.

We have tried our best to include all the relevant things that you must know to make money with AdSense Arbitrage.

Thanks and happy earning!

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